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We have hundreds of text books in store that can help you find the information you need on many different diseases. Buy diseases textbooks online now and discover the reason why so many people come to us to buy the text book they require for college. We've divided this section into various sub-sections on various ailments and illnesses, so you can find the best way to get to the discounted and affordable books you want. Look for titles including Will to Live: AIDS Therapies and the Politics of Survival; Cancer in Young Adults: Through Parents' Eyes; Quality of Life from Nursing and Patient Perspectives: Theory, Research and Practice, and Handling the Young Child with Cerebral Palsy at Home. Whatever books you need, you can buy or rent used diseases textbooks from Valore Books for the cheapest prices now. It's the best way to make sure you save as much cash as you can.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation: Implications for the Nurse and Other Allied Health Professionals by Fardy, Paul S., Bennett, Cl... ISBN: 9780801616105 List Price: $21.95
Care of the Adult Cardiac Surgery Patient - Patricia Turk Horvath - Paperback by Horvath, Patricia T. ISBN: 9780471888000 List Price: $25.00
Cancer in Young Adults Through Parents' Eyes by Grinyer, Anne ISBN: 9780335212309 List Price: $30.95
I Didn't Have Cancer for Nothing by Ellis, Lyn ISBN: 9780902662766
Cancer in the Lives of Older Americans: Blessings and Battles by Kagan, Sarah H. ISBN: 9780812241433 List Price: $34.95
Unwanted Guest by Eaddy, Katherine Ann ISBN: 9780987235619 List Price: $23.30
Prevention Possibilities : Bisexual Realities and HIV Educaton in Montreal by Namaste, Viviane ISBN: 9780802099938 List Price: $60.00
The Love Knot: Ties that Bind Cancer Partners by Robert N. Ross ISBN: 9780763714123 List Price: $32.95
Readings in Sociology of Aids by Harrington, Charlene, LeBla... ISBN: 9780136392613 List Price: $27.45
Understanding and Assisting Low-Income Women With Cancer by Tedder, Emma J. ISBN: 9780789004277 List Price: $27.95
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Current Issues and Scientific Studies by Imperato, Pascal J. ISBN: 9780306431883 List Price: $109.00
Advanced Clinical Practice in Hiv Care by Ault, Nathaniel, Evans, Cat... ISBN: 9780415583701
Pass ACLS! Case Based : Cases and Critical Thinking by American Heart Association ... ISBN: 9780815109167 List Price: $9.95
Ryan White Care Act : Factors That Impact HIV and AIDS Funding and Client Coverage by Crosse, Marcia ISBN: 9781422302392 List Price: $20.00
Experiencing Cancer Quality of Life in Treatment by Schou, Kristen C., Hewison,... ISBN: 9780335198924 List Price: $85.00
Fluid Exchanges Artists and Critics in the AIDS Crisis by Miller, James ISBN: 9780802058928 List Price: $50.00
Global HIV/AIDS A Strategy for U.S. Leadership A Consensus Report of the Csis Working Group... by Hamilton, Kimberly A., Duck... ISBN: 9780892062546 List Price: $19.95
Families and Communities Responding to Aids by Aggleton, Peter, Hart, Grah... ISBN: 9781857289657 List Price: $51.95
Gift of Cancer : A Miraculous Journey to Healing by Michaels, Brenda, Mercant, ... ISBN: 9781629145716
Silver Lining : A Supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer by Jacobs, Hollye ISBN: 9781612549323 List Price: $29.99
Radical Remission : Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Turner, Kelly A. ISBN: 9780062268747 List Price: $14.99
Dextromethorphan : Pharmacology, Clinical Uses and Health Effects by Wang, Xin ISBN: 9781634840163 List Price: $190.00
Multicultural AIDS Prevention Programs by Trotter, Robert T., II ISBN: 9781560230878 List Price: $28.00
HIV and Social Work A Practitioner's Guide by Aronstein, David M., Thomps... ISBN: 9781560239062 List Price: $49.95
When Breath Becomes Air by Kalanithi, Paul ISBN: 9789571367286 List Price: $26.90
Terry Fox by Barber, Terry ISBN: 9781926583389 List Price: $12.95
Polio Boulevard by Chase, Karen ISBN: 9781438452821 List Price: $19.95
Towards a Sociology of Cancer Caregiving Time to Feel by Olson, Rebecca E. ISBN: 9781472446596 List Price: $109.95
It's Ok to Laugh : (Crying Is Cool, Too) by Purmort, Nora McInerny ISBN: 9780062419385
Psychotherapy and AIDS The Human Dimension by Wicks, Lucy A. ISBN: 9781560326182 List Price: $49.95
Wellness:aids,std+other...diseases by Jackson, James ISBN: 9780879678685 List Price: $13.50
HIV, Aids, and the Law: A Guide to Our Rights and Challenges - Mark S. Senak - Paperback by Senak, Mark S., Sweeney, Tim ISBN: 9780306452697 List Price: $16.00
HIV & AIDS The Global Inter-Connection by Reid, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781565490413 List Price: $14.95
Swallowing Intervention in Oncology by Guilford, Arthur M., Sulliv... ISBN: 9781565937512 List Price: $107.95
Intensive Coronary Care:man.f/nurses by Meltzer, Lawrence E. ISBN: 9780893032470 List Price: $35.95
Beyond Beer Goggles by Minelli, Mark J. ISBN: 9780875635057 List Price: $12.80
Foundations Voice and Speech Rehabilitation Following Laryngeal Cancer by Doyle, Philip C. ISBN: 9781565931091 List Price: $55.00
Psychological Treatment of Cancer Patients by Golden, William L., Gersh, ... ISBN: 9780205145515 List Price: $32.95
Comfort in Caring: Nursing the Person with HIV Infection - Janice Bell Meisenhelder - Paperback by Meisenhelder, Janice B., La... ISBN: 9780673520043 List Price: $29.50
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