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The early years of a child's education are arguably the most important. Any child who falls behind at an elementary stage may find they struggle for the rest of their education, and it may even affect their employment prospects in the long run. This can put a lot of strain on elementary teachers. Luckily there are a great range of textbooks to help trainee teachers prepare, and ensure that the education they provide to kids is enjoyable and that they benefit as much as possible. We have an extensive range of affordable elementary textbooks available for you to choose from. We have brand new books as well as used books, but you can rest assured that they are all in good condition. These are exactly the same books available at your college bookstore, but we are selling them here online for a fraction of the price. Even a child in elementary education can see it makes sense to buy your textbooks here! You can even sell your elementary education textbooks back to us when you are done with them.

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Beyond Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care Postmodern Perspectives by Dahlberg, Gunilla, Moss, Pe... ISBN: 9780750707701 List Price: $139.95
Best Practices from America's Middle Schools by Watson, Charles R., Watson,... ISBN: 9781883001667 List Price: $19.95
Bridges A Self-Esteem Activity Book for Students in Grades 4-6 by McGuire, J. Victor, Heuss, ... ISBN: 9780205165049 List Price: $41.50
Approaches to Early Childhood Education by Roopnarine, Jaipaul L., Joh... ISBN: 9780675207041 List Price: $52.00
Early Childhood Education: What Research Tells Us (Fastback 280 Series) by Katz, Lilian G. ISBN: 9780873672801 List Price: $3.00
The Joys of Teaching Boys: Igniting Writing Experiences That Meet the Needs of All Students by Spence, Christopher Michael ISBN: 9781551382302 List Price: $19.50
Education and Inequality in India (Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series) by Majumdar, Manabi, Mooij, Jo... ISBN: 9780415495349 List Price: $135.00
File-Folder Pocket Charts: Phonics Poems by Hollenbeck, Kathleen ISBN: 9780439365314 List Price: $17.99
Scholastic Success with Writing, Grade 1 by Scholastic, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780545200790 List Price: $5.99
Primary Education by Gammage, Philip ISBN: 9780063183452 List Price: $17.95
Early Childhood Education by Selbie, Philip, Clough, Pet... ISBN: 9781412944984 List Price: $40.95
40 Innovative Programs in Early Childhood Education. by Fallon, Berlie J. ISBN: 9780822430759 List Price: $6.75
Child Observation for the Early Years by Palaiologou, Ioanna ISBN: 9780857258601
Early Start : Preschool Politics in the United States by Karch, Andrew ISBN: 9780472035885 List Price: $30.00
Temperament-Based Elementary Classroom Management by Mcclowery, Sandee Gr ISBN: 9781475809428
Primary Science: Teaching Theory and Practice : Teaching Theory and Practice by Sharp, John, Peacock, Graha... ISBN: 9781446295953
Success with Your Early Years Research Project by Walker, Rosie, Solvason, Carla ISBN: 9781446256251
Promoting Excellence in Early Years Professionals by Goouch, Kathleen ISBN: 9780415566070 List Price: $125.00
Promoting Excellence in Early Years Professionals by Goouch, Kathleen ISBN: 9780415566087 List Price: $42.95
Personal Values in Primary Education by Kirby ISBN: 9780063181311 List Price: $11.18
Education As Adventure Lessons from the Second Grade by Nicholls, John G., Hazzard,... ISBN: 9780807732397 List Price: $20.95
Politics and the Primary Teacher (Routledge Primary Education Series) by Cunningham, Peter ISBN: 9780415549592 List Price: $37.95
Learning Stories : Constructing Learner Identities in Early Education by Lee, Wendy, Carr, Margaret ISBN: 9780857020925
Elementary School Curriculum by Passe, Jeff ISBN: 9780697201072 List Price: $39.25
Exploring Your Role An Introduction to Early Childhood Education by Jalongo, Mary Renck, Isenbe... ISBN: 9780131727991 List Price: $129.33
Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education by Weis, Lois, Altbach, Philip... ISBN: 9780791406984 List Price: $29.95
Early Childhood Education and Care : An Introduction by Nutkins, Sheila, Stephen, M... ISBN: 9781446207116
Work-Based Research in the Early Years by Reed, Michael, Callan, Sue ISBN: 9780857021748
Cross-Curricular Learning 3-14 by Barnes, Jonathan ISBN: 9780857020673 List Price: $99.95
Elementary Middle Schools by Armento, Beverly J. ISBN: 9780801301728
Extending Professional Practice in the Early Years by Cable, Carrie, Miller, Lind... ISBN: 9781446207512
Middle School Journal, 1979 by Lounsbury, John H. ISBN: 9781560900047 List Price: $4.00
Follow the Directions...and Learn Grades 2-3 by Anastasio, Dina ISBN: 9780439404143 List Price: $11.99
Developing Learning in Early Childhood by Bruce, Tina ISBN: 9780761941750 List Price: $89.95
Leading Practice in Early Years Settings by Whalley, Mary, Welch, Sue, ... ISBN: 9781844451760
Understanding Early Years Policy by Baldock, Peter, Kay, Janet,... ISBN: 9781446207055
Understanding Early Years Policy by Baldock, Peter, Kay, Janet,... ISBN: 9781446207062
No More Culturally Irrelevant Teaching by Souto-Manning, Mariana, Lug... ISBN: 9780325089799 List Price: $20.63
Early Childhood Education An International Encyclopedia by New, Rebecca Staples, Cochr... ISBN: 9780313331008 List Price: $475.00
Thematic Activities and Patterns for the Early Childhood Classroom by Beckmann, Beverly Ann, Pali... ISBN: 9781576904701 List Price: $24.99
Developing Reflective Practice in the Early Years by Craft, Anna ISBN: 9780335242351
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