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Printer's Kiss : The Life and Letters of a Civil War Newspaperman and His Family by Donohoe, Patricia A. ISBN: 9781606352687 List Price: $28.95
Sunday Times 1,000 Makers of the Twentieth Century by Adelman, Bob ISBN: 9781857934984
Hudson's Washington News Media Contacts Directory 2018 by Mars, Laura ISBN: 9781682177549 List Price: $289.00
History of the American Newspaper Publishers Association by Emery, Edwin ISBN: 9780598273383 List Price: $84.10
Heroes in My Head : A Memoir by Rebick, Judy ISBN: 9781487003579
Entrepreneurial Journalism by Rafter, Kevin ISBN: 9780367264628
Unfreedom of the Press by Levin, Mark R. ISBN: 9781476773469
Jailhouse Journalism : The Fourth Estate Behind Bars by Morris, James McGrath ISBN: 9781138526488
Profiles in Journalistic Courage by DeLisle, Lisa ISBN: 9781138530881
Oxford Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies by Ornebring, Henrik ISBN: 9780190694166 List Price: $595.00
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