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Math is a complex topic when you get beyond the basics. If you need to rent used linear programming textbooks in this topic area you can get affordable copies right here. We have more than two hundred titles available most of the time, including the ones you'll find right here today. These include Linear Programming and Network Flows; Nonlinear Programming: Theory and Algorithms; Optimization Theory and Methods: Nonlinear Programming; and Linear System Theory and Design. Discounted copies are available from us from just a few cents, but even if you spend a few dollars on a copy or two you will still pay affordable prices. This is the power of Valore Books - and the reason lots of people keep coming back. Whenever you need discounted titles you can get them all from us without spending a lot of cash. Why not start buying today so you can save from today onwards?

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Introduction to Linear Programming by Morningstar, K. G. ISBN: 9780686362807 List Price: $3.00
Linear Rational Expectations Models : A User's Guide by Whiteman, Charles H. ISBN: 9780608007977 List Price: $46.20
Linear Programming with Statistical Applications by Sposito, Vincent A. ISBN: 9780608000664 List Price: $89.30
Linear Programming Applications to Agriculture by Beneke, Raymond R., Winterb... ISBN: 9780608000671 List Price: $78.20
Management of the Packaging Function by Raphael, Harold J., Olsson,... ISBN: 9780608116822 List Price: $30.00
Linear Programming and Associated Techniques : A Comprehensive Bibliography on Linear, Nonli... by Riley, Vera, Gass, Saul I. ISBN: 9780608114019 List Price: $193.20
Managerial Planning with Linear Programming : In Process Industry Operations by Aronofsky, Julius S. ISBN: 9780608114552 List Price: $122.50
Linear Programming : An Introduction by Spivey, W. Allen ISBN: 9780608151748 List Price: $59.60
Optimality Pays : An Introduction to Linear Programming by Sriskandarajh, Jeganathan ISBN: 9780614053050 List Price: $11.99
Linear Programming : Methods and Applications by Gass, Saul I. ISBN: 9780758186058 List Price: $29.00
Introduction to Linear Programming by Walsh, Gordon R. ISBN: 9780783732336 List Price: $77.50
Numerical Methods of Nonlinear Programming and Their Implementations by Richter, C., Hollatz, R., P... ISBN: 9783055008832
Linear Programming by Karloff, Howard ISBN: 9783764335618
Note on Degeneracy and Multiple Optima in Linear Programs by Miller, Ronald E., Dossani,... ISBN: 9781558690806 List Price: $10.00
Duality Theories in Linear, Quadratic and Convex Programming : A Survey by Dossani, Nazir G. ISBN: 9781558690288 List Price: $10.00
Linear Programming : Computational Approach by Lau, K. K. ISBN: 9789144230320 List Price: $12.00
Semi-Infinite Programming by Reemtsen, Rembert, Rückmann... ISBN: 9781441947956 List Price: $229.00
Linear Programming by Palmer ISBN: 9780852581797 List Price: $25.95
Theory of Games and Linear Programming (Science Paperbacks) by Vajda, S. ISBN: 9780412204906 List Price: $5.95
Linear Programming (Library of mathematics) by Trustrum, Kathleen ISBN: 9780710069726 List Price: $5.00
Linear Programming : New Frontiers in Theory and Applications by Mann, Zoltán Ádám ISBN: 9781612095790
Linear Programming by Woolsey ISBN: 9780789503305 List Price: $23.95
Understanding and Using Linear Programming by Matousek, Jiri, G�rtner, Bernd ISBN: 9783540307174
Linear Programming with Duals : A Modern Exposition by Tovey, Craig A. ISBN: 9781439887462
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