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Algebra textbooks are the key that opens the door to a world where letters are really numbers, and things only get more interesting after that. Algebra was first studied in the Middle East in the 8th century, and has expanded to several specialized fields, from the elementary algebra taught in high school to algebraic combinatorics, which is almost as hard to say as it is to fully understand. When you rent algebra textbooks, you are solving your own equation: Money - less money for books = more money for other things. Text books in algebra cover a wide range of subjects, such as algebraic geometry, which uses algebra theory to solve problems of geometry. They may also teach specialized subjects like algebraic number theory, linear algebra, or universal algebra. Rent textbooks on these subjects or any other field, and save money over purchasing them from a university bookstore. Textbook rental also guarantees that you can return the book when you're done with it. Whether you're talking about Euclidean space or Banach space, you don't have to worry about your algebra textbooks taking up space when you're done with them when you rent them from us.

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Accelerated Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra : Making Math Meaningful by VAN HORNE-BLIGH, Kimberly Ann ISBN: 9781524900830 List Price: $63.99
Accelerated Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra : Making Math Meaningful by Van Horne-Bligh, Kimberly Ann ISBN: 9781524911379 List Price: $63.99
Pre-Algebra Teacher Wraparound Edition/Mississippi Edition by Glencoe/McGraw Hill ISBN: 9780078784880
Pre-Algebra : And the Tools of Algebra by Publications, Digital, Gent... ISBN: 9781520862408
Pre-Algebra Pupil's Edition Sample Chapter by McDougal Littell ISBN: 9780618308620
E-Z Pre-Algebra by Lorandini, Caryl ISBN: 9781438012094
Concise Pre Algebra by Coates, Josiah, Josiah Coates ISBN: 9781723958533 List Price: $9.99
Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra Workbook: Comprehensive Activities for Mastering Essential Math S... by Nazari, Reza, Ross, Ava, Re... ISBN: 9781981441891 List Price: $14.99
equals(me) Pre-Algebra: Pre-Algebra Practice by Schablin, Timothy, Timothy ... ISBN: 9781983752308 List Price: $6.00
Accelerated Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra : Making Math Meaningful by VAN HORNE-BLIGH, Kimberly Ann ISBN: 9781524923266 List Price: $66.99
Learn Math Fast System : Pre-Algebra by Mergens, Mick, Mergens, J. K. ISBN: 9781725880146 List Price: $50.00
Heath Pre-Algebra Chalkboard Reviews and Chalkboard Challenges by Earl G. Ockenga,Walter E. R... ISBN: 9780669266184
Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra in 30 Days: The Ultimate Crash Course to Preparing for Arithmetic... by Nazari, Reza, Ross, Ava, Re... ISBN: 9781722443818 List Price: $14.99
Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra in 7 Days: Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing for Arithmetic and Pre... by Nazari, Reza, Ross, Ava, Re... ISBN: 9781722442408 List Price: $14.99
Funny Pre Algebra Teacher Notebook - to Save Time Just Assume I'm Always Right - 8. 5x11 Col... by Stationary, Teachers right ISBN: 9781723361944 List Price: $7.99
Accelerated Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Making Math Meaningful by Van Horne-Bligh, Kimberly Ann ISBN: 9781524902803 List Price: $63.99
Pre-algebra Proverbs: Mathacrostics by Jay Waggoner ISBN: 9780984398317
Pre-Algebra and Algebra I Essentials for Dummies Bundle by Wiley, Consumer Dummies Staff ISBN: 9781118161470 List Price: $19.98
BJU Press Pre-Algebra Worktext 2nd Edition by Unknown ISBN: 9781628562910
Pre-Algebra Notebook : 123 Pages, Blank Journal - Notebook to Write in, 5x5 Graph Paper Alte... by Publishing, On Target ISBN: 9781092592727 List Price: $9.97
Pre-Algebra Notes : 123 Pages, Blank Journal - Notebook to Write in, 5x5 Graph Paper Alterna... by Publishing, On Target ISBN: 9781092594295 List Price: $9.97
Pre-Algebra Concepts, Mastering Essential Math Skills Spanish Language Version by Fisher, Richard W. ISBN: 9781733501828 List Price: $31.95
Algebra : Planets Pre-K Draw & Write Notebook Half Sketch Book & Dotted Handwriting Dashed L... by Publications, KidsCoolBooks ISBN: 9781079065206 List Price: $6.99
Math Challenge I-A Pre-Algebra and Word Problems (Math Challenge Curriculum Textbooks) by Areteem Institute, David Re... ISBN: 9781944863210 List Price: $25.00
Pre-Algebra Bingo Book: Complete Bingo Game In A Book (Bingo Books) by Rebecca Stark ISBN: 9780873864596 List Price: $13.95
Pre-Algebra (Teachers Edition) by Larson ISBN: 9780618807062
Pre-Algebra Test Practice by Chen, Chris ISBN: 9781092969086
Pre Algebra Workbook by Callisto ISBN: 9781646112753 List Price: $9.99
Pre-Algebra Exercise Book: Student Workbook by Reza Nazari, Ava Ross ISBN: 9781970036855 List Price: $14.99
Basic Math and Pre-Algebra: A Comprehensive Review and Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Pre-A... by Reza Nazari, Ava Ross ISBN: 9781646121847 List Price: $12.99
That's Genius! Pre-Algebra by Griffith, Sheila ISBN: 9781940362434 List Price: $49.95
PRE-CALCULUS ALGEBRA Notebook by Prieto Valdes, Juan ISBN: 9781082489723
Pre-Algebra Composition Book : Wide Ruled by Books, Basic ISBN: 9781794112698
Math Preparation and Pre-Algebra for Luna Community College by McKeague, Charles ISBN: 9781630981778 List Price: $74.00
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