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Technology and engineering is a vast area to learn about, but if you are interested in fuel and power, you're in the right place. You can buy cheap power resources textbooks here today and learn about electrical and nuclear fuels to name just two. We also stock text books on fossil fuels and alternative and renewable fuels, so you have everything you need. Invest in the opportunity to rent used power resources textbooks now and see how easy it is to get access to the cheapest text books online for college students today. From Alternative Energy Systems by Hodge, to Power System Analysis and Design, written by multiple authors, it is simple to find the textbooks you need to get ahead in college. We add new titles all the time as well, thanks to our buyback service. Don't hesitate to add to our collection if you have books you wish to sell - and make money from.

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Handbook of Battery Materials by Besenhard, J. O. ISBN: 9783527611676 List Price: $645.00
Lithium Ion Batteries : Fundamentals and Performance by Wakihara, Masataka, Yamamot... ISBN: 9783527612000 List Price: $254.00
Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells : Modeling, Analysis, Simulation, and Control by Sundmacher, Kai, Kienle, Ac... ISBN: 9783527611324 List Price: $165.00
Nuclear Reactor Physics by Stacey, Weston M. ISBN: 9783527611041 List Price: $239.00
Thin-Film Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells : Physics and Technology by Brendel, Rolf ISBN: 9783527603534 List Price: $197.00
Renewable Energy Law : An International Assessment by Crossley, Penelope ISBN: 9781107185760 List Price: $110.00
Thermochemical Processing of Biomass : Conversion into Fuels, Chemicals and Power by Brown, Robert C. ISBN: 9781119417637 List Price: $170.00
Handbook of Solar Energy by Tiwari, Gopal, Tiwari, Arvi... ISBN: 9781782620860 List Price: $108.00
Handbook of Power System Engineering by Hase, Yoshihide ISBN: 9780470033678 List Price: $182.00
Laser Material Processing for Solar Energy Devices II by Reutzel, Edward ISBN: 9780819496768
Next Generation Technologies for Solar Energy Conversion VIII by Sulima, Oleg, Conibeer, Gavin ISBN: 9781510611931
Probabilistic Stability Analysis of Uncertain Power Systems by Milanovic, Jovica V., Preec... ISBN: 9781119102243 List Price: $123.95
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