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Doing Your Masters Dissertation : From Start to Finish by Everett, Euris Larry, Furse... ISBN: 9781446263990
Academic Tribes and Territories Intellectual Enquiry and the Culture of Disciplines by Becher, Tony, Trowler, Paul ISBN: 9780335206278 List Price: $30.95
Queen's University by Neatby, Hilda, Gibson, Fred... ISBN: 9780773503366 List Price: $95.00
Global Citizenship Education in Post-Secondary Institutions: Theories, Practices, Policies (... by Shultz, Lynette, Abdi, Ali ... ISBN: 9781433111136 List Price: $35.95
International Students Negotiating Higher Education: Critical Perspectives by Sovic, Silvia, Blythman, Margo ISBN: 9780415614702 List Price: $38.95
Managing the Curriculum by Middlewood, David, Burton, ... ISBN: 9780761970323 List Price: $37.95
Colleges+universities As Citizens by Bringle, Robert G., Games, ... ISBN: 9780205286966 List Price: $28.00
Higher Education System by Clark, Burton R. ISBN: 9780520058927 List Price: $20.00
Texts And Contexts A Contemporary Approach To College Writing by Robinson, William S., Tucke... ISBN: 9781413010459 List Price: $98.95
Reclaiming The Game College Sports And Educational Values by Bowen, William G., Levin, S... ISBN: 9780691123141 List Price: $29.95
Greek Manuscripts at Princeton, Sixth to Nineteenth Century: A Descriptive Catalogue (Public... by Kotzabassi, Sofia, Sevcenko... ISBN: 9780691143873 List Price: $195.00
Access, Opportunity, And Success Keeping the Promise of Higher Education by Casazza, Martha E., Bauer, ... ISBN: 9780275989651 List Price: $39.95
Universities in the Marketplace The Commercialization of Higher Education by Bok, Derek Curtis ISBN: 9780691114125 List Price: $35.00
Essential Study Skills for Health and Social Care by Lloyd, Marjorie, Murphy, Peggy ISBN: 9781906052140 List Price: $25.98
Fitting Form to Function by Weingartner, Rudolph ISBN: 9781442211995 List Price: $44.95
Understanding Learning and Teaching The Experience in Higher Education by Prosser, Michael, Trigwell,... ISBN: 9780335198313 List Price: $55.95
Writing Your Thesis by Oliver, Paul ISBN: 9780761942993 List Price: $36.95
Mastering Your Business Dissertation by Lomas, Robert ISBN: 9780415596794
Transforming Undergraduate Educb by Harward, Donald W. ISBN: 9781442206748 List Price: $30.00
Leadership in Continuing and Distance Education in Higher Education by Shoemaker, Cynthia J. ISBN: 9780205268238 List Price: $56.80
Paulo Freire on Higher Education A Dialogue at the National University of Mexico by Freire, Paulo, Escobar, Mig... ISBN: 9780791418741 List Price: $29.95
Writing With a Thesis With Infotrac A Rhetoric and Reader by Skwire, David, Skwire, Sara... ISBN: 9780838407806 List Price: $71.95
Stand and Prosper Private Black Colleges and Their Students by Drewry, Henry N., Doermann,... ISBN: 9780691116327 List Price: $24.95
Higher Learning Reading and Writing About College by See, Patti, Taylor, Bruce ISBN: 9780131141636 List Price: $39.60
Student's Guide to Preparing Dissertations and Theses by Allison, Brian, Race, Phil ISBN: 9780415334860 List Price: $31.95
Recalling Education by Curtler, Hugh Mercer ISBN: 9781882926558 List Price: $24.95
Reforming Science Education Social Perspectives and Personal Reflections by Bybee, Rodger W. ISBN: 9780807732601 List Price: $19.95
The Insider's Guide to Community College by Bedford/St. Martin's ISBN: 9780312614362
Assessment and Program Evaluation An Ashe Reader by Stark, Joan S., Thomas, Alice ISBN: 9780536585868 List Price: $73.00
Quest Listening and Speaking in the Academic World by Hartmann, Pamela, Blass, La... ISBN: 9780070062498 List Price: $36.25
Mooniversity A Student's Guide to Online Learning Environments by Haynes, Cynthia, Holmevik, ... ISBN: 9780205271146 List Price: $39.40
On Higher Education: Selected Writings, 1956--2006 by Clark, Burton R. ISBN: 9780801890215 List Price: $25.00
Selling Out: Academic Freedom and the Corporate Market by Woodhouse, Howard Robert ISBN: 9780773535800 List Price: $39.95
Retreat from Race Asian-American Admissions and Racial Politics by Takagi, Dana Y. ISBN: 9780813519142 List Price: $23.95
Spiritual Discourse in the Academy : A Globalised Indigenous Perspective by Wane, Njoki Nathani, Adyang... ISBN: 9781433122309
Reshaping the University : The Rise of the Regulated Market in Higher Education by Palfreyman, David, Tapper, Ted ISBN: 9780199659821 List Price: $80.00
Building Community Social Science in Action by Nyden, Philip W., Figert, A... ISBN: 9780803990937 List Price: $81.95
Higher Learning Reading and Writing About College by Taylor, Bruce, See, Patti ISBN: 9780205287895 List Price: $37.33
Light on the Hill A History of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by Snider, William D. ISBN: 9780807820230 List Price: $34.95
Inside College Undergraduate Education for the Future by Simpson, Ronald D., Frost, ... ISBN: 9780306445040 List Price: $25.00
Integrity in the College Curriculum A Report to the Academic Community by Unknown ISBN: 9780911696493 List Price: $10.00
Qualitative Research in Higher Education by Conrad, Clifton F., Neuman,... ISBN: 9780536584175 List Price: $54.00
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