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Reference textbooks are used for informational purposes. These books may be used by students for academic purposes or by people looking for very specific knowledge or guidance on a particular subject. If you are looking for reference textbooks for any purpose, make sure that you check the collection available at ValoreBooks.

Collection of reference textbooks
The subjects of different reference textbooks can vary. These are books that give very specialized and focused informative material. The common reference textbooks include encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, thesauruses, guide books, trade publications, and medical and legal journals. In addition to this, you can explore reference textbooks about different subjects like psychology, nursing, and writing. There are even speaker's reference books, computer languages reference books, like C++, and different software manuals available.

Purpose of reference textbooks
The purpose of reference textbooks is purely an educational one. These books aim to give reliable facts that can help the reader learn about the subject at hand. Many people have come up with different reference books and have stored valuable data for those readers seeking it. Reference textbooks have made the process of learning more efficient. With these books at hand, self-help has become more convenient (as the information is more accessible).

These books serve as guidance to make the reader understand complex issues and gain knowledge that is based on logic. Some reference guidelines may come with step-by-step directions, such as in software manuals.

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U.S. Consumer Interest Groups Institutional Profiles by Maney, Ardith L., Bykerk, L... ISBN: 9780313264290 List Price: $87.95
University Challenge Quiz Book by Coles, Marina ISBN: 9780233999470 List Price: $13.99
Books Every Child Should Know The Literature Quiz Book by Polette, Nancy ISBN: 9781591583547 List Price: $35.00
Phone Skills for the Information Age by Maxwell, Dorothy A. ISBN: 9780073017297 List Price: $34.80
Holt World Geography Today by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030657962 List Price: $113.60
ALL IS VANITY by Selsman, Michael ISBN: 9780982531402 List Price: $14.99
Harlow (Harlow Trilogy, Book 1) by -, Imaj, -, Imaj, -, Imaj ISBN: 9780983677581 List Price: $11.99
Writing Research Papers from Start to Finish : A Personally-Guided Tour by Keah, Anna Georgantonis, Sw... ISBN: 9780615304786 List Price: $13.95
Theory of Grocery Shopping : Food, Choice and Conflict by Koch, Shelley L. ISBN: 9780857851512
Muscular System by Flash Anatomy Staff ISBN: 9781878576057 List Price: $21.95
Cat Anatomy by Flash Anatomy Staff ISBN: 9781878576187 List Price: $12.95
Bibliography and the Sociology of Texts by McKenzie, D. F. ISBN: 9780521644952 List Price: $35.99
Downtown 3-Text by McBride, Edward J. ISBN: 9780838443804 List Price: $27.95
Word by Word by Bliss, Bill, Molinsky, Stev... ISBN: 9780131935426 List Price: $22.00
My Job, My Self Work and the Creation of the Modern Individual by Gini, Al ISBN: 9780415926362 List Price: $35.95
Word by Word Picture Dictionary English/Russian Edition by Molinsky, Steven J., Bliss,... ISBN: 9780131916326 List Price: $24.00
Word by Word Picture Dictionary by Molinsky, Steven J., Bliss,... ISBN: 9780131916272 List Price: $22.00
Dog Anatomy by Flash Anatomy Staff ISBN: 9781878576170 List Price: $12.95
Research Design in Clinical Psychology by Kazdin, Alan E. ISBN: 9780205260881 List Price: $79.00
Literacy Plus Language, Lifeskills Civics Level B by Saslow, Joan M. ISBN: 9780130484161 List Price: $20.66
Writing With Style Apa Style Made Easy by Szuchman, Lenore T. ISBN: 9780495099727 List Price: $21.95
Muscles of the Head & Neck by Flash Anatomy Staff ISBN: 9781878576026 List Price: $21.95
Skeletal System by Flash Anatomy Staff ISBN: 9781878576064 List Price: $21.95
The Bones (Flash Cards) by Flash Anatomy ISBN: 9781878576019 List Price: $21.95
Flash Cards for Microbiology by Alcamo, I. Edward ISBN: 9781878576101 List Price: $21.95
Heinle's Newbury House Dictionary of American English by Rideout, Philip M., Newbury... ISBN: 9780883770177 List Price: $37.95
Selected Writings of Lord Acton Essays in the History of Liberty by Acton, John E., Fears, J. R... ISBN: 9780865970472 List Price: $17.50
5 SAT Math Practice Tests (2nd Edition) by Simpson, Paul G., 4th, Test... ISBN: 9780979678608
EXPLORE Secrets Study Guide : Practice Questions and Test Review for the ACT's EXPLORE Exam by EXPLORE Exam Secrets Test P... ISBN: 9781627335195 List Price: $39.99
English/Portuguese by Molinsky, Steven J., Bliss,... ISBN: 9780131916333 List Price: $24.00
Handbook to Literature by Holman, C. Hugh, Harmon, Wi... ISBN: 9780023564208 List Price: $36.20
Leveraging UP! The key to launching your entertainment career by McCluggage, Kerry, Sotomayo... ISBN: 9780615288475 List Price: $19.95
Consumer Economics in Action by Miller, Roger LeRoy ISBN: 9780314003300 List Price: $39.75
Handbook Critical Thinking - Miller - Paperback by Miller, Toby, Cross, Frank ... ISBN: 9780324129939
Share Your Paragraph An Interactive Approach to Writing by Rooks, George M. ISBN: 9780136607960 List Price: $31.00
How to Think About Weird Things by Schick, Theodore, Jr., Vaug... ISBN: 9781559342544 List Price: $26.00
Life Skills for the 21st Century: Building a Foundation for Success by Emergent Learning Staff, We... ISBN: 9780137027941 List Price: $75.60
Handbook for College Research (with 2009 MLA Update Card) by Perrin, Robert ISBN: 9780495899525 List Price: $56.95
Managing Life Skills, Student Edition by McGraw-Hill-Glencoe Staff ISBN: 9780078933868 List Price: $68.00
Strategies for Research in Constructivist International Relations by Klotz, Audie, Lynch, Cecelia ISBN: 9780765620248 List Price: $19.95
Seasons of Learning Talks to Graduates on Life After College by Howard, V. A. ISBN: 9780275961022 List Price: $95.00
Understanding Research Methods An Overview of the Essentials by Patten, Mildred L. ISBN: 9781884585029 List Price: $21.95
Methods of Meta-Analysis Correcting Error and Bias in Research Findings by Hunter, John E., Schmidt, F... ISBN: 9781412904797 List Price: $86.95
Designing+conducting Research by Drew, Clifford J., Hardman,... ISBN: 9780205166992 List Price: $94.00
Least You Should Know About Eng.,form a by Glazier, Teresa Ferster ISBN: 9780030555473 List Price: $34.50
Research Methods:process of Inquiry by Graziano, Anthony M., Rauli... ISBN: 9780673980410 List Price: $81.00
Research Design in Clinical Psych. by Kazdin, Alan E. ISBN: 9780205145874 List Price: $40.95
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