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The world of business is a lot harder than it looks on TV. There's more to it than barking into a cellphone while standing in line at the coffee shop. Before the corner office, the stock options, or the three-martini lunch, you have to learn how business works. If you rent business textbooks instead of buying them, it's the first of a series of smart business decisions you'll be making. Whether you are learning about business administration, finance, or marketing, textbook rental helps you to avoid paying high markups for text books you might not be able to return at the end of the semester. Business textbooks can help you master brand extension strategy, cash flow, economies of scale, and all of those other things they talk about on the financial cable channels. And when you rent textbooks instead of buying them, you have more money to spend on your double hazelnut latte.

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International Business Environment by Singha, Surjit ISBN: 9781661509170 List Price: $27.00
Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law : Volume 20 by Schwartz, Bryan, Schwartz, ... ISBN: 9798506675723
Chris Notes : IB 8085: International Business Analysis by Fenn, Christopher ISBN: 9798554540226
General Principles for Business and Human Rights in International Law by Chiussi Curzi, Ludovica ISBN: 9789004440029 List Price: $191.00
International Business, Trade and Institutional Sustainability by Leal Filho, Walter, Borges ... ISBN: 9783030267612
Research Methods in International Business by Eden, Lorraine, Nielsen, Bo... ISBN: 9783030221157
Contemporary Entrepreneurship Issues in International Business by Jasovska, Pavlina ISBN: 9789811228438
Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business by Campbell, Christian ISBN: 9789403528731
Doing Good Business in China : Case Studies in International Business Ethics by Rothlin, Stephan, McCann, D... ISBN: 9789811231698
Productivity in Emerging Countries : Methodology and Firm-Level Analysis Based on Internatio... by Escribano, Alvaro, Pena, Jorge ISBN: 9781108829441 List Price: $20.00
UBS International Research Conference 2021 : Reinvigorating Businesses Post Covid-19 by Bhatia, Asha, 1st ISBN: 9781954461499 List Price: $6.89
2019 3rd International Conference on Data Science and Business Analytics (ICDSBA) by IEEE Staff ISBN: 9781728146454 List Price: $270.00
Business, Politics and International Relations : Steel, Cotton and International Cartels in ... by Wurm, Clemens, Salmon, Patrick ISBN: 9783112327715 List Price: $137.99
International Business Courts by KRAMER ISBN: 9789462369719
Legal and Ethical Aspects of International Business by Shackelford, Scott J., Raym... ISBN: 9781543820584
Research Agenda for International Business and Management by Bozkurt, �d�l, Geppert, Mike ISBN: 9781789902037
More Buyers More Bids Higher Prices Better Fit : How to Sell Your Mid-Size Business by Woodbridge International ISBN: 9780999899236 List Price: $19.95
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