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Introduction to Reliability and Maintainability Engineering by Ebeling, Charles E. ISBN: 9780070188525 List Price: $151.95
Cases in Engineering Economy by Eschenbach, Ted G., Peterso... ISBN: 9780195397833 List Price: $19.95
Handbook of Performability Engineering by Misra, Krishna B. ISBN: 9781848001305 List Price: $319.00
Engineer's View of Human Error by Kletz, Trevor A. ISBN: 9781560329107 List Price: $77.95
Engineering Economy by Blank, Leland T., Tarquin, ... ISBN: 9780072918632 List Price: $135.31
Contemporary Engineering Economics by Park, Chan S. ISBN: 9780130893109 List Price: $117.00
Reliability, Risk, and Safety: Theory and Applications by Bris, Radim, Guedes Soares,... ISBN: 9780415555098 List Price: $669.00
Introduction to Industrial Motion Control by Gurocak, Hakan ISBN: 9781118350812 List Price: $119.95
Handbook of Reliability Engineering and Management by Ireson, William Grant, Coom... ISBN: 9780070127500 List Price: $125.00
Manufacturing Engineering Principles for Optimization by Koenig, Daniel T. ISBN: 9780791802496
Reliability Evaluation of Engineering Systems : Concepts and Techniques by Billinton, Roy, Allan, Rona... ISBN: 9781489906878 List Price: $209.00
Engineering Economics And Economic Design for Process Engineers by Brown, Thane ISBN: 9780849382123 List Price: $99.95
Human Performance Enhancement in High-Risk Environments: Insights, Developments, and Future ... by Cohn, Joseph, O'Connor, Paul ISBN: 9780313359835 List Price: $54.95
Engineering Economy by Sullivan, William G., Wicks... ISBN: 9780131486492 List Price: $148.00
System Reliability - Evaluation and Prediction in Engineering by Pages ISBN: 9780387912769 List Price: $99.00
Environmental Stress Screening: Its Quantification, Optimization and Management - Dimitri Ke... by Kececioglu, Dimitri, Sun, F... ISBN: 9780133242294 List Price: $85.00
The Universe of Design: Horst Rittel's Theories of Design and Planning by Protzen, Jean-Pierre, Harri... ISBN: 9780415779890 List Price: $62.95
Advances in Environment, Behavior and Design, Vol. 3 by Zube, Ervin H., Moore, G. T. ISBN: 9780306436437 List Price: $79.50
Russian Theory of Activity : Current Applications to Design and Learning by Bedny, Gregory, Meister, David ISBN: 9781138876514
Resilience Engineering in Practice the Road to Resilience by Nemeth, Christopher P., Hol... ISBN: 9781472425157 List Price: $104.95
Economics of Adaptation and Long Term Contracts by Williamson, D. V. ISBN: 9781849800372
Engineering Reliability Fundamentals and Applications by Ramakumar, R. ISBN: 9780132767590 List Price: $90.80
Reliability of Geotechnical Structures in ISO2394 by Phoon, K. K., Retief, J. V. ISBN: 9781138029118
Work Study and Ergonomics by Tewari, P. C. ISBN: 9781138049550
Probabilistic Risk Assessment: Reliability Engineering, Design, and Analysis (Henley, Ernest... by Henley, Ernest J., Kumamoto... ISBN: 9780879422905 List Price: $49.95
Engineering Economy Applying Theory to Practice by Eschenbach, Ted G. ISBN: 9780195152616 List Price: $88.00
Engineering Economy by Blank, Leland T., Tarquin, ... ISBN: 9780072432343 List Price: $120.00
Ergonomics for Therapists by Jacobs, Karen ISBN: 9780750670517 List Price: $61.95
Ergonomics for Beginners A Quick Reference Guide by Dul, J., Weerdmeester, B. A. ISBN: 9780748400799 List Price: $22.95
Applied Economic Analysis for Technologists, Engineers, and Managers by Bowman, Michael S. ISBN: 9780133759327 List Price: $97.00
Evaluation of Human Work A Practical Ergonomics Methodology by Wilson, John R., Corlett, E... ISBN: 9780748400843 List Price: $64.95
Successful Engineer Personal and Professional Skills-A Sourcebook by Martin, J. Campbell ISBN: 9780070407251 List Price: $50.31
Expert Systems Applications in Engineering and Manufacturing by Badiru, Adedeji B. ISBN: 9780132782197 List Price: $78.00
Seating+mobility by Trefler ISBN: 9780127845784 List Price: $57.00
Principles of Engineering Economic Analysis - John A. White, Jr. - Hardcover - 2nd ed by White, John A., Jr., Agee, ... ISBN: 9780471086079 List Price: $45.95
Design for Manufacture by Corbett, John ISBN: 9780201416947 List Price: $49.33
Ergonomics (g64) by Joyce, Marilyn, Wallerstein... ISBN: 9780538076418 List Price: $27.50
Production Systems: Planning, Analysis and Control - James L. Riggs - Hardcover by Riggs, James L. ISBN: 9780881336580 List Price: $50.95
Engineering Economy by Fabrycky, Walter J., Thuese... ISBN: 9780132777230 List Price: $50.00
Reliability Engineering - Elsayed A. A. Elsayed - Hardcover - BOOK&DISK by Elsayed, Elsayed A. ISBN: 9780201634815 List Price: $75.00
Ergonomics of Workspaces and Machines A Design Manual by Corlett, E. N., Clark, T. S. ISBN: 9780748403202 List Price: $53.95
Production and Operations Management 2001/2002 by Shukla, P. K. ISBN: 9780072432886 List Price: $24.15
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