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We can boast a collection of over three hundred text books on general areas concerning the subject of shipbuilding and other similar areas. If you want to buy cheap general ships and shipbuilding textbooks today, we can offer you the cheapest deals on all the books you could want. Look for the likes of Manifesting: A Master's Manual; Ship Hydrostatics and Stability; Maritime History: The Age of Discovery, and Seamanship Techniques: Shipboard and Marine Operations. With so many superb titles to look for on our site, you can save money on a range of useful text books for your college studies. Remember it is also possible to sell your general ships and shipbuilding books back to us if you want to, to enable you to earn some cash from them. Either that or you can rent used general ships and shipbuilding textbooks in the first place. Trust us at Valore Books - we are experienced in providing pre-owned and affordable books for all college students in the US.

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Maritime Structural Fitter, Level 2 by Unknown ISBN: 9780133830668 List Price: $125.33
Reeds Vol 13: Ship Stability, Powering and Resistance by Ridley, Jonathan, Patterson... ISBN: 9781408176122
America's U-Boats : Terror Trophies of World War I by Dubbs, Chris ISBN: 9780803271661 List Price: $24.95
Modern-Day Piracy by Miller, Debra A. ISBN: 9780737760293 List Price: $40.90
Advanced Electrotechnology for Marine Engineers by Lavers, Christopher, Kraal,... ISBN: 9781408176030
Handbook of Port and Harbor Engineering : Geotechnical and Structural Aspects by Tsinker, Gregory ISBN: 9781475708653 List Price: $99.00
Along the Waterfront : La by Miller, William H. ISBN: 9781445654089
Ship Building, Sale and Finance by Soyer, Baris, Tettenborn, A... ISBN: 9781138841116
Staten Island Ferry by Staten Island Museum ISBN: 9781467121958 List Price: $21.99
Great Passenger Ships of The 1920s by Miller, William H. ISBN: 9780752488097
Brides of the Sea : Port Cities of Asia by Broeze, Frank ISBN: 9780868402031
Into the Maelstrom : The Wreck of HMHS Rohilla by Brittain, Colin ISBN: 9780752497655
Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea by Dear, I. C. B., Kemp, Peter ISBN: 9780198800507 List Price: $45.00
Reeds Marine Surveying by Ask, Thomas, Rossi, Valerio De ISBN: 9781472960122 List Price: $55.00
Indienfahrer by Schmitt, Eberhard ISBN: 9783447056069
Maritime Portsmouth by Brown, Paul ISBN: 9780750965132
Koombana Days by Boyd, Annie ISBN: 9781921888885
Voyage of the CSS Shenandoah : A Memorable Cruise by Whittle, William C., Jr., H... ISBN: 9780817357870
Handbook for Marine Radio Communication by Lees, G. D., Williamson, W. G. ISBN: 9781138787537
Old English Sea Terms by Thier, Katrin ISBN: 9781898281689
Rise of the English Shipping Industry in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries by Davis, Ralph, International... ISBN: 9780986497384
Second Pearl Harbor : The West Loch Disaster, May 21, 1944 by Salecker, Gene Eric ISBN: 9780806144764
Last Big Gun : At War and at Sea with HMS Belfast by Lavery, Brian ISBN: 9781910860014
Myos Hormos - Quseir Al-Qadim Roman and Islamic Ports on the Red Sea by Peacock, David, Blue, Lucy,... ISBN: 9781407308630
Collins Class Submarine Story : Steel, Spies and Spin by Yule, Peter, Woolner, Derek ISBN: 9781107627765
Boats in My Blood : A Life in Boatbuilding by Farrell, Barrie ISBN: 9781550177558
Queen of the North Disaster : The Captain's Story by Henthorne, Colin ISBN: 9781550177619
Ships and the Development of Maritime Technology on the Indian Ocean by Barnes, Ruth, Parkin, David ISBN: 9781138981843
Diving up the Human Past by Werz, Bruno E. J. S. ISBN: 9780860549833
Old Time Ships : An Account of the Construction, and Embellishment of . . . by Stevens, John R., Edson, Me... ISBN: 9780962257902
Flags of Convenience : An International Legal Study by Boczek, Boleslaw Adam ISBN: 9780598358516 List Price: $108.90
Contemporary Marine and Maritime Policy by Xu, Jingjing ISBN: 9781629488073
Lifeboard Service in Wales : Station by Station by Leach, Nicholas ISBN: 9781445617312
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