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Abracadabra Performance Pieces - Trumpet by Hussey, Christopher ISBN: 9781472923639
21st Century Chords for Guitar by BLOOM, Steve ISBN: 9780786698004 List Price: $19.99
100-Techniques and Exercises for Mandolinist by MAIR, Marilynn ISBN: 9780786699254 List Price: $19.99
Guitar Chords : 150 Essential Guitar Chords by Fuller, Ted, Hayman, Julian ISBN: 9781782743781
Sacred Solos for Voice and Guitar : Intermediate to Advanced by Calmes, Keith ISBN: 9781562223144 List Price: $9.99
Great Guitars by Kempster, Graham, Hackett, ... ISBN: 9781783616497
DiY (Do It Yourself) Rock Guitar : Learn to Play Anywhere and Anytime, Book and Streaming Video by Gunod, Nathaniel, Harnsberg... ISBN: 9781470611385 List Price: $9.99
Alfred's Basic Mandolin Method 1 : The Most Popular Method for Learning How to Play, Book an... by Manus, Ron, Harnsberger, L. C. ISBN: 9781470618773 List Price: $19.99
Alfred's Basic Mandolin Method 1 : The Most Popular Method for Learning How to Play, Book an... by Manus, Ron, Harnsberger, L. C. ISBN: 9781470619886 List Price: $14.99
Classic Rock : Trombone Easy Instrumental Play-Along Book with Online Audio Tracks by Hal Leonard Corp. ISBN: 9781480354524 List Price: $9.99
Mauro Giulliani Arranged for Ukulele Duet by Sarek, Ondrej ISBN: 9780786685547 List Price: $12.99
Guitar World Presents Private Lessons by Unknown ISBN: 9780793544684 List Price: $14.95
Early Hautboy Solo Matrix by Hedrick, Peter ISBN: 9781443858281
Traditional Gaelic Bagpiping from 1745 to 1945 by Gibson, John ISBN: 9781901663174
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments by Koenemann Inc. Staff ISBN: 9783829028394 List Price: $19.95
Alfred's Easy Ukulele Songs -- Christmas : 50 Christmas Favorites by Alfred Music ISBN: 9781470636135 List Price: $16.99
Bassoon : Its History, Construction, Makers, Players and Music by Jansen, W., Van der Meer, J. ISBN: 9789060274460
How to Play Reggae Guitar by Unknown ISBN: 9780793548668 List Price: $12.95
Classic Rock : Horn Easy Instrumental Play-Along Book with Online Audio Tracks by Hal Leonard Corp. ISBN: 9781480354517 List Price: $9.99
Tooterville Follies by Hampstead, Joe ISBN: 9780945821489
Musical Instruments of the Native Races of South Africa by Kirby, Percival R. ISBN: 9780899555089
Nives Widauer - Special Cases : Special Cases by Widauer, Nives ISBN: 9783775739658
Christmas Songs : For Horn Instrumental Play-Along by Hal Leonard Corp. ISBN: 9781495025570 List Price: $12.99
Grand Solos for Christmas, Bk 5 : 8 Arrangements for Intermediate Piano by Bober, Melody ISBN: 9781470629571 List Price: $7.99
Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing by Lhevinne, Josef ISBN: 9780598773753 List Price: $30.00
Shortcuts for Guitar : Tips to Make You a More Skillful Player in No Time by Sokolow, Fred ISBN: 9781495021787 List Price: $14.99
Classical Guitar Design and Construction by McLeod, Welford, Robert ISBN: 9780713449648 List Price: $12.50
Essay on the Craft of 'Cello-Playing: Volume 2, The Left Hand by Bunting, Christopher ISBN: 9780521241847 List Price: $49.95
Mendelssohn: Early Works for Violin and Piano by Todd, R. Larry ISBN: 9780521319072 List Price: $5.50
The 'Musica instrumentalis deudsch' of Martin Agricola: A Treatise on Musical Instruments, 1... by Agricola, Martin, Hettrick,... ISBN: 9780521366403 List Price: $80.00
Grouping Fingers and Keys: A Visual Approach to Fingering Scales and Arpeggios by Gregory, Roselie A. ISBN: 9780558389901 List Price: $30.00
Take the Lead for Trumpet : Basic Manual for the Lead Trumpet in a Jazz Ensemble by Spera, Dominic ISBN: 9781565160606 List Price: $8.95
Gaspar Cassado by Kaufman, Gabrielle ISBN: 9781138365605
Guitar System 1 : Melodic Waves by Starkell, Dana ISBN: 9781950933013 List Price: $19.99
Guitar System 3 : Quantum Universe by Starkell, Dana ISBN: 9781950933037 List Price: $19.99
Guitar System 2 : Harmonic Galaxy by Starkell, Dana ISBN: 9781950933020 List Price: $19.99
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