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With plot lines that out-twist any Hitchcock story, tragedy to make Les Misérables seem cheerful, and elements of slapstick that outdo even the Three Stooges, the study of History offers more than simply dates and names. Think of it as the longest-running and most epic tale ever told. When you rent a History textbook, you'll learn about the wars, revolutions, discoveries, and advances that have led us to where we are today. From ancient Greece to the Chinese Empire, from Cleopatra to the Italian Renaissance, from Manifest Destiny to the Space Race, no adventure is without sufficient intrigue and drama. The soap opera-worthy manuscripts of how we got here will surely be page turners--oh, the cliffhangers! So get on board with a History textbook rental and remember: those who don't pass History are doomed to repeat it.

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Glencoe World History, Modern Times, Student Edition by Glencoe McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780078910036
A World History by William H. McNeill ISBN: 9780195116168 List Price: $85.95
The World: A History, Penguin Academic Edition, Combined Volume (Penguin Academics) by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto ISBN: 9780205759309 List Price: $78.80
World History, A Concise Thematic Analysis by Steven Wallech, Craig Hendr... ISBN: 9781118532720 List Price: $33.95
Nation Among Nations America's Place in World History by Bender, Thomas ISBN: 9780809072354 List Price: $16.00
The World: A History, Combined Volume (2nd Edition) by Fernández-Armesto, Felipe, ... ISBN: 9780136061472 List Price: $146.00
Home Front U.S.A.: America During World War II (The American History Series) by Allan M. Winkler ISBN: 9780882952864 List Price: $20.95
Crossroads and Cultures, Volume B: 500-1750: A History of the World's Peoples by Bonnie G. Smith, Marc Van D... ISBN: 9780312571672 List Price: $77.26
Story of the World, History for the Classical Child Ancient Times from the Earliest Nomads ... by Bauer, Susan Wise, West, Jeff ISBN: 9781933339009 List Price: $16.95
Africanizing Democracies: 1980-Present (African World Histories) by Alicia C. Decker, Andrea L.... ISBN: 9780199915392 List Price: $16.95
History World Soc 11e V1 by Wiesner-Hanks, Merry E. ISBN: 9781319059316
Major Problems in the History of World War II: Documents and Essays (Major Problems in Ameri... by Mark A. Stoler, Melanie S. ... ISBN: 9780618061327 List Price: $127.95
Janson's History of Art Portable Edition Book 1: The Ancient World (8th Edition) (Myartslab) by Penelope J.E. Davies, Walte... ISBN: 9780205161102 List Price: $99.60
Who Owns History? Rethinking the Past in a Changing World by Foner, Eric ISBN: 9780809097050 List Price: $15.00
A History of the Modern World by R. R. Palmer, Joel Colton, ... ISBN: 9780073106922 List Price: $180.91
A History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil MacGregor ISBN: 9780143124153 List Price: $30.00
Technology in World Civilization: A Thousand-Year History by Arnold Pacey ISBN: 9780262660723 List Price: $25.00
World History: Medieval and Early Modern Times, Grade 7 by Douglas Carnine ISBN: 9780618532940 List Price: $66.25
Voyages in World History by Hansen, Valerie, Curtis, Ke... ISBN: 9780618077205 List Price: $158.95
History of the Modern World to 1815 by Colton, Joel, Kramer, Lloyd ISBN: 9780073255026 List Price: $101.75
The Mental Floss History of the World: An Irreverent Romp Through Civilization's Best Bits by Sass, Erik, Wiegand, Steve,... ISBN: 9780061842672 List Price: $16.99
The World, Volume One: A Brief History: To 1500 [With DVD] by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto ISBN: 9780136008873 List Price: $80.00
Mexico in World History by Beezley, William H. ISBN: 9780195337907 List Price: $19.95
Oxford History of the Roman World by Baordman, John, Griffin, Ja... ISBN: 9780192802033 List Price: $18.95
World History: A Concise Thematic Analysis by Steven Wallech, Craig Hendr... ISBN: 9780882952444 List Price: $27.95
The Histories (Oxford World's Classics) by Polybius, Waterfield, Robin... ISBN: 9780199534708 List Price: $15.95
The Industrial Revolution in World History by Peter N Stearns ISBN: 9780813347295 List Price: $40.00
Second World War A Short History by Parker, R. A. C. ISBN: 9780192802071 List Price: $19.95
World Civilizations: Their History and Their Culture, Vol. 2 by Phillip Lee Ralph, Robert E... ISBN: 9780393968811 List Price: $88.84
The History of the World by J. M. Roberts, O. A. Westad ISBN: 9780199936762 List Price: $45.00
The World: A History, Penguin Academic Edition, Volume 1 by Fernández-Armesto, Felipe ISBN: 9780205759316 List Price: $46.67
World History To 1800 by Duiker, William J., Spielvo... ISBN: 9780495050537 List Price: $145.95
Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction by HOLT MCDOUGAL ISBN: 9780547491141 List Price: $74.00
Essential World History by Henry Brun ISBN: 9781567656367 List Price: $37.00
Sources in Patterns of World History: Volume Two: Since 1400 by Peter Von Sivers, Charles A... ISBN: 9780199846184 List Price: $18.95
Science and Technology in World History: An Introduction by James E. McClellan, Harold ... ISBN: 9780801883606 List Price: $27.00
Human Heritage A World History by Greenblatt, Miriam, Lemmo, ... ISBN: 9780078216190 List Price: $110.50
World History by RINEHART AND WINSTON HOLT ISBN: 9780030685262 List Price: $88.70
World History of Photography by Naomi Rosenblum ISBN: 9780789209467 List Price: $65.00
History Alive: The Ancient World by Wendy Frey ISBN: 9781583713518 List Price: $59.95
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