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If you have an interest in one particular director it makes sense to invest in one or two books about them. This is the best way to learn more about their work and life - and we can help in both respects. Buy cheap individual director textbooks from us today and make sure you get the best selection of affordable text books you could wish for. With dozens of books at your disposal here, you also have the chance to rent cheap individual director textbooks. These range from Man and His Wings: William A Wellman and the Making of the First Best Picture, to Ingmar Bergman: His Life and Films. There are many other famous directors featuring in this collection too. They include the likes of Martin Scorsese, Gus Van Sant, George Lucas and Alfred Hitchcock. We buy back individual director books too, so sell back now if you own one or two you think we'd like.

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Mike Leigh on Mike Leigh by Leigh, Mike ISBN: 9780571353828
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