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Maniere de Bien Bastir. with the Addition of a New Introd. by Sir Anthony Blunt by Le Muet, Pierre ISBN: 9780598012784 List Price: $60.50
Gentleman and Farmer's Architect : Designed and Drawn by T. Lightoler by Lightoler, Timothy ISBN: 9780598012876 List Price: $30.00
Essai Sur l'Architecture. Nouvelle Ed. , Revue, Corrigee, et Augmentee by Laugier, Marc-Antoine ISBN: 9780598013019 List Price: $117.20
Erechtheion at Athens : Fragments of Athenian Architecture and a Few Remains in Attica, Mega... by Inwood, Henry William ISBN: 9780598013972 List Price: $64.80
Designs for Cottages, Cottage Farms and Other Rural Buildings, Including Entrance Gates and ... by Gandy, Joseph Michael ISBN: 9780598015099 List Price: $30.70
Trattato Sopra gli Errori Degli Architetti by Gallaccini, Teofilo ISBN: 9780598015082 List Price: $30.00
Architettura Civile, Del Padre D. Guarino Guarini . . . Opera Postuma by Guarini, Guarino ISBN: 9780598014986 List Price: $98.00
Parallel of the Antient Architecture with the Modern by Freart, Roland, Evelyn, John ISBN: 9780598015242 List Price: $57.10
Memoires Critiques d'Architecture by Fremin, Michel de ISBN: 9780598015259 List Price: $120.30
Complete Body of Architecture by Ware, Isaac ISBN: 9780598005656 List Price: $46.50
Complete Body of Architecture by Ware, Isaac ISBN: 9780598005649 List Price: $200.00
Ruins of Palmyra, Otherwise Tedmor, in the Desart by Wood, Robert ISBN: 9780598005588 List Price: $34.50
Ruins of Balbec, Otherwise Heliopolis in Coelosyria by Wood, Robert ISBN: 9780598005571 List Price: $37.60
Elements of Architecture by Wotton, Henry ISBN: 9780598005250 List Price: $38.20
Architecture, Ou Art de Bien Bastir : De Marc Vitruue Pollion, Autheur Romain Antique by Vitruvius Pollio ISBN: 9780598006264 List Price: $113.50
Some Designs of Mr. Inigo Jones and Mr. Wm. Kent by Jones, Inigo ISBN: 9780598006134 List Price: $30.00
Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Buildings by Soane, John ISBN: 9780598007148 List Price: $30.00
Architecture Normande by Ruprich-Robert, Victor Mari... ISBN: 9780598008589 List Price: $161.90
Ferme Ornee : Or, Rural Improvements by Plaw, John ISBN: 9780598009647 List Price: $30.00
Architectural Designs for Rustic Cottages, Picturesque Dwellings, Villas, &C . . . by Pocock, William Fuller ISBN: 9780598009272 List Price: $33.80
Ornaments of Architecture by Pricke, Robert ISBN: 9780598009180 List Price: $30.00
Rural Residences : Consisting of a Series of Designs for Cottages, Decorated Cottages, Small... by Papworth, John Buonarotti ISBN: 9780598009883 List Price: $49.60
De Norske Stavkirker : Studier over Deres System, Oprindelse Og Historiske Udvikling by Dietrichson, Lorentz ISBN: 9780598016676 List Price: $171.20
Trois Livres d'Architecture by Androuet du Cerceau, Jacques ISBN: 9780598016423 List Price: $80.60
Premier Volume des Plus Excellents Bastiments de France 1576 : Et, le Second Volume des Plus... by Androuet du Cerceau, Jacques ISBN: 9780598016416 List Price: $55.50
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