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The Japanese economy is the world's second largest, second only to that of the US. Many Japanese brands are household names across the world including Toshiba, Sony, Casio, Honda and Toyota to name but a few. Speaking Japanese can bring you great business opportunities. Japanese consumers spend billions of dollars every year on consumer goods, and your future business could benefit hugely if you can tap into that market. It is one of the harder languages to learn, but don't let that put you off as we have a huge range of cheap Japanese textbooks to buy or rent. Our new and used textbooks are all in great condition. We deliver them straight to your door so you don't need to waste valuable time stuck in your college bookstore. You can spend the time at home practicing your Japanese instead! ?????????, which means 'good luck with your studies' in Japanese.

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Institutional CD-ROM Program t/a Yookoso! Continuing with Contemporary Japanese by Tohsaku, Yasu-Hiko ISBN: 9780072974997 List Price: $422.81
Ellipsis and Wa-Marking in Japanese Conversation by Fry, John ISBN: 9781138968585
Studies in Javanese Morphology by Uhlenbeck, E. M. ISBN: 9789024721627 List Price: $37.00
Rules for Conversational Rituals in Japanese by Okamoto, Haruo A. ISBN: 9784469220568 List Price: $35.00
Japanische Geistesgeschichte by Kracht, Klaus, Leinss, Gerh... ISBN: 9783447028028
Shogakukan-Robert : Grand Dictionnaire Francais-Japonais by Robert Staff ISBN: 9780785987017 List Price: $795.00
Advanced Japanese : Communication in Context by Ishihara, Noriko ISBN: 9781138437050
Japanese Stage-Step Course : Writing Practice Book by Tawa, Wako ISBN: 9781138437043
Inflexional System of Classical Japanese by Majtczak, Tomasz ISBN: 9788376386959
Colloquial Japanese : The Complete Course for Beginners by Ogawa, Junko, Enokida, Fumi... ISBN: 9781138380721
Japanische Verbflexive und Flektierbare Verbalsuffixe by Narrog, Heiko ISBN: 9783447042260
Japanese Stage-Step Course by Tawa, Wako ISBN: 9781138168138
Everyday Expressions in Japanese by Ono, Hideichi ISBN: 9780893460259 List Price: $4.95
Japanese Stage-Step Course: Workbook 1 by Tawa, Wako ISBN: 9781138168053
Complete Japanese : Teach Yourself by Gilhooly, Helen ISBN: 9781471800580
Complete Japanese : Teach Yourself by Gilhooly, Helen ISBN: 9781471800597
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