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Valore Books is proud to offer a collection of well over one thousand college text books on the more general areas of technology and engineering. If you'd like to buy cheap general textbooks to help you study this area, you're in the best place to get the cheapest available deals. We specialize in pre-owned books so we are always adding more to our collection. Find books such as Separation Process Principles; The Management of Technology and Innovation: A Strategic Approach; Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD 2013, and Managing Technology and Innovation for Competitive Advantage. With so many advantages on offer, it is easy to see why other students buy or rent used general technology and engineering textbooks from us every single day. We also give you the opportunity to sell your general technology and engineering books back so you are never left with books you no longer need for your coursework at college. Try our site today.

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Glancing Angle Deposition of Thin Films : Engineering the Nanoscale by Hawkeye, Matthew M., Brett,... ISBN: 9781118847565 List Price: $155.00
GDandT : Application and Interpretation by Wilson, Bruce A. ISBN: 9781631261138 List Price: $85.28
Engineered Nanoparticles by Ellenbecker, Michael J., Ts... ISBN: 9780470467060 List Price: $99.95
Media Shift : Journalism in a Connected World, Third Edition by Goforth, Stephen ISBN: 9780615573151 List Price: $70.00
Making Futures : Marginal Notes on Innovation, Design, and Democracy by Ehn, Pelle, Nilsson, Elisab... ISBN: 9780262027939 List Price: $40.00
4HourUX : The End-To-End Guide to Designing User Experiences by Deane, Sarah ISBN: 9780990414001 List Price: $14.99
Science and Technology in the Global Cold War by Oreskes, Naomi, Krige, John ISBN: 9780262526531 List Price: $37.00
BCS Glossary of Computing and ICT by BCS Glossary Working Party,... ISBN: 9781780171500
Careers in Information Technology by Wilcox, Christine ISBN: 9781601527066
Essays on the History of Technology and Transportation by Kemp, Emory L. ISBN: 9781940425030
Science and Technology in the Global Cold War by Oreskes, Naomi, Krige, John ISBN: 9780262027953 List Price: $74.00
Materials and Mechanics Labratory by Chaudhuri, Jharna, Marathe,... ISBN: 9781626611849
Technology in Our Time (Volume I) : Doing Digital Media (Revised Edition) by Robinson, Laura, Robinson, ... ISBN: 9781626610651
Separation Processes : Second Edition by King, C. Judson ISBN: 9780486491738 List Price: $39.95
Technology in Our Time (Volume II) by Robinson, Laura, Robinson, ... ISBN: 9781621317319
Weather-Related Power Outages and Eectric System Resiliency by Campbell, Richard J. ISBN: 9781457839122 List Price: $20.00
Textbook of Reliability and Maintenance Engineering by Manna, Alakesh ISBN: 9789380578927 List Price: $52.00
Technology in Our Time (Volume IV) by Robinson, Laura ISBN: 9781626614857
Demons and African Warriors: Rational Reflections on Four African Demonic Folklores by Opubo G. Benebo ISBN: 9780988996007 List Price: $19.50
Technology in Our Time (Volume I) : Doing Digital Media (Revised Edition) by Robinson, Laura, Robinson, ... ISBN: 9781626612785
Inventor's Secret : What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford by Slade, Suzanne, Reinhardt, ... ISBN: 9781580896672
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) : Regulatory Fee Process Needs to Be Updated by Goldstein, Mark L. ISBN: 9781457839269 List Price: $25.00
Writing the Rules for Europe : Experts, Cartels, and International Organizations by Kaiser, Wolfram, Schot, Joh... ISBN: 9780230308077
Authentic Learning in the Digital Age : Engaging Students Through Inquiry by Pahomov, Larissa ISBN: 9781416619567 List Price: $26.95
Tony Northrup's Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Video Book Training for Photographers by Northrup, Tony, Northrup, C... ISBN: 9780988263482 List Price: $24.99
Ham Radio Study Guide : Manual for Technician Class, General Class, and Amateur Extra Class by Ham Radio Study Guide Team,... ISBN: 9781941759219 List Price: $50.00
Virtual Reality Beginner's Guide by DODOcase Staff, Lardinois, ... ISBN: 9781941393109
GD&T Hierarchy Collectioin NO Solutions by Day, Don ISBN: 9780984432530 List Price: $138.00
Asteroid Mining 101 : Wealth for the New Space Economy by Versteeg, Bryan ISBN: 9780990584209 List Price: $22.95
Water Distribution System Operation and Maintenance, 6th Edition by Office of Water Programs ISBN: 9781593710613 List Price: $49.00
Technology Choices : Why Occupations Differ in Their Embrace of New Technology by Bailey, Diane E., Leonardi,... ISBN: 9780262028424
Essential Readings in Cybercrime Theory and Policy (First Edition) by Seigfried-Spellar, Kathryn,... ISBN: 9781626611269
Tools : Extending Our Reach by McCarty, Cara, McQuaid, Mat... ISBN: 9780910503778
Windows PowerShell : 4th Ed by Helmick, Jason, Robbins, Mi... ISBN: 9780982131466 List Price: $59.99
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