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Graphic novels are sort of like longer versions of the more traditional comic book. These novels use visual means, or illustrations, to convey a story. The major difference between graphic novels and comics are length and the fact that graphic novels are published in book format. Comics and graphic novels textbooks can help you learn about the art of making, writing, and publishing a comic or a graphic novel. Explore ValoreBooks to find the comic and graphic novel textbooks that you are looking for. Or find some of the famous comics and graphic novels below, all of which are offered by ValoreBooks:

The Dark Knight Manual
A treat for all Batman fans, The Dark Knight Manual by Brandon T. Snider can be described as a guide to the tools, vehicles, and technologies used by Christopher Nolan's Batman in his Batman film trilogy.

Classic Comics: Macbeth
Classic Comics: Macbeth is an attempt to bring students back to the classics. Catchy visuals and modern story telling techniques are used in these graphic novels that captivate the reader. In this book, the classic story of Macbeth is presented in an interesting and riveting manner.

The Complete Persepolis
An autobiographical account of Marjane Satrapi, this is a story of growing up in Iran during and after the Islamic revolution. This graphic novel gained a lot of popularity and was also made into an animated feature film.

Complete History of American Comic Books
A book by Shirrel Rhoades, this textbook reflects the author's insights into the development of comics in America. The book explores the development of comic books from 1930s to the current trends of graphic novels and animated movies.

ValoreBooks has a collection of more than 300 comics and graphic novels textbooks. You may buy or rent these books. You can also choose either new or used copies.

