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When you were four, you built towers with blocks. Age ten found you constructing intricate castles in the sand. You have always known that you have the soul of an architect, and now it's time to transform your design hobby into a career. In order to do that, you need architecture textbooks. In tandem with incisive lectures from your professors, these architecture textbooks will provide you with the knowledge base that will enable you to systematically plan and design buildings, urban areas, and outdoor spaces. Unlike many of the college text books you read briefly and never pick up again, your architecture books will furnish you with resources you can use throughout your career. However, that doesn't mean that you must pay a king's ransom for these volumes. Cheap textbooks can be yours if you take a little time to search for them. So don't be afraid to save money by buying used textbooks. With the money you save, you can invest in a new model airplane kit.

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Shaping Interior Space, Second Edition by Rengel, Roberto J. ISBN: 9781563675188 List Price: $95.50
Architectural Drafting Residential and Commercial by Obermeyer, Thomas L. ISBN: 9780028004150 List Price: $94.45
Architecture Residential Drafting and Design by Kicklighter, Clois E., Kick... ISBN: 9781590706992 List Price: $93.28
Aqua Group Guide to Procurement, Tendering and Contract Administration by Hackett ISBN: 9781118346549 List Price: $60.00
Hand Drafting for Interior Design by Bennett Wirtz, Diana ISBN: 9781563677373 List Price: $75.00
Homes & Interiors by Sherwood, Ruth F., McGraw-H... ISBN: 9780078744204 List Price: $63.88
House Form and Culture by Rapoport, Amos ISBN: 9780133956733 List Price: $47.20
Blueprint Reading for Welders by Bennett, A. E., Siy, Louis J. ISBN: 9781401867232 List Price: $109.95
Taking Up Space: Exploring the Design Process by Poldma, Tiiu ISBN: 9781563676284 List Price: $75.00
Mathematics for Retail Buying 7th Ed by Tepper, Bette ISBN: 9781609015244 List Price: $105.00
ABC of Architecture by O'Gorman, James F., McGrath... ISBN: 9780812216318 List Price: $16.95
Vitruvius Ten Books on Architecture by Rowland, Ingrid D., Rowland... ISBN: 9780521002929 List Price: $41.99
Architectural Drafting Using Autocad 2006/2007 Drafting/design/presentation by Madsen, David A., Palma, Ro... ISBN: 9781590706404 List Price: $52.50
Blueprint Reading in Building Construction by Fatzinger, James A. S. ISBN: 9780131108110 List Price: $106.80
Blueprint Reading for Machinists Intermediate by Taylor, David L. ISBN: 9781401870737 List Price: $115.95
Abbot Suger on the Abbey Church of St. Denis and Its Art Treasures by Panofsky, Erwin, Panofsky-S... ISBN: 9780691003146 List Price: $29.95
Design and Security in the Built Environment by Awwad-Rafferty, Rula, O'She... ISBN: 9781563674976 List Price: $78.00
Building by the Book: Pattern Book Architecture in New Jersey by Guter, Robert P. ISBN: 9780813518480 List Price: $34.95
Studies in Castles and Castle-Building by Taylor, A. J. P. ISBN: 9780907628514 List Price: $65.00
Revit Architecture 2009 by Goldberg, H. Edward ISBN: 9780135134757 List Price: $99.00
Machine Trades Blueprint Reading by Taylor, David L. ISBN: 9781401899981 List Price: $109.95
Gothic Cathedral Origins of Gothic Architecture and the Medieval Concept of Order by Von Simson, Otto Georg ISBN: 9780691018676 List Price: $29.95
Machine Trades Print Reading by Barsamian, Michael A., Gize... ISBN: 9781566375948 List Price: $53.28
Architectural Drafting for Interior Designers by Cline, Lydia Sloan ISBN: 9781418032975 List Price: $105.95
Landscape Surveying by Field, Harry ISBN: 9781111310608 List Price: $125.95
Knowles : Interior Finish Materials by Knowles, Evelyn E. ISBN: 9780135121917 List Price: $80.00
License to Harass Law, Hierarchy, and Offensive Public Speech by Nielsen, Laura Beth ISBN: 9780691126104 List Price: $27.95
Informing Design by Dickinson, Joan I., Marsden... ISBN: 9781563675638 List Price: $94.50
Architectural Drafting & Design by Madsen, David A., Jefferis,... ISBN: 9781401867157 List Price: $168.95
Medieval Architecture in Western Europe From A.D. 300 to 1500 by Calkins, Robert G. ISBN: 9780195112412 List Price: $79.95
Historic House Museums A Practical Handbook for Their Care, Preservation, and Management by Butcher-Younghans, Sherry ISBN: 9780195106602 List Price: $60.00
Design Graphics Drawing Techniques for Design Professionals by Koenig, Peter A. ISBN: 9780131137011 List Price: $54.80
Construction Materials: Their Nature and Behaviour by Domone, Peter, Illston, J. M. ISBN: 9780415465168 List Price: $62.95
Repairing the American Metropolis Common Place Revisited by Kelbaugh, Douglas ISBN: 9780295982045 List Price: $32.95
Buildings Across Time An Introduction to World Architecture by Moffett, Marian, Fazio, Mic... ISBN: 9780767405119 List Price: $83.10
Rethinking Architecture A Reader in Cultural Theory by Leach, Neil ISBN: 9780415128261 List Price: $49.95
Designing for Privacy and Related Needs by Stewart-Pollack, Julie, Men... ISBN: 9781563673405 List Price: $25.00
AutoCAD 2010 for Interior Designers and Space Planning by Kirkpatrick, James M., Kirk... ISBN: 9780135069929 List Price: $85.00
AutoCAD Architecture 2009 by Goldberg, H. Frank ISBN: 9780138134839
Understanding Construction Drawings by Huth, Mark W. ISBN: 9781435464476 List Price: $147.95
Twenty Buildings Every Architect Should Understand by Unwin, Simon ISBN: 9780415552523 List Price: $30.95
Autocad for Architecture by Saka, Tuna ISBN: 9780130914361 List Price: $110.80
Autocad for Architectural Drawing Using Autocad 2000 by Kirkpatrick, Beverly L., Ki... ISBN: 9780130871596 List Price: $74.00
Theory in Landscape Architecture A Reader by Swaffield, Simon R. ISBN: 9780812218213 List Price: $29.95
Interior Design Materials and Specifications by Godsey, Lisa ISBN: 9781563674877 List Price: $80.00
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