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Research Methods in Education by Cohen, Louis, Manion, Lawrence ISBN: 9780415044103 List Price: $35.00
Conducting Educational Research by Tuckman, Bruce W. ISBN: 9780155129818 List Price: $25.00
Conducting Educational Research - Bruce W. Tuckman - Hardcover by Tuckman, Bruce W. ISBN: 9780155129801 List Price: $14.95
Cross Currents: Recent Trends in Humanities Research by Kaplan, Ann, Sprinkler, Mic... ISBN: 9780860915355 List Price: $15.00
Critical Theory and Educational Research by McLaren, Peter L., Giarelli... ISBN: 9780791423677 List Price: $75.50
Dialogue Is Not a Chaste Event Comments by Paulo Freire on Issues in Participatory Research by Jurmo, Paul, Kinsey, David C. ISBN: 9780932288783 List Price: $3.00
Analyzing Educational Research by Sowell, Evelyn J., Casey, R... ISBN: 9780534011338 List Price: $28.95
Build-Your-Own Coursecompass by Addison-Wesley Publishing S... ISBN: 9780201748390 List Price: $20.80
Research Education: Conceptual Approach by McMillan, Schumacher ISBN: 9780673972231 List Price: $25.20
School-based Research: A Guide for Education Students by Wilson, Elaine ISBN: 9781412948494
Educational Research for Teachers by Boudah, Daniel J., Weiss, M... ISBN: 9780205408535 List Price: $58.67
Topics in human factors research by Schmid, John ISBN: 9780842201865 List Price: $15.95
Instructors Manual Education Research: Fund Consmr by McMillan ISBN: 9780673536181 List Price: $11.00
Research in Humanities Computing 5: Selected Papers from the 1995 ACH-ALLC Conference by Perissinotto, Giorgio ISBN: 9780198236269 List Price: $80.00
Doing Your Education Research Project by Burton, Neil, Jones, Marion... ISBN: 9781412947541
Action Research in the Classroom by Baumfield, Vivienne, Hall, ... ISBN: 9781412930390
Action Research in the Classroom by Baumfield, Vivienne, Hall, ... ISBN: 9781412930406
Collaborative Research in the Digital Humanities by McCarty, Willard, Deegan, M... ISBN: 9781138254510
Research and the Teacher : A Qualitative Introduction to School-Based Research by Hitchcock, Graham, Hughes, ... ISBN: 9781138149816
Your Education Research Project Companion by McGrath, Jim, Coles, Anthony ISBN: 9781138136960
Passionate Enquiry and School by Dadds, Marion ISBN: 9781138977976
From the Ivory Tower to the Schoolhouse : How Scholarship Becomes Common Knowledge in Education by Schneider, Jack, Cuban, Larry ISBN: 9781612506708 List Price: $65.00
Creating Meaningful Inquiry in the Classroom : Teachers' Stories of Research by Jones, Phyllis, Whitehurst,... ISBN: 9780415676168
Knowledge Mobilization and Educational Research: Politics, Languages and Responsibilities by Fenwick, Tara, Farrell, Lesley ISBN: 9780415614658 List Price: $39.95
Role of Participants in Education Research : Ethics, Epistemologies, and Methods by Midgley, Warren, Danaher, P... ISBN: 9781138118560
Education Matters : 60 Years of the British Journal of Educational Studies by Arthur, James, Davison, Jon... ISBN: 9781138117266
World Education Research Yearbook by Hill, Lori Diane, Levine, F... ISBN: 9781138909465
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