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C'est fantastique! Even a Francophile will be impressed with these finely planned and structured French Textbooks. Learn it all - everything from formal French to the latest hip lingo. For the first time, learning French is fun and even easy. You learn words and phrases the same way you learned your native tongue as a small child. And although you won't be aware of it, this learning method is scientifically researched and planned to help you learn quickly and retain what you learn. You remember new vocabulary and pronunciation, mentally retaining it without grueling hours of study. Nothing is dull or repetitious in these exciting French college text books. (Quel heureux!) And all this fabulous knowledge is available in used textbooks as well, so you can learn French on a serious budget. For cheap textbooks can be thrifty and valuable learning tools. Before you realize it, you will be reading and speaking French like a native. You'll be able to order from sophisticated restaurant menus and converse with French friends and acquaintances with ease, without consulting French textbooks. And you won't need to carry around a French dictionary or constantly refer to your cell phone's online language sites for help. You will be proud to use the French vocabulary you have mastered, and you'll be able to recall new French words without difficulty. In other words, you'll be ready to go to France and speak like the French do. (Bon voyage!)

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Einführung in Die Benutzung der Neufranzösischen Wörterbucher by Hausmann, Franz Josef ISBN: 9783484500907
Mutations et Sclérose : La Langue Francaise, 1789-1848 by Saint-Gérand, Jacques Philippe ISBN: 9783515063760
Grammatik a La Carte - Level 1: Losungsheft 1 (German Edition) by Apelt, Mary L., Apelt, H. P... ISBN: 9783425259932
Upgrade Your French, Second Edition by Jubb, Margaret ISBN: 9781138427303
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