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One thing you'll learn very early on when you start studying philosophy is that there are lots of different movements to focus on. Among them are analytic, deconstruction, critical theory and humanism. You'll find many others here too, all of which have their own section devoted to text books on that subject. You can buy cheap movements textbooks now on your choice of movement in philosophy, making it easy to study for the cheapest prices. Buy all the titles you could want, and consider renting anything which appeals too. Rent used movements textbooks and you can get them for a semester or a quarter before needing to return them. Our website includes the facility to sell back any books you find you have no further need for, enabling you to clear your shelves for more titles in the future. In short, Valore Books provides you with everything you could need to study successfully.

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Jaakko Hintikka : Questions de Logique et de Ph�nom�nologie by Hintikka, Jaakko, Rigal, El... ISBN: 9782711612420
Hegel et L'id�alisme Allemand by Vieillard-Baron, Jean-Louis ISBN: 9782711613670
Holisme Epistemologique de Kant by Bouchard, Yves ISBN: 9782711683468
Why Knowledge Matters in Curriculum by Wheelahan, Leesa ISBN: 9780415522007
Social Humanism : A New Metaphysics by Ellis, Brian ISBN: 9780415535618
Realism, Science, and Pragmatism by Westphal, Kenneth R. ISBN: 9780815372004
Studies on Alberti and Petrarch by Marsh, David ISBN: 9781138109032
Critical Management Perspectives on Information Systems by Brooke, Carole ISBN: 9781138435346
Barbarian Temperament : Towards a Postmodern Critical Theory by Mestrovic, Stejpan ISBN: 9781138468153
Husserl and Other Phenomenologists by Miron, Ronny ISBN: 9780367220389
Deconstruction, Feminism, Film by Dillon, Sarah ISBN: 9781474434225
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