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Confessions of a Tinderella by Edwards, Rosy ISBN: 9781780893877
Century of Political Cartoons : Caricature in the United States from 1800 to 1900 by Nevins, Allan, Weitenkampf,... ISBN: 9780598825537 List Price: $59.30
Cat Couture by McGroarty, Jason ISBN: 9781910552629
I Do, I Did, Now What? (6) by Lee, Jenny ISBN: 9780761128823 List Price: $113.70
I Do...don't I? by Foulkes, Stephen ISBN: 9781786298881
Dad Is Fat by Gaffigan, Jim ISBN: 9780606407601 List Price: $20.85
Boys Are Stupid Throw Rocks by Goldman, Todd Harris, Goldm... ISBN: 9780761136224 List Price: $89.50
Dad Is Fat by Gaffigan, Jim ISBN: 9781524763251
Cats Gone Bad by Amber Books Staff ISBN: 9781782743200
How to DAD by Watson, Jordan ISBN: 9781760631505
Pug Mugs : Juvenile Delinquents by Willow Creek Press Staff ISBN: 9781623439903 List Price: $14.95
Cat-Astrophe by Willow Creek Press Staff ISBN: 9781623439910 List Price: $14.95
Sons : Life's Greatest Pride, Worry, and Joy by Willow Creek Press, Inc., K... ISBN: 9781623439880 List Price: $14.95
Pug Rules by Willow Creek Press, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9781682348130 List Price: $14.95
ABC's of Aging : A Wild Adult Dictionary by Willow Creek Press, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9781682348147 List Price: $14.95
F Is for First Words : Journal by Rickett, Joel, Wilson, Spencer ISBN: 9780711237148
#Newsfail : How Two Godless Vegans Took on Mainstream Media So You Don't Have To by Kilstein, Jamie, Killkenny,... ISBN: 9781476783413
Earl the Grump : If Every Dog Has His Day, Then Where the Hell Is Mine? by Bloomfield, Derek and Christie ISBN: 9781785034091
Shake Puppies by Davidson, Carli ISBN: 9780062497659 List Price: $12.99
Reopening the Twitmarsh Files by Fishall, R. T., Hall-Wright... ISBN: 9780752458670
Dad Is Fat by Gaffigan, Jim ISBN: 9780762457854
She Let Go of My Hand : A Father's Memoir of His Divorce Journey by Wattson, John D. ISBN: 9780996880268 List Price: $17.00
Cats Dogs and Friends at the Office by Vietor, Dean, Zucker, Paul C. ISBN: 9780979034626
Mueller Report for Democrats for Geniuses by Media, Left W., Just for Ge... ISBN: 9781632319029 List Price: $6.95
#IMomSoHard by Hensley, Kristin, Smedley, Jen ISBN: 9780062953353
#IMomSoHard by Hensley, Kristin, Smedley, Jen ISBN: 9780062937520
And One to Grow On : Reflections of a Maine Boyhood by Gould, John ISBN: 9781608935406
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