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Duke of Fremont Street : Las Vegas Treasure Hunter by Wall, Ronald, Wall, Ronald,... ISBN: 9781733450706 List Price: $5.00
Omega Ghost : Ghost Reborn by Harris, Malique ISBN: 9781733437103 List Price: $3.99
Local Haunts by Love, Kara, Love, Kara, Lov... ISBN: 9781733435307 List Price: $24.99
Final Samurai by Wendigo ISBN: 9781943695249 List Price: $35.00
Skeletor's Guide to Self Care by Skeletor, Skeletor ISBN: 9781939899361 List Price: $10.00
Yungblud Presents the Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club Waterstones Variant by Various, O Sullivan, Ryan, ... ISBN: 9781940878348 List Price: $21.99
Oz : Heart of Magic by Kavanagh, Terry ISBN: 9781951087043
Mythkillers #3 : The Thief of Tephet-Sheta by Hepler, Chris, Hepler, Chri... ISBN: 9781951180034 List Price: $3.99
Cursed Book 1 by Amundsen, Micah, Amundsen, ... ISBN: 9781951334017 List Price: $15.00
Psions by Amundsen, Micah, Amundsen, ... ISBN: 9781951334000 List Price: $20.00
Goon : An Omnibus: Bunch of Old Crap Volume 4 by Powell, Eric, Powell, Eric ISBN: 9781949889970 List Price: $29.99
Big Man Plans : Chapter One by Powell, Eric, Powell, Eric,... ISBN: 9781949889963 List Price: $17.99
Jake the Rabbit from Space Issue 6 by Teller, Ivan ISBN: 9781950606030 List Price: $11.99
Shtadlen by Chazak ISBN: 9781950793099 List Price: $19.99
Adventures of Lula the Bearded Girl by Powell, Eric, Powell, Eric,... ISBN: 9781949889802 List Price: $19.99
Grumble : Volume 2 by Norton, Mike, Norton, Mike,... ISBN: 9781949889826 List Price: $17.99
Lords of Misery by Powell, Eric, Powell, Eric ISBN: 9781949889819 List Price: $6.99
Goon : An Omnibus: Bunch of Old Crap Volume 3 by Powell, Eric, Powell, Eric ISBN: 9781949889956 List Price: $29.99
Goon : Volume 2 by Sniegoski, Thomas, Powell, ... ISBN: 9781949889949 List Price: $17.99
Love She Offered by M´┐Żane, Glenn, Llaneta, Tirs... ISBN: 9781945940651 List Price: $9.99
Doll Island by Mortal, Mira, D.n.s. ISBN: 9781945940644 List Price: $6.99
Stellar : Starfall Part 1 by Sue, Justin, Sue, Justin, S... ISBN: 9780578582665
Anasazi by McCubbins, Mike, Bryan, Matt ISBN: 9780578576848 List Price: $25.00
Postscript : An Unversed Comics Anthology by Hill, Jonathan ISBN: 9780578574646 List Price: $25.00
Taking Eden : Act I by Johnson, Malcolm, Cajayon, ... ISBN: 9780692216170 List Price: $24.99
Deployed! by Burns, Anthony, Burns, Anthony ISBN: 9780692197714 List Price: $30.00
Blood on the Tracks by Ruiz, Carlos Gabriel, Ruiz,... ISBN: 9780989441667 List Price: $24.99
Murder with a Double Major by De Lis, De Lis ISBN: 9780986425455
Murder in the Trade by De Lis, De Lis ISBN: 9780986425462
Murder Close to Home by De Lis, De Lis ISBN: 9780986425479
Murder in the Tropics by De Lis, De Lis ISBN: 9780986425448
Husband and Husband Volume 4 : Leveling Up by Ferrara, Aaron, Ferrara, Aaron ISBN: 9780990934257 List Price: $14.99
Patriot-1 : Ultimate Edition by Powers, Kevin, Wee, Dexter,... ISBN: 9780990672258 List Price: $24.99
Ghost River by Fenton, Francis 4, Alvitre ISBN: 9780990694793 List Price: $24.99
What Fresh Hell Is This? : A Comic Anthology Inspired by Dante's Inferno by Red Stylo Media, Trainor, G... ISBN: 9780997346770 List Price: $24.99
Hues Volume 3 : Scarlett by Heberling, Alex, Heberling,... ISBN: 9780996167420 List Price: $20.00
Quince : The Definitive Bilingual Edition by Kadlecik, Sebastian, Steink... ISBN: 9780998797960 List Price: $39.99
Descendant : Volume 1 by Dolce, Michael, Dolce, Mich... ISBN: 9780998106953 List Price: $14.99
Threads Volume Three : Haunted by SpiderForest Webcomic Colle... ISBN: 9780999567227 List Price: $20.00
P. Craig Russell's the Selfish Giant and Other Stories Fine Art Edition (Standard Edition) by Russell, P. Craig, Russell,... ISBN: 9780999810682 List Price: $150.00
P. Craig Russell's the Selfish Giant and Other Stories Fine Art Edition (Signature Edition) by Russell, P. Craig, Russell,... ISBN: 9780999810699 List Price: $200.00
Titans Island : Sally's Quest by Bettencourt, Vanessa, Bette... ISBN: 9780998969466 List Price: $22.50
KARAST Warrior Priesthood : Chapter 1 by Nagasta, Ry-El, Nagasta, Ry... ISBN: 9780999064429 List Price: $8.00
Warriors of the Sky by Stewart, Alfred ISBN: 9780999187630 List Price: $14.99
How to Write Your Own Comic Book with Black Panels for Creative Kids : Includes Handy How to... by Thompson Rees, Angharad ISBN: 9780648590729 List Price: $9.99
Miss Money Plan: Part One: The Battle Against E-Motion by Ricci, Eddy, Jr., Ricci, Ed... ISBN: 9780578588308 List Price: $25.00
CinderFrost 03 by Demicoeur, Demicoeur ISBN: 9781614505013 List Price: $24.95
How to Conquer a Monster Girl by Mizone ISBN: 9781634422086 List Price: $19.95
Mogudan Illust Works by Mogudan ISBN: 9781634422024 List Price: $39.95
Frisky Fever by Nekomata Naomi ISBN: 9781634422062 List Price: $19.95
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