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Besides the fact that Polish is a beautiful language there are many reasons to learn Polish. Over the past few centuries Polish people have travelled far from their home country and many of them settled in America. For this reason many Americans have Polish ancestors. Learning the language of your ancestors is a very rewarding thing to do. In more recent times Polish people have emigrated to America and now make up a large proportion of our workforce. Being able to speak Polish can have long lasting business benefits. To help you get to grips with this beautiful language we have a huge range of cheap Polish textbooks to buy or rent. You can save yourself loads of money by ordering your textbooks from us as opposed to paying the extortionate prices that college bookstores charge. We have the same textbooks that you will find in the bookstores but we charge much lower prices. With the money you save you could take a trip to Poland to get some practice in.

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New Polish Grammar by Teslar, Joseph A. ISBN: 9780870521034 List Price: $19.95
Beginners' Course of Polish by Bisko, Waclaw ISBN: 9780686199434
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