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If you are studying information relating to family and relationships, you will be able to buy cheap child abuse textbooks to further your understanding of this area. There are some in depth and involved text books on this topic, including the several hundred we have for sale here. Look for pre-owned titles including Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect; APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment; Family Violence and Criminal Justice: A Life Course Approach, and Jailbait: The Politics of Statutory Rape Laws in the United States. Make sure you have the best array of choices when it comes to getting good deals and the cheapest prices. Buy used child abuse textbooks now and enjoy the chance to find the books you need for your college studies. Look for great deals and rent used child abuse textbooks as well if you wish. Our buyback service also means you can sell back if you want to later on.

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Child Abuse by Carmi, A., Zimrin, H. ISBN: 9780387124711 List Price: $86.00
Child Abuse by Murray, Peggy ISBN: 9781878025593 List Price: $49.95
Child Abuse Revisited Children, Society and Social Work by Cooper, David M. ISBN: 9780335157266 List Price: $43.95
Child Abuse Errors When Good Intentions Go Wrong by Howitt, Dennis ISBN: 9780813519166 List Price: $21.00
Child Abuse Errors When Good Intentions Go Wrong by Howitt, Dennis ISBN: 9780813519159 List Price: $40.00
Child Abuse and Neglect Theory, Research, and Practice by Pardech, John T. ISBN: 9780677258607 List Price: $83.95
Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Strategies Milwaukee County by Berry, Shirley R., Anderson... ISBN: 9780962772405 List Price: $27.50
Child Maltreatment Report, Minnesota, 1982-1991 by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780788182150 List Price: $15.00
Child Maltreatment 1992 Reports from the States to the National Center on Child Abuse and Ne... by Sedlak, Andrea J., Gaffney,... ISBN: 9780788141973 List Price: $25.00
Child Maltreatment 1995 Reports to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System by Yuan, Ying-Ying T. ISBN: 9780788176067 List Price: $25.00
Child Maltreatment An Introduction by Miller-Perrin, Cindy L., Pe... ISBN: 9780761915775 List Price: $129.00
Child Neglect A Guide for Intervention by Gaudin, James M., Jr. ISBN: 9780788116667 List Price: $30.00
Child Protection and Early Years Teachers Coping With Child Abuse by David, Tricia ISBN: 9780335098941 List Price: $31.95
Child Maltreatment by Miller-Perrin, Cindy L., Pe... ISBN: 9780761919742 List Price: $55.01
Child Sexual Abuse Intervention and Treatment Issues by Faller, Kathleen C. ISBN: 9780788116698 List Price: $35.00
Children in Crises by Morgan, Sharon R. ISBN: 9780890792896 List Price: $28.00
Children and Young People Who Sexually Abuse Others Challenges and Responses by Erooga, Marcus, Masson, Hel... ISBN: 9780415196055
Childhood Sexual Abuse and the Construction of Identity Healing Sylvia by Davies, Michele ISBN: 9780748401765 List Price: $30.95
Substitute Care Providers Helping Abused & Neglected Chldren by Watson, Kenneth ISBN: 9780788116582 List Price: $20.00
Therapeutic Work With Sexually Abused Children by Wickham, Randall Easton, We... ISBN: 9780761969686 List Price: $135.00
Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse by Sinason, Valerie ISBN: 9780415106078 List Price: $18.95
Treatment For Abused And Neglected Children Infancy To Age 18 - User Manual Series by Winn, Cynthia ISBN: 9780788116612 List Price: $25.00
Profiting From Abuse An Investigation Into The Sexual Exploitation Of Our Children by Bellamy, Carol, Bellamy, Carol ISBN: 9780756740337 List Price: $15.00
Sexually Abused And Sexually Exploited Children In The Greater Mekong Subregion A Qualitativ... by Mooy, Adrianus, Runeborg, Anna ISBN: 9780756714086 List Price: $30.00
Sexual Trafficking in Children An Investigation of the Child Sex Trade by Campagna, Daniel S., Poffen... ISBN: 9780865691544 List Price: $69.95
Shattered Images The Phenomenological Language of Sexual Trauma by Spring, Dee ISBN: 9780961330927 List Price: $28.95
State As Parent International Research Perspectives on Interventions With Young Persons by Hudson, J., Galaway, Burt ISBN: 9780792304920 List Price: $349.00
Victims in Context by Kennedy, Leslie W., Sacco, ... ISBN: 9780935732009 List Price: $55.01
When the Victim Is a Child by Whitcomb, Debra ISBN: 9780788105944 List Price: $30.00
Working for Children on the Child Protection Register An Inter-Agency Practice Guide by Calder, Martin C., Horwath,... ISBN: 9781857423679 List Price: $69.95
Working With Child Abuse Social Work Practice and the Child Abuse System by Corby, Brian ISBN: 9780335153954 List Price: $43.95
Sexual Abuse of Males by Spiegel, Josef, Courtois, C... ISBN: 9781560324027 List Price: $22.95
Racism & Child Protection The Black Experience of Child Sexual Abuse by Jackson, Valerie ISBN: 9780304332748 List Price: $75.00
Report of the Task Force on Child Abuse - Neglect System Safeguards by Unknown ISBN: 9781568060941 List Price: $20.00
Residential Treatment & the Sexually Abused Child by Plach, Thomas A. ISBN: 9780398058647 List Price: $40.95
Role of Educators in the Prevention & Treatment of Child Abuse & Neglect by Tower, Cynthia Crosson ISBN: 9780788116605 List Price: $25.00
Role of Law Enforcement in the Response to Child Abuse and Neglect by Pence, Donna, Wilson, Charles ISBN: 9780788116674 List Price: $25.00
The Thr Sexual Abuse of Children: Theory and Research, Vol. 1 by O'Donohue, W. T., Geer, Jam... ISBN: 9780805803396
Play Therapy With Abused Children by Cattanach, Ann ISBN: 9781853021930 List Price: $31.95
Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse by Sanderson, Christiane ISBN: 9781853020452 List Price: $57.00
Social Work Treatment with Abused and Neglected Children by Mouzakitis, Chris M., Vargh... ISBN: 9780398051099 List Price: $48.25
Systematic Mistreatment of Children in the Foster Care System by Weinberg, Lois A. ISBN: 9780789023926 List Price: $89.95
Child Abuse: An Agenda for Action by Gerbner, George, Ross, Cath... ISBN: 9780195027204 List Price: $15.95
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