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Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the value of good quality human resources and personnel management skills. A workforce that is treated well and is happy is likely to be more productive, therefore making more money for the business. More and more businesses are carrying out employee engagement surveys and taking an active interest in the satisfaction levels of their staff and removing any barriers that prevent them from working productively. This means human resources and personnel management is a great area of business to get into. We have a fantastic range of discounted human resources and personnel management textbooks for you to choose from. We have new and used books and all are in great condition. Our textbooks are the same ones that you will find in your college bookstore but ours are much cheaper. So save yourself money and the hassle of lining up in-store and buy your textbooks here. You can then take advantage of our buyback service when you have finished with them.

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First-time Supervisor's Survival Guide by Fuller, George ISBN: 9780130440662 List Price: $39.95
Human Resource Management A Managerial Tool for Competitive Advantage by Kleiman, Lawrence S. ISBN: 9781592600595 List Price: $59.95
Workplace Counselling A Systematic Approach to Employee Care by Carroll, Michael ISBN: 9780761950202 List Price: $125.00
What Do I Say When . . . by Solomon, Muriel ISBN: 9780139516177 List Price: $12.95
Transforming HR Creating Value Through People by Reddington, Martin, William... ISBN: 9780750664479 List Price: $51.95
Personnel Management in Recreation and Leisure Services by Kindy, Joan H., Grossman, A... ISBN: 9780916068103 List Price: $19.95
Human Resource Management by Miner, John B., Crane, Dona... ISBN: 9780065004984 List Price: $33.00
The Performance Appraisal SourceBook by Baird, Lloyd S., Beatty, Ri... ISBN: 9780914234562 List Price: $39.95
Human Resource Management: A Managerial Tool for Competitive Advantage by Kleiman, Lawrence S. ISBN: 9781592602674 List Price: $64.95
Personnel/Human Resources Management (Canadian): A Diagnostic Approach by Milkovich, George, Glueck, ... ISBN: 9780256059977 List Price: $53.95
Good Practice In Supervision Statutory And Voluntary Organisations by Pritchard, Jacki ISBN: 9781853022791 List Price: $36.95
Human Resource Management for Events Managing the Event Workforce by Van Der Wagen, Lynn ISBN: 9780750669986 List Price: $57.95
Work and Job Satisfaction in the Public Sector by Hopkins, Anne H. ISBN: 9780865981119 List Price: $28.50
Managing Performance Improvement by MacLeod, Alasdair, Baxter, ... ISBN: 9780415366809
Personnel Management: Functions and Issues - William H. Holley - Hardcover by Holley, William H., Jenning... ISBN: 9780030589034 List Price: $46.00
Public Personnel Management: Contexts and Strategies - Donald E. Klingner - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Klingner, Donald E., Nalban... ISBN: 9780137379903 List Price: $55.00
Human Side of Supervision - Bureau of Business Practice Staf - Hardcover by Bureau of Business Practice... ISBN: 9780134441672 List Price: $11.95
Human Resources Management - Wendell L. French - Hardcover by French, Wendell L., Jr. ISBN: 9780395356623 List Price: $55.96
Public Personnel Administration - O. Glenn Stahl - Hardcover - 8th ed by Stahl, O. Glenn ISBN: 9780060464042 List Price: $28.43
Iincreasing Productivity - Gary P. Latham - Paperback by Latham, Gary P., Wexley, Ke... ISBN: 9780201042177 List Price: $30.33
Human Resource Problem Solving - Robert Bruce Bowin - Paperback by Bowin, Robert B. ISBN: 9780134463452 List Price: $26.20
Cases in Human Resource Management by Stovall, Steven Austin ISBN: 9781592601691 List Price: $14.95
Human Resource Management: An International Comparison by Pieper, Rudiger ISBN: 9783110125733
Benefits Assessment by Bentkover, Judith D., Covel... ISBN: 9789027720221 List Price: $175.00
Supervision: Key Link to Productivity by Rue, Leslie W., Byars, Lloy... ISBN: 9780256105254 List Price: $52.95
Supervision: Building Quality and Diversity through Leadership by Certo, Samuel C. ISBN: 9780256119824 List Price: $54.50
Human Resources 1996-1997 by Maidment, Fred H. ISBN: 9780697315403
Strategic Human Resource Management by Anthony, William P., Perrew... ISBN: 9780030965432 List Price: $84.00
Personnel and Human Resource Management by Schuler, Randall S. ISBN: 9780314254719 List Price: $46.25
Performance Management Workbook by Brennan, E. James ISBN: 9780136586340 List Price: $69.95
Management of Personnel by Dunn, J. D., Stephens, Elvi... ISBN: 9780070182738
At the Movies Human Resource Management by Champoux, Joseph E. ISBN: 9780324282795 List Price: $38.95
Best Human Resource Management Practices in Latin America by Davila, Anabella, Elvira, M... ISBN: 9780415400626 List Price: $59.95
The Fmla Guide: Practical Solutions to Administration and Management (Alexander Consulting G... by Alexander Consulting Group ISBN: 9780786305353 List Price: $50.00
Personnel Management and Organization Development: Fields in Transition by French, Wendell L., Jr., He... ISBN: 9780395120354 List Price: $12.95
Essentials of Human Resource Management by Tyson, Shaun ISBN: 9780750667951 List Price: $48.95
Personnel-Human Resource Management - Herbert Gerhard Heneman by Heneman, Herbert G., Schwab... ISBN: 9780256069297 List Price: $57.95
Human Resource Development : Practices and Orthodoxies by Walton, John, Valentin, Claire ISBN: 9780230292277
Meeting the Challenge of Human Resource Management : A Communication Perspective by Miller, Vernon D., Gordon, ... ISBN: 9780415630207
Cases in Compensation by Milkovich, George, Milkovic... ISBN: 9780945601074 List Price: $39.95
Group Benefits : Basic Concepts and Alternatives by Beam, Burton T., Jr. ISBN: 9781932819878
Managing People at Work by Randall, Julian, Sim, Allan ISBN: 9780415534383
Supervision by Timm, Paul R., Perlee, Clyd... ISBN: 9780314933812 List Price: $47.50
Performance Perspectives : A Critical Introduction by Pitches, Jonathan, Popat, Sita ISBN: 9780230243453
Personnel: Managing Human Resources in the Public Sector - Jack Rabin - Paperback by Rabin, Jack, Teasley, C. E.... ISBN: 9780155701885
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management - Raymond A. Noe - Paperback by Noe, Raymond A., Gerhart, B... ISBN: 9780072934250 List Price: $94.69
Criteria for Performance Excellence Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, 1999 by Hertz, Harry S. ISBN: 9780788178108 List Price: $20.00
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