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Self-help books are written with the objective of empowering the reader in order to enable him/her to improve him/herself. These books often help people to cope with grief, to maintain optimism, to develop skills crucial to success and even to deal with debilitating issues such as depression and substance abuse. Self-help textbooks enable readers to enact self-improvement.

Motivation, Excellence and Success
These types of books aim to instill positivity in their readers by establishing personal principles that allow them to excel in their chosen field. These books might take a general route towards living a fulfilling and successful life or else they might be intended for different audiences: students, new parents, business professionals, etc. Some titles include:

  • Psychology of Success by Denis Waitley
  • Excelling in College by Jeffrey Kottler
  • Understanding Motivation and Emotion by Johnmarshall Reeve

Stress Management
Everybody suffers from stress at some point or the other; however, stress becomes a major problem when everyday activities become cumbersome. These activities may include a person's occupation, family or other potential stress triggers. The following books may help you overcome stress so that you may work to live a content and balanced life:

  • Comprehensive Stress Management by Jerrold S. Greenberg
  • Controlling Stress and Tension by Daniel Girdano and George Everly
  • Kicking Your Stress Habits: A Do-it-yourself Guide for Coping with Stress by Donald A. Tubesing

Overcoming Substance Abuse
Overcoming substance abuse can prove a tough task, requiring nerves of steel. The following might help you conquer your habit:

  • Treating Addictive Behaviors by William R. Miller and Nick Heather
  • Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs: Choosing Health by Susan C. Giarratano

