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Philosophy is such a vast subject that it shouldn't surprise you to learn there are thousands of books that go into it in a general sense. It is simple work to buy cheap general textbooks on the subject here today, mainly because we stock pre-owned text books on this area of interest. We stock The Great Conversation: A Historical Introduction to Philosophy; Introducing Philosophy: A Text with Integrated Readings; Introduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Readings; and Philosophy: The Quest for Truth. We provide clear discounted prices with the percentage of the discount stated next to the price in most cases. We also have various books both old and new, but always in pre-owned condition, thus making them more affordable for your needs. Trust in our website today and start looking through our marketplace now. Rent used general textbooks on philosophy and all its areas now and find out why it makes such a fascinating subject worthy of our study.

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Storia Della Metafisica by Berti, Enrico ISBN: 9788843094998
Nottola e il Sole : Nove Lezioni Di Gnoseologia by Fedrigotti, Paolo ISBN: 9788869925658
Via Dell'immortalit� : Percorsi Platonici by Ferrari, Franco, Ferrari Fr... ISBN: 9788878857186
Monoteismo Plurale : Teo-Logia Ed Ecclesiologia in Schelling by Azzariti Fumaroli, Luigi, A... ISBN: 9788861247727
Pensare Sul Mare Tra-Le-Terre : Filosofia e Mediterraneo by Cavadi, Augusto ISBN: 9788861247772
Franco Volpi : Filosofo e Amico by Curcio, Nicola ISBN: 9788894911350
Philosophie de Blaise de Parme : Physique, Psychologie, �thique by Biard, J., Robert, Aur�lien ISBN: 9788884509215
Rappresentazioni Della Natura Nel Medioevo by Societ� italiana per lo stu... ISBN: 9788884509048
Specificit� Dell'umano : Percorsi Di Antropologia Filosofica by Pansera, Maria Teresa ISBN: 9788885716995
Esercizi Di Sguardo : Cultura e Percezione Del Quotidiano by Dal Pozzolo, Luca ISBN: 9788893570602
Matatrayaritya Bimbapratibimbabhavah by Kadaramandalagi, Kantesacar... ISBN: 9789381275481
Bei Song Da Ru Zhang Zai by Zhao, Junliang, Yan, Huichan ISBN: 9787551308960
Zhu Jiang Shang Gu Xue Shuo Xue Pai : Qian Nian Nan Xue Fa Ren Qi by Situ, Shangji, Xu, Guiling,... ISBN: 9787557013035
Zhi Fa Yu Zhi Dao by Wang, Feihong ISBN: 9787561540947
Yindu Luo Ji He Yuan Zi Lun : Dui Zheng Li Pai He Sheng Lun de Yi Zhong Jie Shuo by Keith, Arthur Berriedale, S... ISBN: 9787811266634
Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies by Potter, Karl H. ISBN: 9788120842588
Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies by Potter, Karl H. ISBN: 9788120842205
Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies by Potter, Karl H. ISBN: 9788120841543
Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies by Potter, Karl H. ISBN: 9788120840386
Journey of Advaita : From the Rgveda to Sri Aurobindo by Sinha, Priti ISBN: 9788124609347
Sikkha Drishati Da Gaurawa : Pacchami, Isalami Te Brahamani Cintana de Sanamukkha by Gurbhagat Singh, Ajamera Si... ISBN: 9788172056186
Granice Kontroli : Maszyneria Wadzy Jeremy Benthama by Nahirny, Rafa, Instytut Bad... ISBN: 9788365832924
Amor para Corajosos by Pond�, Luiz Felipe ISBN: 9788542211412
As Metamorfoses Na Filosofia de Gaston Bachelard by Veiga Sim�o, Cristiana ISBN: 9789898300126
Tafakuri Ya Utu Na Uhai by Sengo, Tigiti S. Y. ISBN: 9789987548095
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