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Our complex world is made up of a huge range of varied cultures and they are governed by an equally diverse mix of governments and political systems. This eclectic mix is part of what makes our individual cultures so interesting. What is acceptable and normal in one country might get you arrested or killed under the rule of a different government. This is an ever-changing and evolving subject but we have a great range of cheap government textbooks to buy or rent to help you get to grips with it. It is not just today's governments that are covered in our affordable textbooks, but governments from eras gone by. What the governments of the past did has helped to shape the political systems that are in place today, for better or worse. Our discounted government textbooks are far cheaper than they would be at your college bookshop so it makes financial sense to buy them here.

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Texas Government Politics and Economics by Hill, Kim Quaile ISBN: 9780155056152 List Price: $115.95
City Politics: The Political Economy of Urban America by Judd, Dennis R., Swanstrom,... ISBN: 9780205736973 List Price: $99.60
Making Civil Rights Law Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court, 1936-1961 by Tushnet, Mark V. ISBN: 9780195104684 List Price: $60.00
California: Its Government and Politics by Ross, Michael J. ISBN: 9780155078741 List Price: $90.95
State Legislatures Today: Politics Under the Domes by Squire, Peverill, Moncrief,... ISBN: 9780136033554 List Price: $35.60
Living Democracy, Brief Texas Edition by Shea, Daniel M., Green, Joa... ISBN: 9780136027386 List Price: $118.00
Living Democracy, California Edition by Shea, Daniel M., Smith, Chr... ISBN: 9780136027973 List Price: $149.00
Countries and Concepts by Roskin, Michael ISBN: 9780136026532 List Price: $113.20
Federalism: An Introduction by Anderson, George ISBN: 9780195429046 List Price: $19.95
Doing Comparative Politics: An Introduction to Approaches and Issues by Lim, Timothy C. ISBN: 9781588267443 List Price: $27.50
Local Economic Development by Carroll, Michael C., Blair,... ISBN: 9781412964838 List Price: $101.00
Commonwealth A History of the Government and Politics of Virginia by Banks, Catherine M. ISBN: 9780536322647 List Price: $116.40
Thinking About Congress: Essays on Congressional Change by Dodd, Lawrence C. ISBN: 9780415991568 List Price: $34.95
Constitutional Structure and Purposes Critical Commentary by Conant, Michael ISBN: 9780313316692 List Price: $108.95
Comparative Politics: Global Challenges, Domestic Responses by Hauss, Charles ISBN: 9780495501091 List Price: $164.95
Constitutional Presidency by Bessette, Joseph M., Tulis,... ISBN: 9780801892967 List Price: $31.00
World Link Developing English Fluency [student Book] by Stempleski, Susan, Douglas,... ISBN: 9780838406618
Comparative Politics : Classic and Contemporary Readings by Dickovick, Tyler J., Eastwo... ISBN: 9780199730957 List Price: $44.95
California Politics And Government A Practical Approach With Infotrac by Gerston, Larry N., Christen... ISBN: 9780534630812 List Price: $48.95
Contending Perspectives in Comparative Politics: A Reader by Mayer, Lawrence, Thames, Fr... ISBN: 9780872899254 List Price: $49.95
Law and Practice of the United Nations Materials and Commentary by Chesterman, Simon, Franck, ... ISBN: 9780195308433 List Price: $69.95
Strangers on a Hill Congress and the Court by Baker, Ross K. ISBN: 9780393978568 List Price: $20.75
Supreme Court, Race, and Civil Rights From Marshall to Rehnquist by Davis, Abraham L., Graham, ... ISBN: 9780803972209 List Price: $84.95
Theories of Urban Politics by Davies, Jonathan S., Imbros... ISBN: 9781412921626 List Price: $53.95
Curtis' Introduction to Comparative Government by Curtis, Michael ISBN: 9780618917884 List Price: $118.95
State & Local Public Finance With Infotrac by Fisher, Ronald ISBN: 9780324291551 List Price: $219.95
AM GOV 2011 Texas Edition by Losco, Joseph, Baker, Ralph ISBN: 9780077394387 List Price: $75.31
Comparing Democracies by Norris, Pippa, LeDuc, Lawre... ISBN: 9781847875044 List Price: $48.95
Comparative Politics Using Microcase Explorit (With Pincode Card) by Le Roy, Michael K. ISBN: 9780495007616 List Price: $59.95
American Government: Roots and Reform, 2011 Texas Edition, Books a la Carte Plus MyPoliSciLa... by O'Connor, Karen J., Sabato,... ISBN: 9780205059034 List Price: $96.00
The United Nations: An Introduction by Gareis, Sven Bernhard, Varw... ISBN: 9780230208902 List Price: $36.00
Essentials of American and Texas Government: Continuity and Change, 2009 Edition by O'Connor, Karen, Sabato, La... ISBN: 9780205662845 List Price: $118.00
Passion, Craft, And Method in Comparative Politics by Munck, Gerardo L., Snyder, ... ISBN: 9780801884641 List Price: $38.00
Veto Players How Political Institutions Work by Tsebelis, George ISBN: 9780691099897 List Price: $29.95
Understanding Local Economic Development by Malizia, Emil E., Feser, Ed... ISBN: 9780882851631 List Price: $24.95
With the Stroke of a Pen Executive Orders and Presidential Power by Mayer, Kenneth R. ISBN: 9780691094991 List Price: $29.95
Civic Ritual in Renaissance Venice by Muir, Edward ISBN: 9780691102009 List Price: $33.95
u. s. Congress A Simulation for Students by Bell, Lauren Cohen ISBN: 9780534631116 List Price: $50.95
Issues and Methods in Comparative Politics by Landman, Todd, Landman, Todd ISBN: 9780415412377 List Price: $44.95
Citizens, Courts, & Confirmations: Positivity Theory & the Judgments of the American People by Caldeira, Gregory A., Gibso... ISBN: 9780691139883 List Price: $24.95
Rebirth of Federalism Slouching Toward Washington by Walker, David B. ISBN: 9781566430746 List Price: $46.95
Simpler : The Future of Government by Sunstein, Cass R. ISBN: 9781476726601
Principles of Comparative Politics by Clark, William Roberts, Gol... ISBN: 9780872892897 List Price: $94.95
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