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Every piece of writing comes from an individual source and is subject to criticism. Literature criticism textbooks comprise of analysis and opinions by experts who consider the value of different literature works so that they may discuss them according to their own logic.

Collection of literary criticism textbooks
If you are looking for literary criticism textbooks, then you can search the diverse and interesting collection available at Valore Books. The different types of literary criticism such as feminist, formalist, historical, psychological are all available, as each covers the distinct approaches and techniques used by different authors and different interpretations of literature produced at different times throughout history. Readers can review literary criticism on English, American or European writers, romantic writers, literature of the western world, children's literature, fairytales, fiction, drama, poetry and famous authors (e.g. Shakespeare).

Worth of Literary criticism textbooks
Literary criticism textbooks are quite helpful for students and scholars, as these books discuss literature while paying special attention to themes and motifs, expression, cultural and literary significance and the impact of the demonstrated language. Criticism is extremely exciting, as many times, critics challenge certain ideological norms. Critics continually address questions that cause readers to think deeper so that they may hone the ability to think critically.

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Beowulf A Verse Translation by Heaney, Seamus, Donoghue, D... ISBN: 9780393975802 List Price: $83.64
Ben Jonson and the Cavalier Poets; Authoritative Texts, Criticism by Jonson, Ben, Maclean, Hugh D. ISBN: 9780393093087 List Price: $20.60
Reading Lessons An Introduction to Theory by Carpenter, Scott ISBN: 9780130211002 List Price: $56.20
Ambassadors An Authoritative Text, the Author on the Novel, Criticism by James, Henry, Rosenbaum, S. P. ISBN: 9780393963144 List Price: $14.20
Ethan Frome Authoritative Text Backgrounds and Contexts Criticism by Wharton, Edith, Lauer, Kris... ISBN: 9780393966350 List Price: $13.50
Masters of British Literature by Damrosch, David, Dettmar, K... ISBN: 9780205559725 List Price: $80.00
Strange Case of Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Context, Perf... by Linehan, Katherine, Stevens... ISBN: 9780393974652 List Price: $47.89
Heart of Darkness by Conrad, Joseph, Murfin, Ros... ISBN: 9780312457532
Essential Literary Terms A Brief Norton Guide With Exercises by Hamilton, Sharon ISBN: 9780393928372 List Price: $19.97
Experience Clay by Mackey, Maureen ISBN: 9780871925985 List Price: $49.95
Discovering Children's Literature by Hillman, Judith ISBN: 9780130423320 List Price: $68.00
Wife of Bath by Beidler, Peter G., Chaucer,... ISBN: 9780312111281 List Price: $154.95
Sherlock Holmes The Major Stories With Contemporary Critical Essays by Doyle, Arthur Conan, Hodgso... ISBN: 9780312089450
A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory by Peter Widdowson, Peter Broo... ISBN: 9780582894105 List Price: $45.99
Gulliver's Travels by Swift, Jonathan, Fox, Chris... ISBN: 9780312066659 List Price: $12.95
Isocrates I by Isocrates, Mirhady, David C... ISBN: 9780292752382 List Price: $30.00
Reconstructing Womanhood The Emergence of the Afro-American Woman Novelist by Carby, Hazel V. ISBN: 9780195060713 List Price: $50.00
Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice (5th Edition) by Bressler, Charles E. ISBN: 9780205791699 List Price: $66.67
Literature Across Cultures by Gillespie, Sheena, Fonseca,... ISBN: 9780321460073 List Price: $96.20
On the Social Contract With Geneva Manuscript and Political Economy by Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, Mas... ISBN: 9780312694463 List Price: $15.95
Black Looks and Black Acts The Language of Toni Morrison in The Bluest Eye and Beloved by Simpson, Ritashona ISBN: 9780820495309 List Price: $55.95
Creative Power The Nature and Nurture of Children's Writing by Cramer, Ronald L. ISBN: 9780321049131 List Price: $47.99
Postmodern Condition A Report on Knowledge by Lyotard, Jean-Francois, Ben... ISBN: 9780816611737 List Price: $19.50
Man Cannot Speak for Her Key Texts of the Early Feminists by Campbell, Karlyn K. ISBN: 9780275932671 List Price: $49.95
Selected Writings of Christine De Pizan New Translations, Criticism by Christine de Pizan, Blumenf... ISBN: 9780393970104 List Price: $15.65
Man Cannot Speak for Her A Critical Study of Early Feminist Rhetoric by Campbell, Karlyn K. ISBN: 9780275932695 List Price: $31.95
Problems of Dostoevsky's Poetics by Bakhtin, Mikhail M., Emerso... ISBN: 9780816612284 List Price: $20.00
Wings of the Dove Authoritative Text, the Author and the Novel, Criticism by James, Henry, Crowley, Jose... ISBN: 9780393978810 List Price: $17.05
Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club (Bloom's Guides) by Bloom, Harold, Bloom, Harold ISBN: 9781604135749 List Price: $30.00
The Necessary Shakespeare by Bevington, David ISBN: 9780205652167 List Price: $76.60
Amy Tan, New Edition by Bloom, Harold ISBN: 9781604131796 List Price: $45.00
Asian American Short Story Writers An A-To-Z Guide by Huang, Guiyou ISBN: 9780313322297 List Price: $111.95
Literature and Gender by Primamore, Elizabeth, DeLui... ISBN: 9780205744879 List Price: $39.40
Not So Simple The "Simple" Stories by Harper, Donna Akiba Sulliva... ISBN: 9780826210883 List Price: $24.95
Bibliographic Guide to Chicana and Latina Narrative by Leonard, Kathy S. ISBN: 9780313319877 List Price: $87.95
The Complete Works of Shakespeare by Bevington, David ISBN: 9780205606283 List Price: $98.20
Literature and Work by Kitts, Thomas ISBN: 9780205681099 List Price: $39.40
Race & Resistance Literature & Politics in Asian America by Nguyen, Viet Thanh ISBN: 9780195146998 List Price: $125.00
Socialist Joy in the Writing of Langston Hughes by Scott, Jonathan ISBN: 9780826216779 List Price: $39.95
Beginning Latin Poetry Reader by Betts, Gavin, Franklin, Daniel ISBN: 9780071458856 List Price: $14.95
Literature, Race, and Ethnicity Contesting American Identities by Skerrett, Joseph T., Jr., S... ISBN: 9780321011626 List Price: $72.40
Conjure Stories by Chesnutt, Charles W., Stept... ISBN: 9780393927801
John Donne's Poetry Authoritative Texts Criticism by Donne, John, Dickson, Donal... ISBN: 9780393926484 List Price: $15.65
High Resolution Critical Theory and the Problem of Literacy by Sussman, Henry ISBN: 9780195055030 List Price: $108.00
Mujeres De Hoy Textos, Voces E Im Genes by Criado, Miryam, Reyes, José... ISBN: 9780131838222 List Price: $59.60
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