Considering textbook rentals for your courses and not sure where to start?

Finding the right textbooks to rent for your college courses can be a daunting task. Here are a few ways to be sure that you end up with the exact textbook rental for your classes.

ISBN-13 vs. ISBN-10

Every textbook has a unique identifier called an ISBN. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. Prior to 2007, all textbooks had an ISBN-10 which is a unique 10 digit identifier the publishing industry used to identify book titles and editions. In January of 2007, the International Standards Organization (ISO) went from a 10 digit to a 13 digit ISBN, now known as an ISBN-13. The purpose of this was to accommodate the increasing volume of books being published. Everything published prior to that date now has a ISBN-10 and an ISBN-13. All editions published after January 2007 will only have an ISBN-13. This distinguishment is very important when searching for textbook rentals for your classes.

Top Textbook Rentals by Subject

When searching for textbook rentals, doing a query by subject is also a good method to use to narrow down which textbooks you will need to rent for your classes. We make it easy for you to find the textbooks you need by classifying our top textbook rentals by popular education subjects. You can find rentals by going to our textbook rental subjects page and clicking on the subject which matches your search query. Popular topics include rent biology textbooks, rent calculus textbooks, rent chemistry textbooks, rent economics textbooks, rent english textbooks, rent history textbooks, rent law textbooks, rent management textbooks, math textbooks, rent medical textbooks, rent nursing textbooks, rent psychology textbooks.

Top 50 Textbook Rentals

If you are curious about which textbook rentals everyone else is renting, we have compiled a list of our top textbooks to rent for college below. Feel free to browse through these popular textbook rentals and chances are you will find the top textbook for the course subject that you are looking for. Since these are the most rented textbooks on, there is a good likelihood that your fellow classmates are renting the same books.

These are just a few of the ways to find the textbook rentals you are looking for. You can also use our Advanced Book Search to browse books by Title, Author, or ISBN. However you decide to find your next textbook rentals, you can always expect the lowest prices, the most titles, FREE return shipping on all rental textbooks, and the best customer service at!

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Chemistry: The Central Science
Chemistry: The Central Science by Theodore E. Brown, H. Eugen... ISBN: 9780134414232
Cost Accounting
Cost Accounting by Charles T. Horngren, Srikan... ISBN: 9780134475585
Accounting Information Systems
Accounting Information Systems by Marshall B. Romney, Paul Jo... ISBN: 9780134474021
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management by Mathis, Robert L., Jackson,... ISBN: 9781305500709 List Price: $321.95
Campbell Biology (11th Edition)
Campbell Biology (11th Edition) by Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. Ca... ISBN: 9780134093413 List Price: $257.00
Chemistry : Atoms First
Chemistry : Atoms First by Burdge, Julia, Overby, Jason ISBN: 9781259638138
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Jonathan Berk, Peter DeMarz... ISBN: 9780134475561
Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology
Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology by Frederic H. Martini, Judi L... ISBN: 9780134396026
Chemistry: A Molecular Approach (4th Edition)
Chemistry: A Molecular Approach (4th Edition) by Tro, Nivaldo J., Nivaldo J.... ISBN: 9780134112831 List Price: $298.00
Microeconomics by Robert S. Pindyck, Daniel R... ISBN: 9780134184241
Intermediate Accounting
Intermediate Accounting by Kieso, Donald E., Weygandt,... ISBN: 9781118743201 List Price: $344.95
Elementary Statistics (13th Edition)
Elementary Statistics (13th Edition) by Triola, Mario F., Mario F. ... ISBN: 9780134462455 List Price: $224.20
Horngren's Financial & Managerial Accounting
Horngren's Financial & Managerial Accounting by Tracie L. Miller-Nobles, Br... ISBN: 9780134486833
Physical Examination and Health Assessment, 7e
Physical Examination and Health Assessment, 7e by Carolyn Jarvis PhD APN CNP ISBN: 9781455728107 List Price: $125.00
Maternal Child Nursing Care, 6e
Maternal Child Nursing Care, 6e by Perry, Shannon E., Hockenbe... ISBN: 9780323549387 List Price: $150.00
Fundamentals of Nursing, 9e
Fundamentals of Nursing, 9e by Potter, Patricia A., Perry,... ISBN: 9780323327404 List Price: $139.00
Using Econometrics: A Practical Guide (7th Edition)
Using Econometrics: A Practical Guide (7th Edition) by Studenmund, A. H., A. H. St... ISBN: 9780134182742 List Price: $280.60
Human Anatomy
Human Anatomy by Frederic H. Martini, Michae... ISBN: 9780134320762
Physics (5th Edition)
Physics (5th Edition) by Walker, James S., James S. ... ISBN: 9780321976444 List Price: $289.60
Managerial Accounting
Managerial Accounting by Karen W. Braun, Wendy M. Tietz ISBN: 9780134128528
Nursing Informatics And The Foundation Of Knowledge
Nursing Informatics And The Foundation Of Knowledge by Dee McGonigle, Kathleen Mas... ISBN: 9781284121247 List Price: $94.95
Understanding Pathophysiology, 6e
Understanding Pathophysiology, 6e by Huether, Sue E., McCance, K... ISBN: 9780323354097 List Price: $124.00
Horngren's Accounting
Horngren's Accounting by Tracie L. Miller-Nobles, Br... ISBN: 9780134486444
Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections
Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections by Jane B. Reece, Martha R. Ta... ISBN: 9780134296012
Inorganic Chemistry (5th Edition)
Inorganic Chemistry (5th Edition) by Gary L. Miessler, Paul J. F... ISBN: 9780321811059 List Price: $229.20
PRIMARY CARE A COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE 5ED (HB 2017) by Buttaro, Terry Mahan, Trybu... ISBN: 9780323355018 List Price: $148.00
Pediatric Primary Care, 6e
Pediatric Primary Care, 6e by Burns, Catherine E., Dunn, ... ISBN: 9780323243384 List Price: $137.00
A World of Art (8th Edition)
A World of Art (8th Edition) by Sayre, Henry M., Henry M. S... ISBN: 9780134081809 List Price: $223.20
Professional Nursing: Concepts & Challenges, 8e
Professional Nursing: Concepts & Challenges, 8e by Black, Beth, Beth Black RN ... ISBN: 9780323431125 List Price: $78.95
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Human Anatomy and Physiology by Marieb, Elaine N., Hoehn, K... ISBN: 9780134580999 List Price: $299.20
Management by Stephen P. Robbins, Mary A.... ISBN: 9780134527604
Auditing and Assurance Services (16th Edition)
Auditing and Assurance Services (16th Edition) by Arens, Alvin A., Elder, Ran... ISBN: 9780134065823 List Price: $320.60
Life: The Science of Biology
Life: The Science of Biology by David E. Sadava, David M. H... ISBN: 9781319010164
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