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From Ruth's Pink Pyjamas to Away Went the Farmer's Hat, you can see how many options there are when you want to buy clothing and dress textbooks online. These books are based around clothes in some way, so you will find many appropriate and affordable titles here. Look for Guide for Using the Hundred Dresses in the Classroom; My Pants are Haunted; and Umbrellas Everywhere! We've got plenty more options to choose from as well, so you can buy cheap clothing and dress textbooks from us today for the best deals you've ever seen. Juvenile fiction books can be great fun to read, and the ones you will find in this section certainly are. They're mostly pre-owned as well, meaning you can get the cheapest prices on all the copies you find. We buy back clothing and dress books too, forever building a collection to be proud of - and for you to buy from.

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Wiggles Emma Dress up Doll Book by Five Mile ISBN: 9781760406479
Wiggles: Wiggle Town! Mix and Match by Five Mile ISBN: 9781760406776
Wiggles: Emma! Mix and Match by Five Mile ISBN: 9781760406783
Wiggles: Emma and the Mystery Shoes Storybook by Five Mile ISBN: 9781760404055
Queen's Hat by Antony, Steve ISBN: 9780545835565
Princesses Save the World by Guthrie, Savannah, Oppenhei... ISBN: 9781419731716 List Price: $17.99
Mittens for Tony by Fitzhenry and Whiteside ISBN: 9781550412154
Creepy Pair of Underwear! by Reynolds, Aaron ISBN: 9788964963678 List Price: $30.60
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