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Literary Fragments in the Hieratic Script by Caminos ISBN: 9780900416316 List Price: $60.00
FSI Yoruba Intermediate Texts by Unknown ISBN: 9780686108030
Studies in Egyptian Syntax by Gunn, B., Simpson, R. S. ISBN: 9780900416910
Fama's Ede Awo (Orisa Yoruba Dictionary) by Adewale-Somadhi, Aina ISBN: 9780964424739 List Price: $19.95
Nanu J�ng Wolof : Let's Read Wolof by Seck, Mamarame ISBN: 9781597030236
Diachronic Grammar of Amharic by Demeke, Girma A. ISBN: 9781569025338
Etude Comparative Dans Le Groupe Adamawa. B46 by Boyd, Raymond ISBN: 9782852970069
Le Mankon by Leroy, Jacqueline, Leroy, J ISBN: 9789042918610
Afrikanische Horizonte : Studien Zu Sprachen, Kulturen und Zur Geschichte by H�ftmann, Hildegard, Griefe... ISBN: 9783447056014
Ongota : A Decisive Language in African Prehistory by Fleming, Harold C. ISBN: 9783447051248
Dictionnaire Itymologique de la Langue Copte. by Vycichl, Werner ISBN: 9782801701973
A Coptic Learning Grammar (Sahidic) (Subsidia et Instrumenta Linguarum Orientis) by Brankaer, Johanna ISBN: 9783447058940 List Price: $45.00
Transformational Grammar: Igbo by Carrell, Patricia L. ISBN: 9780521078313
Dictionnaire Kenga (Tchad) by Palayer, P. ISBN: 9789042914407 List Price: $31.00
Guinea Languages of the Atlantic Group Description and Internal Classification by Wilson, William A. A., Stor... ISBN: 9780820498911 List Price: $54.95
Bamanankan Learners' Reference Grammar by Adu-Amankwah, David ISBN: 9781586842260 List Price: $55.01
Proceedings of the Fourth International Hamito-Semitic Congress, Marburg, 20-22 September, 1983 by Jungraithmayr, Herrmann, Mu... ISBN: 9789027235381 List Price: $187.00
Reduplication in the Chadic Languages A Study of Form and Function by Al-Hassan, Bello S. ISBN: 9780820435183 List Price: $48.95
Thomas Mofolo and the Emergence of Written Sesotho Prose by Kunene, Daniel ISBN: 9780869753910 List Price: $34.95
Tigre Grammar and Texts by Raz, S. ISBN: 9780890030974 List Price: $26.00
Outline of the Structure of Shilha by Applegate, Joseph R. ISBN: 9780879502522 List Price: $3.00
Syntax of Chichewa by Mchombo, Sam A. ISBN: 9780521574860 List Price: $22.00
Xs Et Gbh. Langage Et Culture Chez Les Fon (Binin). Lca4 by Gangbe Guedou, Georges A. ISBN: 9782852971752
HIGCSE Afrikaans Tweede Taal Module 1, Vol. 1 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521658546 List Price: $9.30
HIGCSE Afrikaans Eerste Taal Module 3, Vol. 3 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521658577 List Price: $9.30
HIGCSE Afrikaans Eerste Taal Module 2, Vol. 2 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521658584 List Price: $9.30
HIGCSE Afrikaans Eerste Taal Module 1 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521658591 List Price: $9.30
HIGCSE Afrikaans Tweede Taal Module 2, Vol. 2 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521658539 List Price: $10.70
HIGCSE Afrikaans Tweede Taal Module 3, Vol. 3 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521658522 List Price: $9.30
Gaawoore Parler Des Peuls Gaawoobe (Niger Occidentale) by Sow, Salamatou Alhassoumi ISBN: 9789042912120
Ammonite Language of the Iron Age by Jackson, Kent P. ISBN: 9780891305927 List Price: $24.75
Teach Yourself Afrikaans by Terblanche, H. J. ISBN: 9780796400109 List Price: $20.00
HIGCSE Afrikaans Eerste Taal Module 4, Vol. 4 by University of Cambridge Loc... ISBN: 9780521658560 List Price: $9.30
Morphologie Et Classes Nominales En Mankon (Cameroun). B61-62 by Leroy, Jacqueline ISBN: 9782852970274
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