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You are about to embark on the study of matter, a development of the 16th century during the Scientific Revolution. Many aren't aware that the word physics is derived from a Greek word that equates to nature - so when you say you're studying Physics, you can wisely share that it is a nature oriented science that explains the complexities of matter. If you are interested in things like energy, force, astronomy, mathematical models, parallel universes, particle accelerators and the speed of light, you'll find your Physics textbooks fascinating. We invite you to get a jump on your studies by ordering cheap college textbooks online! It's as easy as 1-2-3 to browse our extensive list of Physics textbooks including College Physics, Conceptual Physical Science, Experiments in Physical Chemistry and more. Once you calculate how much you will save by purchasing used textbooks online, you'll be thrilled to learn that you'll have some money left over for the high-tech gadget you've always wanted or the trip you've been waiting to take. Simply search for your college textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN number. Once you've found the right ones, take a few minutes to submit your order, and then sit back and relax knowing that your Physics textbooks are on their way to your dorm, apartment or home. No more standing in college bookstore lines! How's that for modern Physics?

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Fundamentals of Physics by Walker, Jearl, Halliday, Da... ISBN: 9780470044735 List Price: $59.99
Introduction to Plasma Physics With Space and Laboratory Applications by Gurnett, Donald A., Bhattac... ISBN: 9780521367301 List Price: $94.00
College Physics Vol. 1 by Faughn, Jerry S., Vuille, C... ISBN: 9780495554745 List Price: $135.95
Contemporary College Physics by Jones, Edwin R., Childers, ... ISBN: 9780072415124 List Price: $177.69
Student Solutions Manual to accompany College Physics by Giambattista, Alan, Richard... ISBN: 9780073529189 List Price: $67.19
Student Solutions Manual for Elementary Statistics Using Excel by Triola, Mario F. ISBN: 9780321564979 List Price: $36.67
Serway's Essentials of College Physics by Gordon, John R., Teague, Ch... ISBN: 9780495107828 List Price: $44.95
Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, David, Resnick, R... ISBN: 9780470547922 List Price: $73.95
Study Guide and Selected Solutions Manual for College Physics Volume 2 (v. 2) by Wilson, Jerry D., Buffa, An... ISBN: 9780321592781 List Price: $41.20
Ideas of Physics by Giancoli, Douglas C. ISBN: 9780155405622 List Price: $96.50
College Physics Volume 2 (7th Edition) by Wilson, Jerry D., Buffa, An... ISBN: 9780321592712 List Price: $132.00
College Physics Volume 1 (7th Edition) by Wilson, Jerry D., Buffa, An... ISBN: 9780321592705 List Price: $129.47
A First Course in String Theory by Barton Zwiebach ISBN: 9780521880329 List Price: $95.00
Sears & Zemansky's College Physics by Young, Hugh D., Geller, Rob... ISBN: 9780805378214 List Price: $210.00
Feynman Lectures on Physics Definitive Edition by Feynman, Richard Phillips, ... ISBN: 9780805390469 List Price: $59.95
Principles of Physics Student Solutions Manual and Study Guide by Jewett, John W., Serway, Ra... ISBN: 9780534491451 List Price: $60.95
Teaching Introductory Physics by Arons, Arnold B. ISBN: 9780471137078 List Price: $124.95
Feynman Lectures on Physics Definitive Edition by Feynman, Richard Phillips, ... ISBN: 9780805390490 List Price: $59.95
Modern Physics by Ohanian, Hans C. ISBN: 9780131244399 List Price: $131.20
Modern Physics by Tipler, Paul A., Llewellyn,... ISBN: 9780716775508 List Price: $142.00
Physics, Eigth Edition High School Edition by Cutnell, John D., Johnson, ... ISBN: 9780470475447 List Price: $129.95
Student Solutions Manual for College Physics: A Strategic Approach Volume 1 (Chs. 1-16) by Knight, Randall D., Jones, ... ISBN: 9780321596291 List Price: $36.60
Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway, Raymond A., Jewett,... ISBN: 9780495013129 List Price: $249.95
Physics Chapters 1/20, R by Tipler, Paul A., Mosca, Gen... ISBN: 9780716784678 List Price: $46.80
Technical Physics by Bueche, Frederick J., Walla... ISBN: 9780471524625 List Price: $174.95
Mass Transfer by Mills, Anthony F. ISBN: 9780130328298 List Price: $93.00
Sears & Zemansky's College Physics by Young, Hugh D., Geller, Rob... ISBN: 9780805378238 List Price: $121.07
Student Solutions Manual to accompany University Physics by Bauer, Wolfgang, Westfall, ... ISBN: 9780073368023
Study Guide and Selected Solutions Manual for Physics, Volume 2 (v. 2) by Walker, James S., Reid, David ISBN: 9780321601995 List Price: $33.20
Applied Physics by Ewen, Dale, Schurter, Neill... ISBN: 9780135157336 List Price: $158.00
Physics: Chapters 18-32 by Cutnell, John D., Johnson, ... ISBN: 9780470379257 List Price: $131.95
Electrical Properties of Polymers by Blythe, Anthony, Bloor, Dav... ISBN: 9780521558389 List Price: $61.00
Understanding Physics by Cummings, Karen, Cooney, Pa... ISBN: 9780471370994 List Price: $223.95
Essentials Of Physics by Cutnell, John D., Johnson, ... ISBN: 9780471713982 List Price: $155.95
University Physics, (Complete) by Young, Hugh D., Freedman, R... ISBN: 9780321501479 List Price: $207.33
Principles Of Physics A Calculus-based Text by Jewett, John W., Serway, Ra... ISBN: 9780534491468 List Price: $156.95
Physics, Chapters 1-17 by Cutnell, John D., Johnson, ... ISBN: 9780470379240 List Price: $131.95
Thermal Physics by Baierlein, Ralph ISBN: 9780521658386 List Price: $90.00
Introductory Physics With Calculus As A Second Language by Barrett, Thomas E. ISBN: 9780471739104 List Price: $42.95
MasteringPhysics Student Access Kit for Physics: Principles with Applications by Giancoli, Douglas C., Addis... ISBN: 9780321696267 List Price: $50.00
Physics 151 by Goldstein, Nathan ISBN: 9780536595591 List Price: $30.80
Liquid-Crystalline Polymers by Weiss, R. A., Ober, C. K. ISBN: 9780841218499 List Price: $29.50
Student Solutions Manual for Essential College Physics, Volume 2 by Rex, Andrew, Wolfson, Richard ISBN: 9780321611284 List Price: $33.00
Physics by Cutnell, John D., Johnson, ... ISBN: 9780471151838 List Price: $151.95
Physics of Everyday Phenomena A Conceptual Introduction to Physics by Griffith, W. Thomas ISBN: 9780072969597 List Price: $146.30
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