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The Latin roots of the word "literature" mean "acquaintance with letters." If you are reading something that sounds as elegant as that phrase, you're probably reading literature. It is through literature textbooks that we begin to see the world as it was years, decades, or centuries ago. We understand the way 1800s America looked because of the works of Mark Twain. Through Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales," we know that the English of the 14th century enjoyed a dirty joke as much as we do. Although a fine piece of literary art may stay with you forever, you may not want your text books to do the same. When this is the case, consider textbook rental. When you rent textbooks, you make use of them for the duration of your class and then return them. Students who rent literature textbooks never have to worry about the bookstore declining to buy back a book because the professor chose to use a different edition next year. Literature can evoke some of our strongest emotions, but so does saving money.

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Three Lectures on English Literature by William S. M'Cormick ISBN: 9783337737825
English A: Literature (Oxford Ib Diploma Programme) by Anna Androulaki, Brent Whitted ISBN: 9780198434610 List Price: $50.99
English studies: Essays in English history and literature: Edited with a prefatory memoir by... by John Sherren Brewer Brewer ISBN: 9783744715416 List Price: $39.90
A Text Book on English Literature: Adapted for use in Colleges, High Schools and Academies by Brainerd Kellogg Kellogg ISBN: 9783744772891 List Price: $39.90
Philosophy of English literature: A course of lectures delivered in the Lowell Institute by John Bascom Bascom ISBN: 9783337238056 List Price: $27.90
English Literature for 1890, for University and departmental Examinations: Byron's Prisoner ... by Hugh I. Strang Strang ISBN: 9783337149239 List Price: $24.90
Five Centuries of the English Language and Literature by Bernhard Tauchnitz Tauchnitz ISBN: 9783337084356 List Price: $33.90
English Literature in the Eighteenth Century by Unknown ISBN: 9783337737726
The History of Early English Literature: Vol. 1 by Stopford Augustus Brooke Br... ISBN: 9783337778347 List Price: $28.90
Epistle of Comfort (English Recusant Literature) by Robert Southwell ISBN: 9780859671941
Oxford International AQA Examinations: International GCSE English Literature by Jane Branson (author) Ken H... ISBN: 9780198411925
Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature : Volume 5: After 1880 by Haynes, Kenneth ISBN: 9780199585106 List Price: $180.00
Manual of English Literature (Classic Reprint) by Hamann, Albert ISBN: 9780267669493 List Price: $28.43
Professor Corson's Examination Questions in English Literature (Classic Reprint) by Corson, Hiram ISBN: 9780365251088 List Price: $24.35
English Grammar in American Schools Before 1850 : A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty, o... by Lyman, Rollo La Verne ISBN: 9780656133864 List Price: $27.53
History of English Literature; Volume 4 by Van Laun, Henri ISBN: 9781376434170 List Price: $20.95
Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors, Living and Decea... by Allibone, Samuel Austin ISBN: 9781397237484 List Price: $30.53
Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors, Living and Decea... by Allibone, Samuel Austin ISBN: 9781397237965 List Price: $48.19
Haunted Selves, Haunting Places in English Literature and Culture : 1800-Present by Wolfreys, Julian ISBN: 9783030074500 List Price: $84.99
Games and War in Early Modern English Literature : From Shakespeare to Swift by Nelson, Holly Faith, Daems,... ISBN: 9789463728010
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