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For all you budding comedians out there we have a great range of cheap humor textbooks for you to buy or rent. Whether you're looking to brush up on your after dinner speeches, your joke collection, looking for inspiration for a best man's speech, or are interested in the history of humor, we have the affordable textbooks you are looking for right here. Humor is a great skill to acquire and is considered to be a very attractive quality to have. Whether you want to be the comedic centre of attention or just have the occasional joke up your sleeve to liven up a dull moment, our cheap humor textbooks will guide you in the right direction. Whether sarcasm, slapstick, black humor or toilet humor is your preferred style you won't be laughing if you buy your textbooks elsewhere as you will have missed out on some great savings to be had here.

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Secret Thoughts of Animal Friends by Rose, C. J. ISBN: 9781951412036 List Price: $14.95
Good Running Away by Pettway, Kevin ISBN: 9781951445027 List Price: $12.99
Bad Book's Day Off by Herrera, Jessica R., Herrer... ISBN: 9781949915082 List Price: $17.99
Bad Book's Day Off by Herrera, Jessica R., Herrer... ISBN: 9781949915099 List Price: $25.99
Let's See Them Poems by Shaffer, Andrew ISBN: 9781949769104 List Price: $14.95
Official Unwritten Rules of Professional Wrestling by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982091 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Tennis by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982084 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Fastpitch Softball by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982077 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Mixed Martial Arts by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982060 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Soccer by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982138 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Slowpitch Softball by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982121 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Chess by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982114 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Fantasy Football by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982107 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Auto Racing by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982015 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Golf by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982053 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Hockey by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982046 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Football by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982039 List Price: $9.99
Official Unwritten Rules of Basketball by McSportsman, Mitt ISBN: 9781949982022 List Price: $9.99
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