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Graphic novels are sort of like longer versions of the more traditional comic book. These novels use visual means, or illustrations, to convey a story. The major difference between graphic novels and comics are length and the fact that graphic novels are published in book format. Comics and graphic novels textbooks can help you learn about the art of making, writing, and publishing a comic or a graphic novel. Explore ValoreBooks to find the comic and graphic novel textbooks that you are looking for. Or find some of the famous comics and graphic novels below, all of which are offered by ValoreBooks:

The Dark Knight Manual
A treat for all Batman fans, The Dark Knight Manual by Brandon T. Snider can be described as a guide to the tools, vehicles, and technologies used by Christopher Nolan's Batman in his Batman film trilogy.

Classic Comics: Macbeth
Classic Comics: Macbeth is an attempt to bring students back to the classics. Catchy visuals and modern story telling techniques are used in these graphic novels that captivate the reader. In this book, the classic story of Macbeth is presented in an interesting and riveting manner.

The Complete Persepolis
An autobiographical account of Marjane Satrapi, this is a story of growing up in Iran during and after the Islamic revolution. This graphic novel gained a lot of popularity and was also made into an animated feature film.

Complete History of American Comic Books
A book by Shirrel Rhoades, this textbook reflects the author's insights into the development of comics in America. The book explores the development of comic books from 1930s to the current trends of graphic novels and animated movies.

ValoreBooks has a collection of more than 300 comics and graphic novels textbooks. You may buy or rent these books. You can also choose either new or used copies.

