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When you were four, you built towers with blocks. Age ten found you constructing intricate castles in the sand. You have always known that you have the soul of an architect, and now it's time to transform your design hobby into a career. In order to do that, you need architecture textbooks. In tandem with incisive lectures from your professors, these architecture textbooks will provide you with the knowledge base that will enable you to systematically plan and design buildings, urban areas, and outdoor spaces. Unlike many of the college text books you read briefly and never pick up again, your architecture books will furnish you with resources you can use throughout your career. However, that doesn't mean that you must pay a king's ransom for these volumes. Cheap textbooks can be yours if you take a little time to search for them. So don't be afraid to save money by buying used textbooks. With the money you save, you can invest in a new model airplane kit.

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Presentation Strategies and Dialogues by Scalise, Christina ISBN: 9781609011444 List Price: $65.00
Research Methods for Interior Design by Robinson, Lily B., Parman, ... ISBN: 9781563677212 List Price: $90.00
Print Reading For Architecture And Construction Technology by Madsen, David, Jefferis, Alan ISBN: 9781401851675 List Price: $140.95
Palazzi e Domus Dalla Tetrarchia Al VII Secolo by Verzone, Paolo, Bernardi Fe... ISBN: 9788882656119
Design-Build Essentials by Jackson, Barbara ISBN: 9781428353039 List Price: $59.95
Residential Housing & Interiors by Kicklighter, Clois E., Kick... ISBN: 9781590703045 List Price: $72.00
Writing For Interior Design by Eakins, Patricia ISBN: 9781563672798 List Price: $25.00
Architecture and Interior Design Through the 18th Century An Integrated History by Harwood, Buie, Sherman, Cur... ISBN: 9780137585908 List Price: $130.20
The Taylorized Beauty of the Mechanical: Scientific Management and the Rise of Modernist Arc... by Guillén, Mauro F. ISBN: 9780691138473 List Price: $24.95
Health, Sustainability, and the Built Environment by Kopec, Dak ISBN: 9781563675256 List Price: $96.50
Civilizing the Museum The Collected Writings of Elaine Heumann Gurian by Gurian, Elaine Heumann ISBN: 9780415357623 List Price: $39.95
Interior Planning and Design Project Programs, Plans, Charettes by Scalise, Christina Marie ISBN: 9781401828097 List Price: $103.95
Prospects for an Ethics of Architecture by Taylor, William, Levine, Mi... ISBN: 9780415589727
Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching by Olivo, Thomas P., Olivo, C.... ISBN: 9781401848781 List Price: $86.95
Landscape Planning Environmental Applications by Marsh, William M. ISBN: 9780471485834 List Price: $119.95
Architectural Lighting by Egan, M. David, Olgyay, Vic... ISBN: 9780070205871
Principles And Practices Of Grading And Drainage by Untermann, Richard ISBN: 9780879096410 List Price: $107.20
Sustainable Design for Interior Environments by Winchip, Susan M. ISBN: 9781563674600 List Price: $84.50
Site Planning Environment, Process and Development by Brooks, Gene ISBN: 9780138112585 List Price: $129.20
Computer Graphics for Landscape Architects by Buitrago, Jose, Calabria, A... ISBN: 9781418065256 List Price: $98.95
Modeling and Visualization with AutoCAD by Ding, Suining ISBN: 9781563675010 List Price: $97.50
Print Reading for Industry Write-In Text by Brown, Walter C., Brown, Ry... ISBN: 9781566378079 List Price: $53.28
Residential Architecture Design and Drafting by Weidhaas, Ernest R., Weidha... ISBN: 9780827378483 List Price: $181.95
Tonality And Design In Music Theory by Gay, Henry, Henry, Earl, Ro... ISBN: 9780130811202 List Price: $100.00
Interior Design Student's Comprehensive Exam by Godsey, Lisa ISBN: 9781563676826 List Price: $75.00
Interior Construction Documents by Ankerson, Katherine S. ISBN: 9781563672545 List Price: $25.00
Sketching Interiors At The Speed Of Thought by Pable, Jill ISBN: 9781563673139 List Price: $25.00
AutoCAD for Interior Design and Space Planning Using AutoCAD 2005 by Kirkpatrick, Beverly L., Ki... ISBN: 9780131700918 List Price: $109.80
Living and Dying in England, 1100-1540 The Monastic Experience by Harvey, Barbara F. ISBN: 9780198204312 List Price: $50.00
Architectural Desktop 3.0/3.3 Basics Through Advanced by Madsen, David A., Palma, Ron ISBN: 9780130934987 List Price: $112.20
Chartres Cathedral by Branner, Robert ISBN: 9780393098518 List Price: $10.00
Site Plan in Architectural Working Drawings by Clayton, George T. ISBN: 9780875632520 List Price: $6.80
The Complete Playground Book by Brett, Arlene, Moore, Robin... ISBN: 9780815602712 List Price: $19.95
Effective AutoCAD Technique by Gibbs, Carolyn ISBN: 9781563674426 List Price: $90.00
The Past, Present, and Future of American Higher Education by Dober, Richard P. ISBN: 9780960160815 List Price: $50.00
Photoshop for Interior Designers by Ding, Suing, Ding, Suining ISBN: 9781609015442 List Price: $90.00
Advanced Rigger by National Center for Constru... ISBN: 9780132154611
Designing Interiors by Kilmer, Rosemary, Kilmer, W... ISBN: 9780030322334 List Price: $189.95
Art: A History of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture by Hartt, Frederick N. ISBN: 9780130473820 List Price: $26.95
Painting & Decorating Skills and Techniques for Success by Blankenbaker, E. Keith ISBN: 9781566375061 List Price: $60.00
Living Landscape by Steiner, George A. ISBN: 9780070611337 List Price: $77.19
Residential Landscape Architecture by Booth, Norman K., Hiss, Jam... ISBN: 9780136126973 List Price: $111.00
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