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Old French Herbal (MS Princeton U.L. Garrett 131) by Hunt, Tony, Macer, Princeto... ISBN: 9782503528816
Powerful Voices : The Musical and Social World of Collegiate a Cappella by Duchan, Joshua S. ISBN: 9780472118250 List Price: $65.00
Global Student Experience : An International and Comparative Analysis by Kandiko, Camille, Weyers, Mark ISBN: 9780415809269
Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge 2011 by University of Cambridge ISBN: 9781107600812 List Price: $120.00
Student Voices: A Sampling of College Writing by VanderMey, Randall, Meyer, ... ISBN: 9781111342005
Calendar by University of Exeter Staff ISBN: 9780859890823 List Price: $76.00
Calendar by University of Exeter Staff ISBN: 9780859890830 List Price: $31.00
Calendar by University of Exeter Staff ISBN: 9780859890885 List Price: $26.00
Universities We Need : Higher Education after Dearing by Blake, Nigel, Smith, Richar... ISBN: 9781138180017
European Studies in Asia : Contours of a Discipline by Wiessala, Georg ISBN: 9781138069305
Islam and Higher Education : Concepts, Challenges and Opportunities by Muborakshoeva, Marodsilton ISBN: 9781138086920
Changing Russian University : From State to Market by Maximova-Mentzoni, Tatiana ISBN: 9781138108448
APL : Equal Opportunities for All? by McKelvey, Cecilia ISBN: 9781138466173
Order of Learning by Shils, Edward, Altbach, Phi... ISBN: 9781138512832
Scientists Experts and Civic Engagement by Lesen, Amy E. ISBN: 9781138546608
Higher Education and Social Inequalities by Waller, Richard, Ingram, Ni... ISBN: 9781138351998
Higher Education and Disabilities by Hurst, Alan ISBN: 9781138319158
Funding Ranking 2006 : Institutions - Regions - Networks DFG Approvals and Other Basic Data ... by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinsc... ISBN: 9783527611188 List Price: $89.00
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