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Our complex world is made up of a huge range of varied cultures and they are governed by an equally diverse mix of governments and political systems. This eclectic mix is part of what makes our individual cultures so interesting. What is acceptable and normal in one country might get you arrested or killed under the rule of a different government. This is an ever-changing and evolving subject but we have a great range of cheap government textbooks to buy or rent to help you get to grips with it. It is not just today's governments that are covered in our affordable textbooks, but governments from eras gone by. What the governments of the past did has helped to shape the political systems that are in place today, for better or worse. Our discounted government textbooks are far cheaper than they would be at your college bookshop so it makes financial sense to buy them here.

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Changing American Presidency New Perspectives on Presidential Power by Waterman, Richard W. ISBN: 9781592600304 List Price: $44.95
Good Society An Introduction to Comparative Politics by Draper, Alan, Ramsay, Ansil ISBN: 9780321432179 List Price: $87.20
Brief Introduction to Comparative Politics by Kesselman, Mark, Krieger, J... ISBN: 9780618866830 List Price: $108.95
California Government and Politics Today (13th Edition) by Field, Mona ISBN: 9780205791460 List Price: $53.80
Comparative Politics in Transition by McCormick, John ISBN: 9780495568520 List Price: $146.95
Is Bipartisanship Dead? by Baker, Ross K. ISBN: 9781612054223
American Government and Politics Today - Texas Edition, 2009-2010 by Schmidt, Steffen W., Shelle... ISBN: 9780495568414 List Price: $175.95
Plessy Vs Ferguson by Thomas, Brook ISBN: 9780312137434 List Price: $15.95
Good Society : An Introduction to Comparative Politics by Draper, Alan, Ramsay, Ansil ISBN: 9780205082780 List Price: $104.40
By the People : Debating American Government, Brief Edition by Morone, James, Kersh, Rogan ISBN: 9780190298890 List Price: $74.95
California Politics and Government: A Practical Approach by Gerston, Larry N., Christen... ISBN: 9780495913450 List Price: $57.95
State and Local Government: Institutions and Reform by Donovan, Todd, Smith, Danie... ISBN: 9780495567899 List Price: $74.95
Power of the American Presidency, 1789-2000 1789-2000 by Genovese, Michael A. ISBN: 9780195125450 List Price: $39.95
Judicious Choices by Silverstein, M. ISBN: 9780393930443 List Price: $19.75
House and Senate 4e by Baker, R. ISBN: 9780393930603 List Price: $22.00
Government and Politics in the Lone Star State (7th Edition) by Gibson, Tucker, Robison, Clay ISBN: 9780205779024 List Price: $104.40
Politics in Florida by Dye, Thomas R. ISBN: 9780136903307 List Price: $35.00
American Government in Comparative Perspective by Dunn, Charles W., Slann, Ma... ISBN: 9780321012012 List Price: $114.20
Comparative Politics by Hauss, Charles ISBN: 9780495565529
Comparative Politics An Introduction to Seven Countries by Theen, Rolf H., Wilson, Fra... ISBN: 9780130835734 List Price: $132.60
Comparative Politics Today by Almond, Gabriel A., Dalton,... ISBN: 9780205529315 List Price: $131.00
Essentials of Texas Politics by Kraemer, Richard H., Newell... ISBN: 9780495006794 List Price: $93.95
Essentials of American & Texas Government: Roots and Reform, 2011 Edition (4th Edition) by O'Connor, Karen, Sabato, La... ISBN: 9780205825806 List Price: $114.40
Public Finance and the American Economy by Bruce, Neil ISBN: 9780321078155 List Price: $118.00
Political Change in the Metropolis by Harrigan, John J., Vogel, R... ISBN: 9780321202284 List Price: $99.60
United Nations Politics International Organization in a Divided World by Puchala, Donald, Laatikaine... ISBN: 9780131727656 List Price: $48.00
Constitutionalism and the Separation of Powers by Vile, M. J. ISBN: 9780865971752 List Price: $14.50
Foundations of Comparative Politics (Cambridge Textbooks in Comparative Politics) by Newton, Kenneth, van Deth, ... ISBN: 9780521136792 List Price: $45.99
Creation of the Presidency, 1775-1789 by Thach, Charles C. ISBN: 9780865976979 List Price: $12.00
Metropolitan Government and Governance Theoretical Perspectives, Empirical Analysis, and the... by Stephens, G. Ross, Wikstrom... ISBN: 9780195112986 List Price: $45.95
Politics, Position, and Power The Dynamics of Federal Organization by Seidman, Harold ISBN: 9780195090727 List Price: $45.95
Politics in the American States by Gray, Virginia, Hanson, Rus... ISBN: 9780872893429 List Price: $75.95
Governing Americas Urban Areas by Saltzstein, Alan L. ISBN: 9780155073791 List Price: $105.95
Education in Texas Policies, Practices, and Perspectives by Funkhouser, Charles W. ISBN: 9780130131522 List Price: $118.67
American Urban Politics in a Global Age by Kantor, Paul P., Judd, Denn... ISBN: 9780205745456 List Price: $84.20
Debt Wish Entrepreneurial Cities, U.S. Federalism, and Economic Development by Sbragia, Alberta M. ISBN: 9780822955993 List Price: $25.95
Designing Europe Comparative Lessons from the Federal Experience by McKay, David ISBN: 9780199244355 List Price: $65.00
Least Dangerous Branch Consequences of Judicial Activism by Powers, Stephen, Rothman, S... ISBN: 9780275975371 List Price: $31.95
War Stories from Capitol Hill by Campbell, Colton C., Herrns... ISBN: 9780130280886 List Price: $39.80
Lincoln and Black Freedom A Study in Presidential Leadership by Cox, LaWanda, McPherson, Ja... ISBN: 9780872499973 List Price: $12.95
Policy and Politics in Six Nations A Comparative Perspective on Policy Making by Theodoulou, Stella Z. ISBN: 9780130866035 List Price: $89.20
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