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Lost in the Antebellum by Morritt, Robert D. ISBN: 9781443826853
Family Writings by Cooper, James Fenimore ISBN: 9781443817615
Writing Game : An Anthology of Prose and Poetry by Johnson, K. C., Surfwriters... ISBN: 9780615618326
Bluegrass Cavalcade by Clark, Thomas Dionysius ISBN: 9780598268839 List Price: $122.80
American Prose and Criticism, 1900-1950: A Guide to Information Sources (Gale information gu... by Brier, Peter A., Arthur, An... ISBN: 9780810312142 List Price: $68.00
American Literature Student Activity Book by Peter, Karen ISBN: 9781931680141
American Literature Teacher Edition Subscription by Peter, Karen ISBN: 9781931680158 List Price: $349.00
African American Writing by Lee, A. Robert ISBN: 9780415680486
Encyclopedia of American Environmental Literature by Hamilton, Geoff, Jones, Brian ISBN: 9780816081059 List Price: $75.00
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