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Hausar Vau Da Kullum Intermediate and Advanced Lessons in Hausa Language and Culture by Leben, William R., Zaria, A... ISBN: 9780937073698 List Price: $7.50
Language and Writing in Ancient Egypt (Carnegie Series on Egypt) by Silverman, David P. ISBN: 9780911239157 List Price: $7.95
Let the ancestors speak: Removing the veil of mysticism from Medu Netcher by Laws, James E., 3rd, Laws, ... ISBN: 9780964066113 List Price: $19.95
Fama's Ede Awo (Orisa Yoruba Dictionary) by Adewale-Somadhi, Aina ISBN: 9780964424739 List Price: $19.95
Nanu J�ng Wolof : Let's Read Wolof by Seck, Mamarame ISBN: 9781597030236
Diachronic Grammar of Amharic by Demeke, Girma A. ISBN: 9781569025338
Etude Comparative Dans Le Groupe Adamawa. B46 by Boyd, Raymond ISBN: 9782852970069
Le Mankon by Leroy, Jacqueline, Leroy, J ISBN: 9789042918610
Afrikanische Horizonte : Studien Zu Sprachen, Kulturen und Zur Geschichte by H�ftmann, Hildegard, Griefe... ISBN: 9783447056014
Ongota : A Decisive Language in African Prehistory by Fleming, Harold C. ISBN: 9783447051248
A Coptic Learning Grammar (Sahidic) (Subsidia et Instrumenta Linguarum Orientis) by Brankaer, Johanna ISBN: 9783447058940 List Price: $45.00
Dictionnaire Itymologique de la Langue Copte. by Vycichl, Werner ISBN: 9782801701973
South African Pocket Oxford Dictionary by Branford, William ISBN: 9780195705034 List Price: $18.95
Study of Bohairic Coptic by Mattar, Nabil, Henein, Anto... ISBN: 9780318658094
Van Dale' Groot Woordenboek der Nederlandse Taal by Van Dale ISBN: 9780785553847
Teach Yourself Afrikaans by Terblanche, H. J. ISBN: 9780796400109 List Price: $20.00
FSI Yoruba Basic Course by Stevick, Earl W., Aremv, Ol... ISBN: 9781582140094 List Price: $295.00
FSI Amharic Basic Course : Multilingual Books Language Course by Obolensky, Sergie, Zelelie,... ISBN: 9781582140063 List Price: $270.00
FSI Hausa Basic Course : Multilingual Books Language Course by Hodge, Carlton, Unara, Ibrahim ISBN: 9781582140018 List Price: $225.00
FSI Kituba Course : Multilingual Books Language Course by Swifa, L. B., Zola, E. W. ISBN: 9781582141541 List Price: $225.00
FSI TWI Intensive Course : Multilingual Books Language Course by Redden, J. E., Owusu, N. ISBN: 9780963151841 List Price: $225.00
Coptic Language Analysis Pt. 4 & 5 : Coptic Liturgies of St. Gregory and St. Cyril by Raphael, Monir B. ISBN: 9780964415836 List Price: $20.00
FSI Yoruba Intermediate Texts by Unknown ISBN: 9780686108047
Pidgin Bislama(N) et le Multilinguisme Aux Nouvelles-Hébrides by Charpentier, Jean-Michel ISBN: 9782852970595
Problèmes de Comparatisme et de Dialectologie Dans des Langues Africaines by Bouquiaux, Luc, Guarisma, G... ISBN: 9782852971202
Dictionnaire Aka-Français : Langue Bantou C10 by Arom, Simha, Thomas, Jacque... ISBN: 9782877230490
Aspects du Basaá : Bantou Zone a, Cameroun by Dimmendaal, Gerrit Jan ISBN: 9782877230070
Grammaire Fonctionnelle et Progressive de L'égyptien Démotique by Du Bourguet, Pierre ISBN: 9782801700273
Current Approaches to African Linguistics by Dimmendaal, Gerrit J. ISBN: 9783110132854 List Price: $99.00
Reduplication in the Chadic Languages A Study of Form and Function by Al-Hassan, Bello S. ISBN: 9780820435183 List Price: $48.95
Morphologie Et Classes Nominales En Mankon (Cameroun). B61-62 by Leroy, Jacqueline ISBN: 9782852970274
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