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Realities of Change in Higher Education Interventions to Promote Learning And Teaching by Hunt, Lynne, Bromage, Adria... ISBN: 9780415385800 List Price: $46.95
Exploring Signature Pedagogies: Approaches to Teaching Disciplinary Habits of Mind by Gurung, Regan A. R., Chick,... ISBN: 9781579223076 List Price: $29.95
Academic Transformation: The Forces Reshaping Higher Education in Ontario by Clark, Ian D., Moran, Greg,... ISBN: 9781553392385 List Price: $39.95
Taking Stock: Research on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education by Hughes, Julia Christensen, ... ISBN: 9781553392712 List Price: $39.95
CLEP College Composition Exam Secrets Study Guide : CLEP Test Review for the College Level E... by CLEP Exam Secrets Test Prep... ISBN: 9781614034957 List Price: $62.99
Moral Collapse of the University Professionalism, Purity, and Alienation by Wilshire, Bruce ISBN: 9780791401972 List Price: $31.95
Off Limits Rutgers University and the Avant-Garde, 1957-1963 by Marter, Joan ISBN: 9780813526102 List Price: $30.00
Doctor of Philosophy Degree A Selective, Annotated Bibliography by Buchanan, Anne L., Herubel,... ISBN: 9780313295393 List Price: $77.95
Effective Communication for Academic Chairs by Hickson, Mark, III, Stacks,... ISBN: 9780791408612 List Price: $22.50
MacMillan College Workbook by MacDonald, Alice J. ISBN: 9780023730757 List Price: $30.00
How to Find a Scholarship Online by Turlington, Shannon R. ISBN: 9780071365116 List Price: $22.95
Planning for Effective Faculty Development Using Adult Learning Strategies by Lawler, Patricia A., King, ... ISBN: 9781575241050 List Price: $22.50
Power and Politics Federal Higher Education Policymaking in the 1990s by Parsons, Michael D. ISBN: 9780791434246 List Price: $29.95
Theoretical Perspectives on College Students by Carter, Deborah Faye, Hossl... ISBN: 9780536729606 List Price: $78.45
American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century Social, Political, and Economic Challe... by Altbach, Philip G., Umakosh... ISBN: 9780801880377 List Price: $38.00
Women in the Canadian Academic Tundra Challenging the Chill by Hannah, Elena, Vethamany-Gl... ISBN: 9780773522800 List Price: $29.95
Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education Views and Perspectives by Hernon, Peter, Dugan, Rober... ISBN: 9781591580980 List Price: $50.00
Troubled Times for American Higher Education The 1990s and Beyond by Kerr, Clark ISBN: 9780791417065 List Price: $29.95
Higher Education Cannot Escape History by Kerr, Clark, Gade, Marian L... ISBN: 9780791417089 List Price: $23.50
Form+style by Slade, Carole ISBN: 9780395676585 List Price: $26.36
Echo of the Big Bang by Lemonick, Michael D. ISBN: 9780691122427 List Price: $15.95
Sacred and the Secular University by Roberts, Jon H., Turner, Ja... ISBN: 9780691015569 List Price: $45.00
Enrollment Problem: Proven Management Techniques by Ingersoll, Ronald J. ISBN: 9780029155202 List Price: $27.95
Ashe Reader on the History of Higher Education by Goodchild, Lester ISBN: 9780536575661 List Price: $63.00
Ashe Reader on Planning and Institutional Research by Peterson, Marvin W., Mets, ... ISBN: 9780536023681 List Price: $69.60
Foundations of American Higher Education by Bess, James L., Webster, Da... ISBN: 9780536018533 List Price: $79.80
Guide to Writing Empirical Papers, Thesis and Dissertations by Garson, G. David ISBN: 9780824706050 List Price: $88.95
History of Higher Education by Goodchild, Lester, Wechsler... ISBN: 9780536598691 List Price: $86.40
What's Happened to the Humanities? by Kernan, Alvin B. ISBN: 9780691011554 List Price: $39.95
Crossing the Finish Line: Completing College at America's Public Universities by Bowen, William G., Chingos,... ISBN: 9780691137483 List Price: $27.95
A Guide to Surviving a Career in Academia: Navigating the Rites of Passage by Lenning, Emily, Brightman, ... ISBN: 9780415780223 List Price: $45.95
Research in Medicine: Planning a Project - Writing a Thesis by Usher-Smith, Juliet A., Ell... ISBN: 9780521132282 List Price: $34.99
In View of Academic Careers and Career-Making Scholars by Shaw, Victor N. ISBN: 9781593118853 List Price: $45.95
The Education of Diverse Student Populations: A Global Perspective by Wan, Guofang ISBN: 9781402082030 List Price: $169.00
Institutional Research by Howard, Richard D. ISBN: 9781882393091 List Price: $35.00
Continuous Quality Improvement Making the Transition to Education by Hubbard, Dean L. ISBN: 9780963381989 List Price: $22.95
Northwest State Community College : Changing Lives for Forty Years by Culbertson, William ISBN: 9780615362120 List Price: $10.95
Left Academy Marxist Scholarship on American Campuses by Ollman, Bertell, Vernoff, E... ISBN: 9780275921170 List Price: $20.95
Oxford University Press An Informal History by Sutcliffe, Peter ISBN: 9780199510849 List Price: $115.00
Opening the American Mind: The Integration of Biblical Truth in the Curriculum of the Univer... by Beck, W. David, Geisler, No... ISBN: 9780801009877 List Price: $12.99
Issues in Academic Freedom - George S. Worgul - Hardcover by Worgul, George S., Jr. ISBN: 9780820702377 List Price: $32.50
University and College Women's Centers A Journey to Equity by Davie-Tight, Sharon L. ISBN: 9780313291296 List Price: $131.95
Universities and the Creation of Wealth by Gray, Harry ISBN: 9780335203093 List Price: $36.95
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