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Writing Never Arrives Naked Early Aboriginal Cultures of Writing in Australia by Toorn, Penny Van ISBN: 9780855755447 List Price: $35.95
Speaking With the Sun New Stories from Australian and New Zealand Writers by Dowrick, Stephanie, Parkin,... ISBN: 9780044422969 List Price: $12.95
Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature by Robinson, Roger, Wattie, Ne... ISBN: 9780195583489 List Price: $72.00
Oxford Companion to Australian Literature by Hooton, Joy, Wilde, William... ISBN: 9780195533811 List Price: $99.00
Australian Literature Today by Dhawan, R. K., Kerr, David ISBN: 9788185218700 List Price: $35.00
Landfall 236 by Neale, Emma ISBN: 9781988531557
Southern Sky A Practical Guide to Astronomy by Wallace, Reidy, David ISBN: 9780043000946 List Price: $29.95
Reading the Landscape : A Celebration of Australian Writing by Brennan, Bernadette, Brenna... ISBN: 9780702260087
Meet Me at the Intersection by Kwaymullina, Ambelin, Lim, ... ISBN: 9781925591705
Scripsi by Craven, Peter, Rutherford, ... ISBN: 9780195533835 List Price: $14.95
Clean Dark by Adamson, Robert ISBN: 9780958780124
Fighting Words : Australian War Writing by Harrison-Ford, Carl, White,... ISBN: 9780850912487 List Price: $75.00
Imago : Literary Magazine by Dawe, Bruce ISBN: 9780785566250
New Zealand novels and novelists, 1861-1979: An annotated bibliography by Burns, James Alexander Scott ISBN: 9780868633725
New Zealand Literature Today by Dhawan, R. K., Tonett, Walter ISBN: 9788185218694 List Price: $30.00
Beyond the Pale by Sheiner, Robin ISBN: 9780947087227
Simplest Words : A Storyteller's Journey by Miller, Alex ISBN: 9781743313572
Landfall 234 - Spring 2017 by Eggleton, David ISBN: 9781988531151
Athens to Aotearoa by Tatum, Jeffrey, Burton, Dia... ISBN: 9781776561766
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