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In your effort to become the next Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffet or Vera Wang, you'll have to get basic and not-so-basic business principles down pat. No matter how difficult the path to success may seem, knowing the basics can make you a millionaire. Business 101 states that in order go far you must save money, and know that time is money! By buying your business textbooks from our team, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars with used textbooks. We'd bet our bottom dollar on the fact that Apple's Steve Jobs would tell you first hand that it is silly to buy brand new books from your overpriced college bookstore, when you could pad your pocket with dough by finding the cheapest textbooks on the market. Our business textbooks are of the best quality, even if you select cheap used textbooks. And finally, Jobs would laugh if he saw you standing in those long, Disneyland ride length bookstore lines when you could have less expensive books delivered right to your door. We invite you to search our extensive list of Business Textbooks! Don't forget to match the exact ISBN number (found in your course syllabus), to assure that you show up to class with the right version.

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Group Techniques (with InfoTrac) by Corey, Gerald, Corey, Maria... ISBN: 9780534612696 List Price: $53.95
Principles of Risk Management and Insurance (11th Edition) (The Prentice Hall Series in Fina... by Rejda, George E., McNamara,... ISBN: 9780136117025 List Price: $200.00
Framework for Human Resource Management, A (6th Edition) by Dessler, Gary ISBN: 9780132556378 List Price: $132.00
Marketing Management by Marshall, Greg W., Johnston... ISBN: 9780073529790 List Price: $175.88
Behavioral Corporate Finance Decisions That Create Value by Shefrin, Hersh ISBN: 9780072848656 List Price: $84.38
International Business Law and Its Environment (South-Western Legal Studies in Business Acad... by Schaffer, Richard, Agusti, ... ISBN: 9780324649673 List Price: $267.95
Modern Management: Concepts and Skills by Certo, Samuel C., Certo, Tr... ISBN: 9780132176316 List Price: $194.67
Risk Management and Financial Institutions by Hull, John ISBN: 9781118955949 List Price: $95.00
Nonprofit Organizations by Anheier, Helmut K. ISBN: 9780415550475 List Price: $65.95
Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts by Edmonds, Thomas P., Olds, P... ISBN: 9780078110894 List Price: $59.04
Strategic Marketing for Non-profit Organizations by Kotler, Philip, Andreasen, ... ISBN: 9780131753723 List Price: $190.67
Essentials of Strategic Management by Gamble, John E., Thompson, ... ISBN: 9780078137143 List Price: $164.20
Macroeconomics: Principles, Applications and Tools (7th Edition) (Pearson Series in Economics) by Arthur O'Sullivan, Steven S... ISBN: 9780132555494 List Price: $185.40
Entrepreneurship : Successfully Launching New Ventures by Barringer, Bruce R., Irelan... ISBN: 9780133797190 List Price: $218.80
Restaurant Management Customers, Operations And Employees by Mill, Robert Christie ISBN: 9780131136908 List Price: $99.20
Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (6th Edition) by Scarborough, Norman M., Wil... ISBN: 9780136109594 List Price: $155.33
Advanced Accounting by Beams, Floyd A., Clement, R... ISBN: 9780136033974 List Price: $213.33
Foodservice Management: Principles and Practices by Payne-Palacio, June, Theis,... ISBN: 9780135122167 List Price: $132.40
Fundamental Accounting Principles by Wild, John J., Shaw, Ken W.... ISBN: 9780077862275
Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments by Kerin, Roger, Peterson, Robert ISBN: 9780136107064 List Price: $194.00
Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy by Hawkins, Delbert, Mothersba... ISBN: 9780077294106 List Price: $185.31
Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations by Mohr, Jakki J., Sengupta, S... ISBN: 9780136049968 List Price: $106.00
Public Relations : Strategies and Tactics Plus MySearchLab with EText -- Access Card Package by Wilcox, Dennis L., Cameron,... ISBN: 9780133775785 List Price: $194.27
Guidelines for Reporting Health Research : A User's Manual by Simera, I. ISBN: 9780470670446 List Price: $49.95
Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation by Penman, Stephen ISBN: 9780073379661 List Price: $194.06
Business Law by Cheeseman, Henry R. ISBN: 9780136085546 List Price: $208.60
Management by Daft, Richard L. ISBN: 9780538479530 List Price: $208.95
Managerial Economics: A Problem Solving Approach by Froeb, Luke M., McCann, Bri... ISBN: 9781439077986 List Price: $140.95
Marketing: An Introduction (9th Edition) (MyMarketingLab Series) (Paperback) by Armstrong, Gary, Kotler, Ph... ISBN: 9780136021131 List Price: $166.67
Understanding Financial Statements by Ormiston, Aileen, Fraser, Lyn ISBN: 9780136086246 List Price: $104.00
Business Mathematics A Collegiate Approach by Roueche, Nelda R., Graves, ... ISBN: 9780131140141 List Price: $159.20
Business Forecasting by Hanke, John E., Wichern, De... ISBN: 9780132301206 List Price: $156.00
Principles of Corporate Finance by Brealey, Richard, Myers, St... ISBN: 9780077356385 List Price: $273.80
Advanced Microeconomic Theory by Jehle, Geoffrey Alexander, ... ISBN: 9780321079169 List Price: $180.00
Financial Accounting by Warren, Carl S., Reeve, Jam... ISBN: 9780538478519 List Price: $191.95
Managerial Economics: Theory, Applications, and Cases by Allen, W. Bruce, Doherty, N... ISBN: 9780393932249 List Price: $166.47
Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases: Competitiveness and Globalization by Hitt, Michael A., Ireland, ... ISBN: 9781439042304 List Price: $223.95
Math Principles for Food Service Occupations by Strianese, Anthony J., Stri... ISBN: 9781435488823 List Price: $115.95
Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets (9th Edition) by Mishkin, Frederic S. ISBN: 9780321599797 List Price: $193.33
Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace by Gurak, Laura J., Lannon, Jo... ISBN: 9780321995896 List Price: $100.00
Quality of Experience Engineering for Customer Added Value Services by Mellouk ISBN: 9781848216723 List Price: $125.00
Essential Statistics in Business and Economics with Student CD (Mcgraw-Hill/Irwin Series Ope... by Doane, David P., Seward, Lo... ISBN: 9780077312367 List Price: $59.99
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