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Would you be interested in the option to buy general textbooks online that relate to the performing arts? Many titles exist in this range and it makes sense to save money on them by getting pre-owned copies wherever you can. Look for oral Interpretation; Movie Idiom: Film as a Popular Art Form; Understanding Plays; and Acting in Person and Style. These merely scratch the surface of the affordable collection of discounted books we have for you. Take your college budget and stretch it way beyond anything you've managed before with the help of Valore Books. Search for a specific title or browse through the entire selection here and get the cheapest books you can to help you out. Look at the discounted prices we offer - we're sure you won't find anything cheaper than this. You can sell your general books back to us as well, making our site even more useful in the long run.

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Australian Dialect Download Edition by Meier, Paul ISBN: 9781938029721 List Price: $24.95
Indian Dialect Download Edition by Meier, Paul ISBN: 9781938029738 List Price: $24.95
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