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Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology by Burke, Kevin L., Sachs, Mic... ISBN: 9781885693266 List Price: $24.00
Sport Psychology:from Theory to Prac. by Anshel, Mark H. ISBN: 9780897876346 List Price: $63.00
Your Career In Psychology Health And Sport Psychology by Kuther, Tara L. ISBN: 9780534617806 List Price: $17.95
Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology by Burke, Kevin L., Butcher, L... ISBN: 9780962792687 List Price: $19.00
Sport Psychology From Theory to Practice by Anshel, Mark H. ISBN: 9780805353648 List Price: $107.80
International Perspectives on Sport and Exercise Psychology by Serpa, Sidonio, Alves, Jose... ISBN: 9780962792656 List Price: $33.00
Psychology of Sport by Butt, Dorcas S. ISBN: 9780898745351 List Price: $18.50
Sport Psychology by Greene, Mechikoff, Robert A. ISBN: 9780205162659 List Price: $44.00
Exercise and Sports Psychology by Hardy, Charles J., Crace, R... ISBN: 9780205158348 List Price: $49.33
Winning Mind : Fine Tune Your Mind for Superior Sports Performance by Terry, Peter ISBN: 9780809578184 List Price: $24.95
Excelling in Sports Through Thinking Straight : The Right Choices for Players and Coaches by Meyer, June E., Plodzien, C... ISBN: 9780398054748 List Price: $26.50
Single Case Research Methods in Sport and Exercise by Barker, Jamie, McCarthy, Pa... ISBN: 9780415565110
Attachment in Sport, Exercise and Wellness by Carr, Sam ISBN: 9780415578585
Professional Practice in Sport Psychology : A Review by Hanton, Sheldon, Mellalieu,... ISBN: 9780415579964
Talent Identification and Development in Sport by Baker, Joseph, Cobley, Stev... ISBN: 9780415581608
HF-FT 105UT Exercise and Sport Psychology by Human Kinetics Staff ISBN: 9780736062374 List Price: $34.00
Sportsmanship, Gamesmanship and Character : Do Good Sports Make Good People? by Mertzman, Robert ISBN: 9780787261153 List Price: $49.95
Sport and Violence by Jamieson, Lynn Marie, Orr, ... ISBN: 9781138137660
The Future of Post-Human Sports: Towards a New Theory of Training and Winning by Peter Baofu ISBN: 9781443846677 List Price: $118.99
Chess Metaphors : Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind by Rasskin-Gutman, Diego, Klos... ISBN: 9780262259156 List Price: $37.95
Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement : Mental Training for Athletes and Coaches by Kaufman, Keith A., Glass, C... ISBN: 9781433827877
Mind Games : The Psychology of Elite Sport by Vernon, Annie ISBN: 9781472949141
Sport Psychologist's Handbook : A Guide for Sport-Specific Performance Enhancement by Dosil, Joaquin ISBN: 9780470713174 List Price: $422.25
Hot Hand : The Mystery and Science of Streaks by Cohen, Ben ISBN: 9780062820730 List Price: $16.99
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