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FSI Fula Basic Course by Swift, Lloyd B., Tambadu, K... ISBN: 9780686107194
FSI Fula Basic Course by Swift, Lloyd B., Tambadu, K... ISBN: 9780686107187
Zulu-English Dictionary by Doke, C. M., Vilakazi, B. W. ISBN: 9780899555119 List Price: $24.95
Beyond 'Khoisan' : Historical Relations in the Kalahari Basin by G�ldemann, Tom, Fehn, Anne-... ISBN: 9789027248497 List Price: $158.00
Aegyptiaca et Coptica Studi in Onore di Sergio Pernigotti by Buzi, P., Picchi, D., Zecch... ISBN: 9781407308357
New Data and New Methods in Afroasiatic Linguistics : Robert Hetzron in Memoriam by Hetzron, Robert, Zaborski, ... ISBN: 9783447044202
Comprehensive Guide to Kinyarwands by Hands, Arthur L. ISBN: 9780578088358
FSI Twi Basic Course by Unknown ISBN: 9780686107958
FSI Twi Basic Course by Unknown ISBN: 9780686107965
Phonetic and Phonological Account of the Civili Vowel Duration by Ndinga-Koumba-Binza, Hugues... ISBN: 9781443836098
Variability Measures in Corpus Design for Setswanna Lexicograph by Otlogetswe, Thapelo J. ISBN: 9781443826372
Swahili Intensive Courses w/ 20 cassettes (Multilingual Books Intensive Foreign Language Cas... by Saevick, C. W., Melela, M. ... ISBN: 9781582140568 List Price: $285.00
Transformational Grammar: Igbo by Carrell, Patricia L. ISBN: 9780521078313
Dictionnaire Tupuri-Francais-Anglais: Region de Mindaore Tchad by Ruelland, Suzanne ISBN: 9782877230094
Outline of the Structure of Shilha by Applegate, Joseph R. ISBN: 9780879502522 List Price: $3.00
Syntax of Chichewa by Mchombo, Sam A. ISBN: 9780521574860 List Price: $22.00
Gaawoore Parler Des Peuls Gaawoobe (Niger Occidentale) by Sow, Salamatou Alhassoumi ISBN: 9789042912120
Thomas Mofolo and the Emergence of Written Sesotho Prose by Kunene, Daniel ISBN: 9780869753910 List Price: $34.95
Reduplication in the Chadic Languages A Study of Form and Function by Al-Hassan, Bello S. ISBN: 9780820435183 List Price: $48.95
Proceedings of the Fourth International Hamito-Semitic Congress, Marburg, 20-22 September, 1983 by Jungraithmayr, Herrmann, Mu... ISBN: 9789027235381 List Price: $187.00
Morphologie Et Classes Nominales En Mankon (Cameroun). B61-62 by Leroy, Jacqueline ISBN: 9782852970274
Le Corps Androgyne. Lhabitation Au Burundi. Od5 by Stanford, Anne ISBN: 9782852971394
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