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Happiness and Education by Noddings, Nel ISBN: 9780521807630 List Price: $43.00
Enhancing Self-Esteem by Carlock, C. Jesse, Frey, Diane ISBN: 9781560323969 List Price: $49.95
Express Yourself by Shannon, Trish ISBN: 9780075569862 List Price: $30.20
Self-directed Behavior by Watson, David L., Tharp, Ro... ISBN: 9780534189785 List Price: $34.00
On Time/on Budget by Baker, Sunny, Baker, Kim ISBN: 9780136334477 List Price: $39.95
Controlling Stress and Tension by Girdano, Daniel A., Dusek, ... ISBN: 9780805360295 List Price: $85.60
Nation Under the Influence America's Addiction to Alcohol by Peterson, J. Vincent, Nisen... ISBN: 9780205327140 List Price: $72.00
Creativity in the Classroom by Starko, Alane J. ISBN: 9780801312304 List Price: $36.56
Becoming a Sexual Person by Francoeur, Robert T., Franc... ISBN: 9780023392245 List Price: $31.00
Self-Fulfillment by Gewirth, Alan ISBN: 9780691144405 List Price: $21.95
Sexuality Counseling: Issues and Implications - Estelle Weinstein - Hardcover by Weinstein, Estelle, Rosen, ... ISBN: 9780534089580 List Price: $42.95
Reading, Writing and Reasoning: Focus by Sternglass, Marilyn S., Rod... ISBN: 9780024172211 List Price: $38.00
Energizers and Icebreakers for All Ages and Stages by Foster-Harrison, Elizabeth S. ISBN: 9780932796257 List Price: $9.95
Creative Stress Management Book The 1-2-3 Cope System by Smith, Jonathan C. ISBN: 9780131558052 List Price: $42.00
Moral Sex Woman's Nature in the French Enlightenment by Steinbrugge, Lieselotte, Se... ISBN: 9780195094930 List Price: $50.00
Adolescents at Risk Prevalence and Prevention by Dryfoos, Joy G. ISBN: 9780195072686 List Price: $60.00
Life Course A Sociological Perspective by Clausen, John A. ISBN: 9780135359075 List Price: $40.40
Success Skills Strategies for Study and Lifelong Learning by Marks-Beale, Abby ISBN: 9780538723770 List Price: $44.95
Sudden Influence How Spontaneous Events Shape Our Lives by Rousell, Michael A., Sylwes... ISBN: 9780275993214 List Price: $39.95
Congratulations You're Hired : The must read Career Guide to land the job of your dreams; Co... by Sadar, Patricia, Kerrigan, ... ISBN: 9780982376508 List Price: $12.95
Consulting 101 : 101 Tips for Success in Consulting by Sauder, Lew ISBN: 9780983026600 List Price: $15.95
Conditions of Happiness by Veenhoven, Ruut ISBN: 9789027717931 List Price: $460.00
Great Careers in 2 Years : How to Beat a Bad Economy with an Associate Degree by Danzig, Sheila ISBN: 9781936738014 List Price: $14.95
Sex over 50 by Block, Joel D., Bakos, Susa... ISBN: 9780130809681 List Price: $27.95
Success For All Students Promoting Inclusion In Secondary Schools Through Peer Buddy Programs by Hughes, Carolyn, Carter, Er... ISBN: 9780205424207 List Price: $27.20
Medieval Craft of Memory An Anthology of Texts and Pictures by Carruthers, Mary, Ziolkowsk... ISBN: 9780812218817 List Price: $26.50
Treatise on Happiness by Aquinas, Thomas, Oesterle, ... ISBN: 9780268018481 List Price: $15.95
Insider's Guide to Time Management by Bedford/St. Martin's ISBN: 9780312614393
Art of Being Human: The Humanities as a Technique for Living - Richard Paul Janaro by Altshuler, Thelma C., Janar... ISBN: 9780060444259 List Price: $35.50
Hand Writing by Zaner ISBN: 9780880851626 List Price: $9.93
Empowering Yourself The Organizational Game Revealed by Coleman, Harvey ISBN: 9780787213862 List Price: $24.95
Firsthand Success Beginners' Course 2 by Helgesen, Marc, Brown, Stev... ISBN: 9789620019494 List Price: $25.00
Spelling Inquiry How One Elementary School Caught the Mnemonic Plague by Chandler, Kelly, Mapleton T... ISBN: 9781571103031 List Price: $18.50
Quality of Life for Older People An International Perspective by Lassey, William R., Lassey,... ISBN: 9780136287773 List Price: $88.20
Clearing Your Lifepath by Lewis, Allan P., Von Bibra,... ISBN: 9780915563005 List Price: $8.95
Needs and Wants by Ring, Susan ISBN: 9780736817257 List Price: $16.01
Quarter-Life Breakthrough : A Guide for Millennials to Find Meaningful Work by Poswolsky, Adam Smiley ISBN: 9780991404407 List Price: $13.95
Effective Anger Management for Children and Youth : The Manual and the Workbook by Ooi, Yoon Phaik, Ang, Rebec... ISBN: 9789814596121
Self-Directed Behavior Self-Modification for Personal Adjustment by Watson, David L., Tharp, Ro... ISBN: 9780534344818 List Price: $43.95
CPS for Teens Classroom Activities for Teaching Creative Problem Solving by Elwell, Patricia, Treffinge... ISBN: 9781882664078 List Price: $14.95
New Directions in Dream Interpretation by Delaney, Gayle ISBN: 9780791416068 List Price: $31.95
When Chicken Soup Isn't Enough Managing Your Anger in an Increasingly Angry World by Barris, Bradley P. ISBN: 9780971120501 List Price: $20.00
Human Motivation A Social Psychological Approach by Geen, Russell G. ISBN: 9780534238506 List Price: $173.95
Selfish, Scared and Stupid : Stop Fighting Human Nature and Increase Your Performance, Engag... by Flanagan, Kieran, Gregory, Dan ISBN: 9780730312789 List Price: $22.95
Sexuality Education: Theory and Practice by Bruess, Clint E., Greenberg... ISBN: 9780023156915 List Price: $50.00
Coping With Stress at University A Survival Guide by Palmer, Stephen, Puri, Angela ISBN: 9781412907330 List Price: $25.95
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