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For the Title : The Complete Collection by Green, Austin, Schibi, Lance ISBN: 9781684540297 List Price: $14.99
Dead Deception by McDonald, Kel, McDonald, Kel ISBN: 9781733911313
Here We Go by Budnik, Kevin, Budnik, Kevi... ISBN: 9781733363402 List Price: $15.00
Sunny Side Skies Book 1 by Yang, Sabrina, Yang, Sabrina ISBN: 9781733385008 List Price: $25.00
Oh Snap! It's Oddity Prodigy by Myers, Steve, Myers, Steve,... ISBN: 9781733393805 List Price: $6.95
Boku No Kokoro No Ongaku (Music of My Heart) 1 by Gravis, E. J., Gravis, E. J... ISBN: 9781733615020 List Price: $10.99
'32 Kick-Up : Close to the Edge by Singletary, Perry, Jr., Sin... ISBN: 9781733340106 List Price: $25.00
My SPOTTIEOTTIEDOPALICIOUS Graphic Book by Spikes, James, 3rd, Spikes,... ISBN: 9781733343503
Sorpendente Viaje Al Coraz�n : Cuando Se Abren Los Ojos Del Coraz�n by Semillas ISBN: 9781733264013 List Price: $12.00
Lawtoon : Laugh It off, It's Legal by Adeola, Adedayo ISBN: 9781733292603 List Price: $5.00
Importance of Being Otis : Undertaking with the Goodbye Family by Morgan-Richards, Lorin, Mor... ISBN: 9781733287906 List Price: $7.95
Element 5 : The Coloring Book by Reaves, Lemuel, Reaves, Lem... ISBN: 9781733278027 List Price: $2.50
Element 5 : Metallik and Shogun's Fury by I Man Move Forward Entertai... ISBN: 9781733278010 List Price: $5.55
Middle Age - Sword Troubles : A Sir Quimp Fantasy Graphic Novel: Sword Troubles: Sword Troubles by Conley, Steve, Conley, Steve ISBN: 9781732897014 List Price: $19.99
Coin-Op No. 8 : Infatuation by Hoey, Peter, Hoey, Peter, H... ISBN: 9781732082014 List Price: $19.95
Ubby's Underdogs : The Legend of the Phoenix Dragon by McKenna, Brenton E., McKenn... ISBN: 9781921248313
Not Drunk Enough Volume 2 by Stone, Tess, Stone, Tess ISBN: 9781946698162 List Price: $19.99
Do Not Enter : An Independent Comic about the American Mundane by Ogle, Tanner, Ogle, Tanner ISBN: 9781945473937 List Price: $9.00
War and Paradise by Green, Adam, Green, Adam, G... ISBN: 9781945711107 List Price: $25.00
Sweet Bear by Zysk, T., Zysk, T. ISBN: 9781943695225 List Price: $18.95
Tango : Vol. 1 by Yokoshima, Lara, Yokoshima,... ISBN: 9781943695232 List Price: $15.95
Super Magic Forest by Purins, Ansis, Purins, Ansis ISBN: 9781941250419 List Price: $16.95
Unsmooth : #1 by Glenn, E. S., Glenn, E. S. ISBN: 9781942801795
All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape TP by Bayer, Josh, Bayer, Josh, B... ISBN: 9781942801771 List Price: $29.95
Not a Place to Visit by Bak, T. Edward, Bak, T. Edward ISBN: 9781942801764
Mythkillers : Neither Love nor Glory by Hepler, Chris, Hepler, Chri... ISBN: 9781951180027 List Price: $3.99
Mythkillers : Long Knives, Short Deaths by Hepler, Chris, Hepler, Chri... ISBN: 9781951180010 List Price: $3.99
Dragonsblood : The Legend of Sigurd by Bermel, Nick ISBN: 9781951087036
Try Not to Laugh Challenge - Would Your Rather? - WILD Edition by Crazy Corey ISBN: 9781951025076 List Price: $10.99
Alone on the Island by Chazak ISBN: 9781950793068 List Price: $19.99
Ura-Omote : By Urasuji Samurai by Samurai, Urasuji, Samurai, ... ISBN: 9781950898008 List Price: $16.95
Ghosts of India : Horror Comics Anthology by Mahto, Shambhu Nath, Rawat,... ISBN: 9788194181408 List Price: $2.00
Getting Supper Ready : The Making of Supper's Ready by Whitaker, Ken, Whitaker, Ke... ISBN: 9780983552574
Outskirts : No Small Punishments by Dickens, Gregory, Dickens, ... ISBN: 9780997549386 List Price: $9.99
Arthur Blackfrost by Gray, Justin ISBN: 9780998238739 List Price: $24.99
Tamberlane : Chapter 3 by Vilbrandt, Caytlin, Vilbran... ISBN: 9780998493640 List Price: $15.00
Spook Buggy Volume 3 by Cusack, Adam, Cusack, Adam,... ISBN: 9780998712833 List Price: $15.00
Museum Girl 1 : Royal Fables of US GN Codex 1 by Peters, Jeff, Peters, Jeff,... ISBN: 9780985950934 List Price: $9.99
Four Years Collected : Vol 1 by Czap, Kevin, Czap, Kevin ISBN: 9780990687474 List Price: $16.00
Purgatory Pub Book 3 by Dunston, Dunston ISBN: 9780991425426 List Price: $15.00
Frankie Crossroads : The Journey by Luther, Mark Richard, Luthe... ISBN: 9780578542300 List Price: $20.00
You Have a Right to Coloring Book by McKinley, Merci Lakesha ISBN: 9780578542126 List Price: $6.99
Life with a Porpoise by Langenberg, Emily, Langenbe... ISBN: 9780578540931 List Price: $20.00
Gato Negro, Nocturnal Warrior Collection : The Beginning by Aldama, Frederick Luis ISBN: 9780578540221 List Price: $20.00
Monarchs : The Backyard Brawl! by Bullock, Joshua, Bullock, J... ISBN: 9780578534015 List Price: $11.99
My Draw Wings by Turner, Shelly, Turner, She... ISBN: 9780578476582 List Price: $17.00
ActionPac by Hidden Nation Studios, Hidd... ISBN: 9780692925126 List Price: $3.99
Kyrie : The Curse of the Macedonian Scroll by Crotts, Matthew, Crotts, Ma... ISBN: 9780578549781 List Price: $25.00
Caster : Caster Is a Dark Fantasy Tale about Twins Overcoming Magical Powers by Jeanbaptiste, Frandy, Virav... ISBN: 9780578550824 List Price: $19.99
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