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At some point in history, English courses have become some of the most feared by students young and old. The anticipation of writing a paper and having it returned with red marks galore, can cause most of us to shudder and shake. The night before a paper is due, most of us have found ourselves staring at our computer screens blankly hoping for Hemmingway, Shakespeare, Dickens or Tolstoy to jump through the screen to provide inspiration and tips on how we can be saved from the unwieldy commentary of our professors. The right English textbooks can truly help you gain confidence and inspiration in our effort to write papers, understand literature and think critically. We offer a wide variety of cheap college textbooks such as the famed Norton Anthology of English Literature, literary criticism collections, Business English, grammar textbooks & workbooks as well as English for Lawyers. To find the best book to suit your needs, browse our vast array of English textbooks by author, title and/or ISBN number. Make sure the used textbook you buy includes the exact ISBN number assigned by your professor. Once you have submitted your order, you will promptly receive your used textbooks in the convenience of your dorm or home. No more college bookstore lines!! Plus, you'll be thrilled that you have saved by purchasing the cheapest textbooks possible. This will be enough to inspire the greatest college paper ever!

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Contemporary English 1, Audio Enhanced Cd, Site License by Becijos, Jeanne ISBN: 9780072862621 List Price: $372.75
Contemporary English Level 3 Student Workbook by Contemporary, McGraw-Hill ISBN: 9780072539806 List Price: $10.30
Options by Beene ISBN: 9780395599631 List Price: $21.56
IGCSE English as a Second Language, Grade 10-11: Module 1, Vol. 1 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521625234 List Price: $8.99
Stay Tuned Workbook for 4 Eme by Nama, Michael D., Forbin, D... ISBN: 9780521540520 List Price: $1.50
Study and Master English Grade 10 Learner's Book by Naidoo, Mathevan ISBN: 9780521674201 List Price: $16.65
Higcse English As a Second Language Module 3 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521647731 List Price: $9.40
HIGCSE English as a Second Language Module 1 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521647755 List Price: $9.40
Higcse English As a Second Language Module 2 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521647748 List Price: $9.40
Independent Writing by O'Donnell, Teresa D., Paiva... ISBN: 9780673392879 List Price: $15.31
Igcse English As A Second Language Module 2 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521625227 List Price: $8.99
Up Close Book 3: English for Global Communication, Vol. 3 by Gordon, Barbara, Weinstein,... ISBN: 9780838432570 List Price: $18.95
Reading in a Second Language by Mackay, Ronald, Barkman, Br... ISBN: 9780883771341 List Price: $13.50
Up Close Book 3 by Gordon, Barbara, Weinstein ISBN: 9780838405505
Ingles En Ten Minutos Al Dia by Kershul, Kristine K., Lawso... ISBN: 9780944502280 List Price: $14.95
Passing the South Carolina HSAP in English/Language Arts by Unknown ISBN: 9781932410730 List Price: $23.00
Practical English 3b by Rowe, Allan, Harris, Tim ISBN: 9780155709300
Essential Practice Tests: CAE with Answer Key by Osbourne, Charles ISBN: 9781413009859
Sentence Making: A Writing Workbook in English As a Second Language by Bander, Robert G. ISBN: 9780030580727 List Price: $12.95
Concepts and comments: Instructor's manual by Ackert, Patricia ISBN: 9780030718427 List Price: $3.00
A Handbook for Vocational Esl by Friedenberg, Joan, Bradley,... ISBN: 9780936007182 List Price: $9.95
Practical Guide to the Teaching of English As a Foreign Language by Dixson, Robert James ISBN: 9780136910329 List Price: $9.00
Scenario: English Grammar in Context, Book 3 (Bk. 3) by Kirn, Elaine ISBN: 9780030632235 List Price: $18.95
Ready, Set, Speak Esl Active Learning by Agor, Barbara, Agor, Stewart ISBN: 9780768230727 List Price: $14.99
Access Reading 4 - George W. Pifer - Paperback by Pifer, George W., Mutoh, Na... ISBN: 9780883770726 List Price: $19.95
Children Want to Write...: Donald Graves in Australia - R. D. Walshe - Paperback by Walshe, R. D. ISBN: 9780909955359 List Price: $12.50
English Advantage, Level 1: Bronze - Jacqueline Flamm - Paperback by Flamm, Jacqueline ISBN: 9780066326214 List Price: $9.93
Lado English Series, Vol. 2 - Robert Lado - Paperback by Lado, Robert ISBN: 9780135220122 List Price: $9.80
Laugh and Learn: A Reader - Mira B. Felder - Paperback by Felder, Mira B. ISBN: 9780155502024 List Price: $14.25
One Day It Was Wet Pack Of 10 by Moss, Miriam, Brown, Richar... ISBN: 9780521795289 List Price: $30.50
The Little, Brown ESL Workbook - Joe Dowling - Hardcover by Fowler, H. Ramsey, Aaron, J... ISBN: 9780673521453 List Price: $32.00
Remarkable Half Dozen - Margaret Kurilecz - Hardcover by Kurilecz, Margaret ISBN: 9780690015317 List Price: $10.62
Express English/Transitions - Ferriera - Paperback by Ferriera ISBN: 9780883773352 List Price: $11.87
Side by Side, Vol. 1 - Steven J. Molinsky - Paperback by Bliss, Bill, Molinsky, Stev... ISBN: 9780138111670 List Price: $25.40
Twenty-Five Strategies - Jacqueline Krause Neufeld - Paperback by Neufield, Jacqueline, Webb,... ISBN: 9780030599439
Themes - Madeleine Lively - Hardcover by Lively, Harper, David R., W... ISBN: 9780838487891 List Price: $138.95
ESL Operations by Nelson, Gayle L., Winters, ... ISBN: 9780883771495 List Price: $12.00
Modern English, Vol. 2 - William E. Rutherford - Paperback by Rutherford, William E. ISBN: 9780155610620
Writing Practical English 2a - Tim Harris - Paperback by Harris, Tim, Rowe, Allan ISBN: 9780155709249
Practical English 3a - Tim Harris - Paperback by Harris, Tim, Rowe, Allan ISBN: 9780155709294
Samantha - Meryl Robin Becker - Paperback - TCHRS MNL by Becker, Meryl ISBN: 9780472081905 List Price: $9.95
Mother Tongue in English by Brown, Daphne M. ISBN: 9780521218733 List Price: $42.95
Harbrace ESL Workbook by Graham ISBN: 9780155313613
Connections by Sunderman, Paula W. ISBN: 9780030624377
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