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Spanish is spoken by almost a half billion people worldwide. More people are native Spanish speakers than any other language besides Mandarin Chinese. It is the official language of twenty-one nations, as well as the flamenco. When you rent Spanish textbooks, you take the first step in learning an elegant, passionate language. With an education in Spanish, you can explore almost every country in the Western Hemisphere and speak in the native tongue. Text books are available for every level of Spanish proficiency, from those who have spoken the language their whole life to those who can barely spell "agua." Spanish textbooks are an essential part of a college education, for foreign language majors as well as those simply satisfying a graduation requirement. When you rent textbooks for Spanish classes, you don't have to worry about being stuck with a textbook below your proficiency level. Simply return the book when your class is over and your exams are passed. Textbook rental is an idea that sounds great in any language.

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Los Alimentos: Coleccion Kaleidoscopio 2 (Elementary Spanish Kaleidoscope Series) (Volume 2) by Acuna, Maria, Maria G Acuna ISBN: 9781541214057 List Price: $14.99
Poco a Poco: An Elementary Direct Method For Learning Spanish (Classic Reprint) (Spanish Edi... by Hall, Guillermo, Guillermo ... ISBN: 9781332699681 List Price: $13.57
Elementary Spanish Reader : With Practical Exercises for Conversation (Classic Reprint) by Espinosa, Aurelio Macedonio ISBN: 9781332702183 List Price: $10.97
Elementary Spanish Reader by Harrison, Earl Stanley ISBN: 9781976068287 List Price: $11.99
An Elementary Spanish Reader by Harrison, Earl Stanley, Ear... ISBN: 9781974605682 List Price: $11.99
An Elementary Spanish Reader by Harrison, Earl, Earl Stanle... ISBN: 9781975637545 List Price: $8.99
Viajes: Elementary Spanish 101 & 102 - College of the Canyons Edition by Robert Hershberger, Susan N... ISBN: 9781285883564
Se Habla Espanol Breaking down Elementary Spanish Grammer in Plain English by cardwell, juanita ISBN: 9780986078101 List Price: $49.99
An Elementary Spanish Reader (Spanish Edition) by Unknown ISBN: 9781318870493 List Price: $23.95
An Elementary Grammar of the Spanish Language (Classic Reprint) by L a Loiseaux ISBN: 9781332753017 List Price: $10.57
MH My Math ELD SE Grade K (ELEMENTARY MATH CONNECTS) (Spanish Edition) by MHE, McGraw-Hill Education,... ISBN: 9780021331024
Greetings = Saludos Mini Chatbook : A Bilingual Cartoon Book to Accompany Our Elementary Spa... by Pospishil, Julie Jahde ISBN: 9780989541879 List Price: $10.95
An Elementary Spanish Reader by Harrison, Earl, Earl Stanle... ISBN: 9781540355683 List Price: $9.99
Elementos de Español : An Elementary Spanish Grammar for Schools and Colleges (Classic... by Moreno-Lacalle, Juli´┐Żn ISBN: 9780266649106 List Price: $35.28
TIGER WOODS (SPANISH) (Dominie Serie Odisea Dominie) by Dominie Elementary ISBN: 9780768528558
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