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African Short Stories by Achebe, Chinua, Achebe, Chi... ISBN: 9780435902704 List Price: $7.00
Your Name Shall Be Tanga by Beyala, Calixthe ISBN: 9780435909505 List Price: $10.95
Heinemann Book of Contemporary African Short Stories by Couto, Mia, Gordimer, Nadin... ISBN: 9780435905668 List Price: $13.95
Portable Bunyan A Transnational History of the Pilgrim's Progress by Hofmeyr, Isabel ISBN: 9780691116563 List Price: $24.95
Handbook for Teaching African Literature by Gunner, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780435922603 List Price: $17.50
Last of the Empire by Ousmane, Sembene, Adams, Ad... ISBN: 9780435902506 List Price: $11.95
Modern African Prose by Rive, Richard ISBN: 9780435900090 List Price: $6.50
Collector of Treasures by Head, Bessie ISBN: 9780685629741 List Price: $8.95
North African Writing by Ortzen, Len ISBN: 9780435900731 List Price: $4.50
Harvest of Our Dreams by Anyidoho, Kofi ISBN: 9780435902612 List Price: $8.00
Two Centuries of African English by Brown, Lalage ISBN: 9780435901325 List Price: $7.50
African Literature by Caws ISBN: 9780321011183
Four Centuries of Swahili Verse by Knappert, Jan ISBN: 9780435917036 List Price: $12.50
Africa South : Contemporary Writings by Mutloatse, Mothobi ISBN: 9780435902438 List Price: $7.50
Shindano-Swahili Essays and Other Stories by Grant, Alice ISBN: 9780686709923 List Price: $6.00
Stolen Images by Beier, Ulli ISBN: 9780521209014 List Price: $3.95
Literature in English : African Literature in Novels, Oral Literature, Drama, Short Stories by Bakuli, Stephen N. ISBN: 9781891016349 List Price: $29.95
African Realities : Body, Culture and Social Tensions by Marti, Josep ISBN: 9781443860260
Anthology of Swahili Poetry (African Writers Series ; 192) by Jahadhmy, Ali ISBN: 9780435901929 List Price: $8.00
Four Centuries of Swahili Verse - Jan Knappert - Hardcover by Knappert, Jan ISBN: 9780435917029 List Price: $18.50
Portable Bunyan A Transnational History of the Pilgrim's Progress by Hofmeyr, Isabel ISBN: 9780691116556 List Price: $72.00
To Kill a Man's Pride and Other Stories from Southern Africa by Hodge, Norman ISBN: 9780869751466 List Price: $14.95
Origin East Africa: A Makerere Anthology by Cook, David Fuller ISBN: 9780435900151 List Price: $7.95
Mind Your Colour by February, Vernon A. ISBN: 9780710300027
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